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Superior Court Indexes

This index is intended for the research into the darker side of our family histories.
It is not intended to exploit, demean, or harm any persons, whether living, or deceased.
Reader discretion is advised.

A little overview on what is contained in this index, and what exactly I am indexing.  These records include divorces, murders, larceny, manslaughter, civil suits, vagrancy, and basically anything you would go to Superior Court for, to put it bluntly, criminal behavior.  There are also cases of a more humane nature.  For instance a memorial to be dedicated to a bar associate after his death.  Naturalization records, notary public appointments, and more. 

The majority of these cases are suits against others for monies owed them.  The index is alphabetical by last name of the plaintiff.

This index is being compiled from the loose papers that were located in the courthouse storage building.  THESE ARE NOT TRANSCRIPTIONS OF THE CASES.  When noted on the record, I have included the books and page number that a case was entered.  These books may no longer be located in the courthouse, and these papers may contain more information than was entered into the Civil Minutes or Final Record books.

I have read each case and provided as brief a synopsis as possible, some were just too good to be short with.  All names of persons involved, even juror lists, have been included.

This project was discontinued by the courthouse because it would take too many hours to complete; therefore, all of these records were removed to an archives and will eventually be indexed by the court system, but, they will only be made available to the court and court officers and not the general public.

The numbering of the index has no chronological meaning pertaining to dates, 01 is for the first box I was given.


This database is original to this website!
Any reproduction of these records on another website
without permission is a violation of my copyright!



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