Slave Inventory of Mary Piles 1848; Glynn Co., Georgia

Mary (Mangum) Piles
14 March 1850

Inventories & Appraisements Vol. E pg. 163
[Glynn County Probate Court]

Phillis  woman $450 Isaac  boy $250
Daniel  boy 125 Toby  boy $200
Nelson  boy $100 March  boy $150
Catto  woman $100 Jack  boy $100
Charles  boy $300 Dianah  woman $50
Albert  boy $250 Vina  girl $200
Kate  woman $450 Abraham  boy $300
Martha  woman $500 Fanny  girl $250
Ellen  woman $400 May  boy $125
Charlotte  woman $200 Kate  woman $500

According to Mary Piles' will, she left one enslaved person, Isaac, to her grandson Robert H. PilesRobert's father was Robert S. Piles.
Other children mentioned were Mary's sons, Robert S., John, Samuel, William, and James.




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