Slave Inventory of Peter Massie 1839; Glynn Co., Georgia

Peter Massie

Inventories & Appraisements Vol. D pg. 378
[Glynn County Probate Court]

See Will for more enslavement information.

Inventory of the enslaved on Bonaventure Plantation
[handwriting is very hard to read, names in brackets are possible surnames taken by the slaves]

Joe Die? Symes? Abraham Sohpia
Tinah Sally Merri? Richard Andrew [Lamar]
Dolly Margrit Monday [Massey] John Little Bella
Lamis Smart Peter Calon Manah?
Cinty Hagar Millia? Cuffey Minita?
Billy Ola Charlotte May Betty Daniel
Bidings Stephen Ola Silvy Silvy Dick
Michack Billy Little Charlotte Thomas Sarah
Joe Little? Little Tinah Alick [Massey] Peter Tim
Ola Sally Little Molly Beck Milly Nancy
Sampson Mariah May Anga? Sarah





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