First Presbyterian Church of Brunswick, Glynn Co., Georgia

First Presbyterian Church of Brunswick

Church Records

This church is located at 1105 Union Street in Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia.  According to an annual report, the church was organized 27 January 1867 and was re-organized 15 May 1870.  Their church books record the membership of the church over the years and the births, marriages, and deaths of the parishioners.  There were four books recording the activities of the church:

Vol. I Sessional Record Jany. 67-Apr. 86. Did not type rest of membership records from pages 180-184 in this volume but got copies

Vol. II Sessional Records 15 April 1886-1896.

Vol. III Sessional Records April 1896-1910 this book has deaths, baptisms, communicants, etc.

Vol. IV Sessional Records 7 May 1911-April 1934 has vitals, no deaths or marriages recorded in this book.

In February of 2014 Mr. Joseph T. McGoogan created a history of the First Presbyterian Church of Brunswick using records found at the church and through member help.  This booklet not only had a well documented history of the church but also includs photographs of many of the first founders and ministers.

With Mr. McGoogan's permission I have recreated his booklet for the website; correcting grammatical and spelling errors only and adding my personal notes in [brackets].




Membership Rolls

Vol. 1 Sessional Records

The History of The First Presbyterian Church of Brunswick Est. in 1867



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