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Dedication Page

This page is to honor and thank those folks that have helped me along the way.
Not only with this website, but on my research journeys, or by giving donations & gifts.

If I have forgotten anyone, it was not on purpose, as there are so many
folks who have contributed, not only to this site, but to my life.

If your name is not listed, and you feel it should be, please send me an email!

This Glynn County site is dedicated to you who have
helped make it what it is today!


First and foremost, a very special thanks to the three ladies in my life who are continuing to amaze and astound me: 

Ruth N. Vicent, for allowing me to make indices of her work, and for answering all of my questions concerning this work. Ruth's mind is like a computer, just ask a question about someone and she knows their family history without looking them up!  Amazing woman.

Patricia Barefoot, for everything. She always answers my questions with, "Do you know....?" So many leads, and so many historical jewels that she has lead me to; never has she given me what I seek, but set me on the road to finding the answers myself, a wonderful teacher.

Last but not least, Chrissy McGranaghan-Coleman Chapman, or to me "Old One."  Without Chrissy I, the "Young One," would never have found half of the cemeteries that I have now located, nor would I have photos. Her trust in me to bring her camera back in one piece was a godsend. All of the maps on this site, except for the cemetery plot maps, were digitized by Chrissy for the Glynn County site, you are also able to view this site, because of her charitable contribution!  Thank you Old One.


In no particular order, the following people have helped with this site:

Stafford William Burney (deceased) of Camden County. Stafford has shared many, many stories of people, places, and things over our nightly cornbread snack. Not only shared, but loaned me copies of his family "heirlooms" to digitize and put on this site.

William "Bill" Smith of Brunswick. Bill got me started with the Coastal Georgia Genealogical Society, and has provided family information for everyone who asks for his help. We work together in helping other people find their ancestors.

Laverne Vaughn of New York. Laverne has helped me in sorting out families of the Brookman Community and has also helped me greatly by typing up documents for me when the load got too heavy. She is currently working on digitizing my cemetery maps in Excel so that they will be nice and pretty! Thank you Laverne!

Jim Johnson of Texas. Jim took a chance with a stranger and mailed two yearbooks to me, without hesitation. It is due to folks like him that help make this site work.

Brenda Bailey of Brookman. Brenda has shared volumes of family information with me concerning the Blues, Hippards, Pyles, and many more Brookman Community families.

Micheal Mack (aka Nicolau) of Brookman and brother of Brenda Bailey. He has freely shared his family history and DNA kit with me and is constantly on the hunt helping me sort out the Brookman Community families.

Carrie (Maxwell) Roberts Robinson (deceased) of Brunswick. Miss Carrie was one of the former employees of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel from the 1920s. She is a descendant of the Maxwell/Hill family of the Brookman Community. Carrie sat down with me and allowed me to interview her about her life in Brunswick. She was a wealth of knowledge in the African-American Community of Glynn County.

Mary Allen & Karen Currin (her daughter) for donations, lunches, and for sharing so much of their family history from Brookman Community with a total stranger.

Diane Jackson, formerly of the Brunswick Public Library. Diane has suffered through my numerous questions and has answered each one, not only concisely, but with documentation to go along with it.

Darren Harper formerly of the Bryan-Lang Historic Library in Woodbine, Camden County, Georgia. Darren has made copies of records for this site, like the "Occupation of Brunswick" news article. He has also given me many clues and suggestions on things to look for when researching my many subjects.

Ophelia Killens (deceased) and her grand daughter Robin Alston, both of Brookman. Ophelia has provided the history for the Union School in Brunswick, and had much knowledge of the families that settled the Brookman Community.

Several of the families in Glynn County have helped by letting me travel through their properties in search of cemeteries, namely:  Mary Harris (Myers Plantation), the Wilcox family, Ken Bush (deceased, Tison property Colerain), and a few who shall remain nameless for taking me into paper company land to document cemeteries, with permission.

Tommy Broughton (deceased) of Brantley County (deceased). Tommy was the best friend a person could ever have! He took me all over the woods behind my house in Brantley County and showed two cemeteries to me, two towns, the continuation of Post Road, and several extinct house sites, all in the woods behind my house.

Gretchen Gremminger of the Jekyll Island Authority. Gretchen has shared the duBignon family history with me, and has also provided a couple of photos for my interview with Carrie Robinson.

June Hall McCash for helping me sort out duBignons, and for the lovely lunches on Jekyll and in downtown Brunswick. Thanks to my dumb luck, I have helped her in finding a missing piece of her puzzle.

All of the ladies at the Glynn County Probate Court (early 2000's) for allowing me and my scanner in to digitize ancient records for use on this site.

Lola Jamsky (deceased) Clerk of Superior Court, Glynn County. Lola dug out a huge stack of old records for me to index, not only for her, but for use on this site, and allowed me free reign in accessing the ancient records; something I wish the new regime would reinstate. Today, the records have been removed to an archives that is not open to the public, thus making research in Brunswick very hard to accomplish.

Tara Fields former webmaster of "The Crypt" history of Camden and Charlton County. Tara has shared a few things that she knows about some of the folks that I have found in cemeteries, and has linked me to families researching said lines. Not only that, but she has turned over her website to GlynnGen and has since retired from Coastal Georgia and the research of the area.

Gloria Smith Ramsaur (deceased) with the Glynn Academy Alumni Association for allowing me to peruse their archives of Glynn Academy memorabilia.

William Barnes, Jr. great-great grandson of Neptune Small. Mr. Barnes took the chance on a stranger, and freely handed over his family research to help build a family page on this site for the descendants of Neptune Small, formerly enslaved by the King family at Retreat Plantation, St. Simons Island.

Ann Richardson Davis of Darien, McIntosh County, Georgia. Ann donated her personal materials to help me get a McIntosh County page started at this site. Not only that, but she allowed me to put an index of one of her books online as well.

Walter Kenneth Sylvester (deceased) of Waycross, Ware County, Georgia. Ken donated all of his Brantley County cemetery research to put online at this website. Over 9000 burials!

William Boston & Elizabeth (Forbes) McKinnon, Jr. of McIntosh County, for inviting me into their beautiful home, feeding me a wonderful gourmet lunch, and sharing their family history. Mr. McKinnon (deceased) shared photos of the Nightingale Family, and showed me many of his family heirlooms. Elizabeth's ancestor, shot and killed one of her husband's ancestors in 1833, their marriage falls along the lines of a Romeo & Juliet story, except that their families are not feuding today!

Brailsford Troup Nightingale, Jr. for sharing in the abovementioned gourmet lunches, and his family history on the Nightingale Family. Troup is also one of the best photographers in this area with Southeastern Photography; as well as taking folks on tours through our waterways, and being on the boards of many historical sites like Hofwyl and the Oak Grove Cemetery Society.

Gene Loughran of Virginia for giving the gift of knowledge, by donating a book, "Memories of McIntosh" by Buddy Sullivan.

Jan S. Burroughs and sister Julie (Burroughs) Bell for donating numerous family papers and correspondence to be used on this website in regards to the Burroughs Family.

Margaret Jones & cousin Kathy Auman for sharing their family research on the Palmer Family; especially to Margaret for the volumes of paperwork sent to me documenting this research. One day we will prove the "Order of the Wives" for Martin Palmer, Sr. and hopefully nail down marriage dates.

Coastal Georgia Gengealogical Society of Brunswick, Georgia, for donating monies to help with internet services.

Annelle (Ann) I. Keene, for her "Keene" eye in pointing out my numerous typos and helping me get the correct information posted. It's hard to find your mistakes when you are the one making them, so it helps to have an editor. I hope she will continue perusing and help get it up to par. Thanks Ann!

Stephen Briggs, for freely sharing his family tree and DNA kit all so that I could destroy his perception of his family. He has also donated books and monies to GlynnGen so that I could continue my research projects.

Andrea Witwer for her research of Cumberland Island and the Primus Mitchell connections; as well as getting us access to the Cumberland Island National Seashore museum archives that, apparently, very few people seem to know exist.

Stacy Ashmore Cole, the new president of CGGS; she has been very helpful with getting GlynnGen noticed and it is through her praises that garnered GlynnGen it's very first award, The Unsung Heroes Award in 2020. She is also a great help in researching the enslaved of Liberty County through her They Had Names blog.

Shelley Deweese for sharing her family history and DNA kits so that we can figure out her enslaved heritage and her possible genetic connection to her ancestor's enslaver; as well as donating monies to help keep GlynnGen running strong!

Sharon (Scarlett) Workman for sharing her family history and DNA kit to help sort out the Scarlett family and their genetic connections to the people they enslaved. So far, we have found four different families whose ancestors were possibly once enslaved by the Scarlett family but most certainly, were parented by someone in the Scarlett family.

The descendants of Samuel George Dent who freely gave their family history and access to their DNA kits so that we might find out if they are really genetically descended of the Dent family of Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, they are! Thank you Melani, Kathy, Joe, and Paula, and through your DNA kits, thank you Rachel and Janelle, who also turned out to be Dents and not Raifords as they so long thought!

Mason Stewart for believing in me and giving me the chance of a lifetime for a genealogist in spearheading a discussion presentation on the enslaved of Hofwyl titled #IAmHofwyl. We had a standing room only event and it was an amazing experience.

The Descendants of Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, thank you for attending our presentation and allowing us to discuss your families and share our research into your heritage.

Dr. William "Bill" Collins, site manager of the Burning of Darien Museum and THE authority on McIntosh County families and connections. It was an honor to co-chair #IAmHofwyl with you!

Thank you to the many folks who donated monies in 2018 and again in 2021 to help keep GlynnGen online for another three years; it's now 2021 and I might have to fundraise again to get another three years of web presence in order to keep GlynnGen online for free access so thanks in advance to those who might help again.


More to come!




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