Taylor's United Methodist Church Cemetery; Glynn Co., Georgia

Taylor's United Methodist Church
located at 766 Old Jesup Road, Brunswick, Georgia

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Taylor's United Methodist Church was established around 1810, close to the current location today.  The cemetery is in great shape, and the earliest burial that I found on a tombstone was from 1883.

However, there could be numerous unmarked graves, and countless others that may have disappeared over time due to urbanization.

My survey was completed in May of 2006. 

I walked the cemetery, wrote down the names and dates, and took photos of each plot, and each grave within the plot, including close-ups of the tombstones.

Not only did I do this, but I created a survey map of the cemetery plotting the location of each gravesite that I did find.  While this map is not to scale, it is as close as could accurately be done by hand.

The purpose of my research, and making of the map, is for the use of the church in hiring a professional surveyor who will make a cemetery map to scale, so that future members of the church may be buried in the cemetery without causing any disturbance of other plots.  However, much research will need to be done in locating known burials without markers.  My research is also available to the public for genealogy purposes only.  The map that I created is located at the church and within my personal files.

To compile my survey, I used the previously recorded information compiled by Ruth N. Vicent and her sister-in-law, Sara Cassidy [now deceased].  I created a tombstone survey list, a list of burials that Ruth has that were not found, and a list of unmarked graves [i.e. no tombstone] that Ruth has recorded but I did not find markers for.  Ruth's recorded graves came from numerous sources, family members, obituaries, funeral home records, etc.

There was no plot information recorded by the church for the cemetery.  Ruth & Sara created plot numbers for the family plots by walking the cemetery and just giving them numbers.  When I re-surveyed the cemetery, the plots were re-numbered due to new burials of course.  Ruth's information no longer reflects plot numbers, therefore my research is the only one with plot numbers and numbers for the grave denoting their place within the plot.  In the future, when a professional survey is done, it is possible that my plot numbering will no longer be correct.  So please make note of this.


On this site are two lists, my tombstone survey, with possible burials for some of the unknown graves,
and a listing of burials that were not found, but could be in some of the unknown graves.

Tombstone Survey Burials Not Found



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