Stafford Cemetery Glynn Co., Georgia


Unfortunately, I can not give the exact directions for this grave site.  Not that I don't want to, but it is very hard to explain where exactly it is located.  The general location would to be to travel west on Hwy. 82 from Brunswick towards Brantley County, turn left (south) onto Old Post Road at the county line.  Travel to the end of this road (about 1.5 miles down, it turns to dirt, keep going).  Directly in front of you will be a gate for a hunting club, and to the left will be a road that goes back to Hwy. 17 south.

If you have permission to go on the land you will have to either, one get someone to take you inside the gate in their vehicle (namely a hunting club member or paper company employee), or two, get out and walk.

When you go through the gate, keep going straight, a little ways down will be a road to your left.  Go down it.  Somewhere on your right and about 500 feet in, more or less, under a clump of tall trees, will be the grave of MARTHA ANN STAFFORD.

According to family history, Martha was the wife of Robert Stafford, Jr., son of the Revolutionary War Soldier Robert Stafford.  Martha's maiden name was Ratcliff, and where she is buried was her family home.  Apparently she died in child birth at her parent's home, and was buried here.  It is not known if there are other graves out there, but according to the care taker of the hunting club and a former paper company employee, this is the only gravesite that they know about.

Cemetery visited summer of 2003 and February 2004.


to the memory of
Who was born 20 Sept. 1812
and died 25 Decr. 1850


Her children arise up and
call her blessed, her husband
also and he praiseth her.


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