Slave Inventory of James Gignilliat 15 January 1822 Glynn Co., Georgia

James Gignilliat
15 January 1822

James Gignilliat had seven heirs to his estate, all of them were cousins.  Five children of his uncle John May Gignilliat and 2 children of his uncle Henry Gignilliat.  There were a total of 21 enslaved, all divided into seven lots, and two lists can be found, one listing all of the enslaved, the other listing them in lots. 

To keep from being redundant, I will just use the lot listing which was dated 17 January 1823.  James' will was dated 27 February 1821, the enslaved listing was dated 15 January 1822, a whole year passed before the estate was settled.


Inventories & Appraisements Vol. D pgs. 137 & 144
[Glynn County Probate Court]


Lots #1-5 to J.M. Gignilliat's Children

Harry $200
V. Bell  $300
Asia $450
Pompey $500
Louise $300
Daniel $100
Moses $500
Chance $300
Hannah $150
Primus $300
Joe $250
Tamah $360
Aquilla $375
Adam $375
Beck $175


Lots #6 & 7 went to Henry Gignilliat's children.

Jim $500
Rachel $300
George $100
Bellah $450
Francis $300
Simon #150





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