Real  Property Taken from Georgia by the British During War of 1812

U.S., Definitive List of Slaves and Property, 1827-1828
This series consists of a list, furnished by the Secretary of State to the commission that lists slaves and property for which citizens of the United States claimed indemnification.
These lists inventory property that was taken by the British during the War of 1812; original images located at


The following lists were transcribed from actual images found online at detailing the property taken from Georgia citizens by the British during the War of 1812. Included in the property, of course, were lists of the enslaved who either left or were taken by the British.

I find it a bit hard to believe that so many enslaved persons left some of these plantations because it appears as if nearly all of the enslaved left some of the plantations. Which leads me to speculate, did the planters take advantage of this reparation like many did the military pensions, by stating this "property" was stolen when it wasn't only to make money from the British?

I transcribed these lists exactly how they were found, the only changes made were in punctuation or writing out abbreviations, like "depo" which was for "depositions".

This second listing is for real property and other non-human property, like crops, cattle, etc. Again, this is for the WHOLE STATE of Georgia, not just Glynn County.


List of Real Property Taken by the British

ALDRICKS Whipple 20,000lbs sole leather   statement 8 depositions
BUTLER Pierce Cotton & Merchandise, Provisions &c. 1 deposition
BRUNETTE Remi merchandise $2,527.75  
BACHLOTT John Senr sugar & other articles $2,410.50 (illegible schedule) oath of claimant and 4 depositions
BACHLOTT John Junr and surviving partners  of J. & J. Bachlott sugar &c $1,763.00 Oath of claimant and 2 depositions
BOOG John wine & other articles $1,337.50 3 depositions
BEYER G.F. gin & other articles $3,336.00 oath of claimant and one deposition
COUPER John 8 bales of cotton loss of crops & labor $1,200.00 Claimants statement on oath Hunter William's Sr. to Bailey John
CATER Benjamin F. 6 bags of cotton $1,066.50 Claimant's statement and 2 depositions
duBIGNON Poulain Cotton plate crops cattle and provisions $1,000.00 Three statements included in the claimant's list of slaves lost
DUFOUR Louis merchandise $3,474.00 Claimant's statement and 2 affidavits
DEMERE Raymond cotton etc.   see his letter to J. Couper
GIBSON William merchandise $346.00 See his statmeent on oath
GIEKIE James H. loss of crops & labor   see his statement in slave list
GRANT Robert 4 bales Sea Island cotton $660.00 see R. Grant's memo. For the loss of a negro woman & 2 children
GIBSON William wine &c. $1,076.91 Oath of claimant and one deposition
HIPKINS Susan furniture $720.00 statement on oath and one deposition
HOPKINS Timothy 19 sweeps $28.50 See Gibson William's statement
HAVENS & Bilbo quantity of steel $689.08 See Gibson William's statement
HARDING Robert barque Marie Therese   Claimant's statement
HAMILTON James cotton, provisions, and furiture &c $7,392.96 Statement by Davis J.M. and 2 depositions also documents No. 3 in his list of slaves lost
KEANE Alexander merchandise $1,613.43 certificate of J. Campbell
LEWIS Leroy flour & furniture $1,000.00 Claimants statement and oath (12 and a half cents)
LASSERE Lewis goods &c $1,200.12 2 affidavits
MAXWELL Joseph lots of crops & labor   See his statement with his slaves lost
MATTHEWS Edmund 6 bales of cotton $1,110.00 2 letters to Secretary Adams and the Claimant's statement on oath
a cotton gin $140.00
2 saddles and bridles $30.00
O'NEALE James F. loss of crops & labor   Claimant's statement and one deposition
OGILBY William a boat $180.00 See his list of slaves lost, see also Cowper's John documents
PAGE William 7 bags of cotton $1,347.50 Claimant's statement on oath
POTTLE John furniture & house injured   3 depositions
PELOT James loss of crops & labor   Claimant's statement one deposition letters to Secretary Adams
ROSS John merchandise $263.50 Claimant's statement
RIPLEY Robert sugar &c $1,439.05 (schedule) oath of claimant and one deposition
SANDS Roy cotton & horses $7,230.00 statement on oath and one deposition
SHAW Louisa C. cotton, buildings, provisions $500.00 statement on oath and two depositions
SHEAFE Daniel R. captured ship Callipe Statement by Claimants Letter to Secretary Adams
SHEAFE Jacob Junr.
SHEARMAN Edward cotton merchandise $1,601.00 Claimant's statement and 4 depositions
SHEARMAN Edward T. [?]
SHEARMAN Uzail (dec'd)
SINCLAIR William cotton 36.363.60 claim filed by Selden & Frost
tobacco 23.94.00
TABBOT [---?---] cordage $20.00 See Gibson William's statement
TEASDALE John cotton &c. $849.00 depositions
VOCELLE Jacque merchandise $960.68 Claimant's statement one affidavit No. 16
VINCENT James for Smith & Vincent leather &c. $4,680.00 3 depositions
WOOD Jacob 2168lbs cotton $975.60 Letter to Secretary Adams Claimants statement and 5 depositions
WYLLY Alexander C. loss of crops & labor   See his statements and 3 depositions in his list of slaves lost




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