John A

John A. Abbott
Habeas Corpus, Attempted Murder 1869


State of Georgia, County of Glynn:  To the Honorable John B. Miller, Ordinary of said County:

The complaint and petition of John A. Abbott showeth that he now is and for many days last past has been confined and holden in imprisonment without law or right in the common jail of said county by Hiram J. Reed, Jailor of said county (as will more fully appear from an examination of the accompanying copies of the warrant of arrest and warrant of commitment) charged with the supposed crime of felony shooting with intent to murder.

Wherefore your petitioner prays your Honor to insue the States writ of habeas corpus and ??? that your petitioner together with the cause of his caption and detainer may be brought before your Honor to the end that what appertains to justice may be done, and your petitioner will ever pray on this 12 February A.D. 1869.

Signed by Davis & Dart (petitioners attorneys)


State of Georgia, Glynn County to Jailor of said County:

Whereas John A. Abbott now confined in the jail of said county has made his complaint, by petition, to the undersigned Ordinary of said county, alleging that he is now unlawfully imprisoned by you the said Hiram J. Reed in the common jail of said county, and praying for the issuing of the states writ of habeas corpus ad subjicendum(?) to the end that he with the cause of his imprisonment may be brought before me, that what appertains to justice may be done as by said complaint of the said John A. Abbott dated the 12th day of February A.D. 1869, appears these are therefore by the authority of the State of Georgia to command you this day at five o'clock p.m. to bring the body of the said John A. Abbott before me in Ordinary's Court of said county at Brunswick in said county with the cause of his being detained and imprisoned by you and him (the rest is missing)


State of Georgia, Glynn County:

In obedience to the written writ and by virtue of the same, I have taken the body of the ??? named John A. Abbott from the common jail in said county and have him at Brunswick in said county, before the Honorable John B. Miller, Ordinary of said county and for the cause of his detention and imprisonment in said jail, I assign and state that on the 19th day of December last past, the said John A. Abbott was brought and committed to the said jail by Hiram J. Reed, Sheriff of said county, by virtue of a warrant of commitment, which is here produced, and I further state that said Sheriff at the time of the commitment of the said John A. Abbott, left with me as keeper of said jail, the original warrant for the arrest of the John A. Abbott, charging him with the crime of felony shooting with the intent to murder Henry G. Bump, which warrant is also here produced.

I therefore assign the premise aforesaid as the cause of the detention and imprisonment of the said John A. Abbott in said jail all of which is respectfully submitted this 12 February 1869.

Signed:  Henry J. Reed, Jailor.



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