James R. Minehan "Bastardy Charge" by Ida Fox, Glynn Co., Georgia

James R. Minehan
1882 Bastardy Case

State of Georgia}
Glynn County}

Know all men be these presents that we James R. Minehan as Principal, and J.E. Moore as Security are held and firmly bound unto the Ordinary of Glynn County and his successors in office in the sum of seven hundred and fifty dollars, for the payment of which we bind ourselves, well and truly firmly[?] by these presents:  signed, sealed and dated this 8th day of April 1882.  The condition of this bond is such that whereas the above bound James R. Minehan stands charged with being the father of a bastard child of which one Ida Fox was delivered on the 1st day of February 1880 and which said Fox charges is likely to be charged to the said County--Now, if the above bound Minehan shall [illegible] support and educate said bastard until it reaches the age of fourteen years or shall discover an oath this father of said child then this bond to be void, [illegible] of [illegible].

J.R. Minehan  Prin. L.S.
J.E. Moore
      Sec. L.S.

Tested by:  Williams J.O.P. C.C.G.C. Ga.

Court of Ordinary at Chambers Apr. 28th, 1883

Glynn County}

Upon agreement of Ida Fox mother of the within mentioned bastard child, and James R. Minehan principal in this bond, and attorney for both parties, and upon acknowledgement of the sufficiency of the sum of One Hundred and twenty five dollars for the purpose of maintenance of said bastard--It is ordered that an exoneration be and is hereby ordered entered for this bond, and said J.R. Minehan be released from all liability hereon This April 28th 1883.

Edgar C.P. Dart, Ordinary Glynn Co., Ga.

[Note:  The above paragraph was marked out and "Rescinded" was written across it.]


We agree to the above order being passed, and waive all manner and kind of objection to it, either of form substance or law, and acknowledge and agree to its legality and binding force and effect.  This April 28th 1883.

Ida Fox

G.R. Mabry attorney for Ida Fox
A.J. Crovatt
attorney for Dff.


In the matter of the Bond given by James R. Minehan for the maintenance of the bastard child of Ida Fox, I do hereby acknowledge a full, fair and true payment to use me of the amount adjudged by the Court of Ordinary of Glynn County, sufficient and ample for the maintenance of the child of which I was delivered, and which child in an affidavit made on the 5th day of April 1882 was by me sworn to be J.R. Minehan's--up to the time when said child shall be fourteen years of age.  I agree and acknowledge that said amount is ample for said purpose, and hereby expressly release and absolve said J.R. Minehan from all further liability on said bond or otherwise for the support of said child, acknowledging myself at this time as in health and able to work.  I acknowledge and agree further that I gave and do hereby give my free and full consent to an order for an exoneration to be entered on said bastardy bond, releasing said J.R. Minehan from all liability, thereon, and I acknowledge that my consent was fully given to the court of Ordinary to [illegible] the judge--never requiring the payment of said sum of One Hundred and Twenty five Dollars as a satisfaction thereon.  In witness of all which I have hereunto set my hand and seal this April 28th 1883.

Ida Fox L.S.

Signed, sealed and dated before us

G.B. Mabry
Edgar C.P. Dart
, Ordinary


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