St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church, McIntosh County, Georgia

St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church
African-American; McIntosh County, Georgia

Church Records

The following pages contain a transcription of the St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church records found on microfilm at the Family Search Website.

I happened upon these records while researching the Francis family of McIntosh County, Georgia. I had entered the surname and the location and these records appeared. I then tried to find the dataset listed in the index for available records in McIntosh County and these church records were not listed. Which means, no one knows they are there unless they happen upon them by accident like I did.

This is not a "true" transcription because I did a little "spell checking" and corrected names that I knew were misspelled; however, I only did this in cases where the misspelling rendered the name unrecognizable or to maintain formatting. For example, Dora Jeannette Alexander was listed as Dora J. Alexander and D.J. Alexander, repeatedly within the same records. Therefore, for formatting's sake, I kept her full name no matter how it was written.

There are some records that I did not transcribe because they were not genealogically relevant; those records were the Sunday Services, Weekly Services, Sermons, Church Offerings, and Private Notes (the latter was blank anyways).

As is the case with handwriting, some words were hard to decipher, and in that case, I used brackets and a question mark [?] to denote that i was not sure about the spelling.

Also, to denote my notes versus a note from the church records, I also used brackets [my notes] to let the research know that this was not something original to the church records.

Do not use this transcription as proof of an accurate record; always reference the ORIGINAL record when sourcing your research. These images are online at the Family Search Website; but, as abovementioned, I have no clue how to find them in a listing of available records.














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