Col. John J. Burnett (Slaves)

Col. John J. Burnett

The accounting sheet has an entry for the purchase of 7 pairs of shoes, at $1 per pair, for the canal hands. If you are familiar with Glynn County history, this was the canal dug by slaves from the south of Brunswick all the way north through Elizafield Plantation, or what is known as the Morning Star property today.

On this same accounting is a charge of $243.25 for loss of time of the hands while working on the canal. One final entry of $1609 to Miss [or Messrs.?] Couper and Nightingale for the hire of Negroes to work on the canal from 14 February 1838 to 1 December 1838.

Book E folio 38 by Alex. Scranton; 10 February 1845

A will and slave inventory has been found for Col. John Burnett, as recorded below, click here to read will.

Inventories & Appraisements Vol. D pg. 34
[Glynn County Probate Court]

Celia $150   Lissy $500
Ben $800   Lucy $600
Fortune $800   Joe $400
Toby $300   Nancy $600
Sue $600   Linda $400
Bedford $800   Mahlon $350
Abby $400   Jim (old) $500
Harry $800   Rose $550
Violet $600   Jim (Lt) $300
Tyna $200   George $300
Lewis $800   Phillis $500
Anthony $800   Ceasar $500
Charles $800   Peter $800
Mingo $175      




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