Christophe Poulain du Bignon Slave Inventory December 1825

Christophe Poulain duBignon

According to Christophe's estate, he was in possession of about 33 enslaved person on 31 December 1825, which was after his death.  Christophe stated clearly in his last will and testament that his "mulattoe" woman Maria Theresa and her daughter Marguerite were to be freed upon his death as the laws of the state would allow, or to be allowed to move to another state where she could live in freedom.

Not only did he free her and her child, he gave her a yearly sum and the enslaved woman Nelly, who was valued at $50.  Nelly was to take care of Maria until her old age rendered her infirm.  This act of generosity would not have been bestowed upon just any bondsperson.  It hints at Marguerite quite possibly being Christophe's illegitimate child.

The following is an inventory and appraisement of Christophe's estate at the time of his death.  I have only extracted the enslaved and their value in the order in which they were listed.  No age, sex, or family units were noted.

Inventories & Appraisements Vol. D page 155
[Glynn County Probate Court]

Toussant $500   Apollo $125
Charles $500   Susan $200
Sylvester $500   Trou-cent? $125
Tom $450   Citte $75
Germain $500   Peggy $100
William $300   Cavo $100
Louisa $450   Robert $150
Caroline $450   Sophy $200
Corumba $250   Joinette? $50
Mary Jean $350   Ben $75
Nina $400   Big Cain $200
Laine? $300   Nelly $50
Phillis $500   3 children 4-10 years old $350
Mary Joseph $450   Cesar $300
Rose (Thomas) $200      



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