Slave Inventory of Job Tison 1824; Glynn Co.,Georgia


Job Tison
25 October 1824

Inventories & Appraisements Vol. D pg. 147
[Glynn County Probate Court]
[Image Inventory List 3a]

John $380   Charlotte $200
Jack $300   Amy $160
Sam $360   Phoebe $150
Harry $360   Hannah $70
Jim $360   George $90
Rose $300   Alick $90
Caty $300   Moses $80
Mary $350   Dick $50
Mary Ann $350   Anak $35




Inventories & Appraisements Vol. D pg. 164
[Glynn County Probate Court]
21 January 1828
[Image:  Division of Estate 2]

Division of Estate between Sidney Tison & Susan Tison

Sidney received John, Rose?, & child at $700

Susan received Harry $380, Amy $225, Anack $100

Inventories & Appraisements Vol. D pg. 290
[Glynn County Probate Court]
16 November 1833
[Image:  Division2]

Jim $450   George $300   Phillis [Mary's] $100
Phoebe $350   Dick $200   Alex $325
Charlot $400   Mary $250   Hannah $275



The ledger book says that William Tison inherited all of the above people.

Lot No. 1 to Mr. William Tison consisting of Jim $450 and Phoebe $350.  [Image:  Division2]

Lot Not. 2 consisting of Sharlot $400, George $300, and Dick $200.  [Image:  Division3]

Lot No. 3 consisting of Mary $250, Phillis [her child] $100, Alex $325, and Hannah $275  [Image:  Division3]

Appraisal Letter date 31 January 1839
[Glynn Co. Probate Court Loose Papers]
[Image:  Appraisal]

Maria a woman 63 years old $50
Bob a man 31 years old $900
Julia a woman 20 years old $600

On 2 May 1859, John M. Tison petitioned the court for leave to sell land and all the negroes of Job Tison's estate. These three people were never beforementioned in the estate and their disposition was not recorded.

Job Tison's Bequests
from his will

Account 1

Account 2
Account 3
Bond 1
Bond 2
Division of Estate 1
Division of Estate 2
Division of Estate 3
Division of Estate 4
Estate Division 1
Estate Division 2

Inventory 1 

Inventory 2 

Inventory 3 (top portion) 

Inventory 3 (bottom portion)

Ordinance 1

Ordinance 2
Petition John M. Tison 1

Petition John M. Tison 2
Petition Theresa (Tison) Mumford 1
Petition Theresa (Tison) Mumford 2

Property List 1 
Property List 2

Receipt Susan (Tison) Harrison 
Receipt Sidnah (Sheffield) Tison Peck
Letters Testamentary 1 

Letters Testamentary 2 
Warrant 1
Warrant 2

The following enslaved people were not listed in the inventory or on any other estate paper except for the possibility of Phillis.

Sidnah (Sheffield) Tison Peck received the following enslaved persons to be divided amongst Job’s children upon her death: Tom, Judy, Ned, and Maria.

Aaron Tison received Ben.

Isabell Sidnah Tison received Hester.

Melinda Tison received Phillis (presumably, the daughter of Mary, however, on another paper in the estate, it says that William Tison received Phillis, therefore, is this the same person or was there an adult Phillis that Melinda received?

Susan Elizabeth Tison received Clarissa.

William Tison received Peter.

John Tison received Joe.

Theresa Elizabeth Tison received Lydia.

Eliza Carter, granddaughter, received Patty.

Job Carter, grandson, received Frank.

During the 1830 Glynn County, Georgia census, Sidnah (Sheffield) Tison Peck was presumably listed in the home of her new husband, Michael Peck. It is unknown how many people Michael enslaved, but we do know that Sidnah brought her husband's estate into this marriage.

2 white males 10-14 4 male slaves under 10 2 female slaves under 10
2 white males 15-19 3 male slaves 10-23 2 female slaves 10-23
1 white male 40-49 2 male slaves 24-35 2 female slaves 24-35
1 white female 5-9 1 male slave 36-54 2 female slaves 36-54
1 white female 50-59    

"Next door" to Michael Peck was listed Sidnah Tison and her household consisted of the following:

1 female 20-29

1 male slave 10-23

1 female slaved 10-23

3 male slaves under 10

1 female slave under 10

1 female slave 36-54





The following is a list of every single enslaved person mentioned in Job Tison's estate

Alick 12 Clarissa 10 Jack 1 Maria** 4 or 9 Phillis*** (is she Mary's) 8
Amy 10 Dick 12 Jim 12 Mary 12 Phillis (d/o Mary) 12
Anack 10 Frank 6 Joe 7 Mary Ann* 1 Phoebe 12
Ben 2 George 12 John 5 Moses 1 Rose 5
Bob 4 Hannah 12 Judy 9 Ned 9 Sam 1
Caty 1 Harry 10 Julia 4 Patty 3 Tom 9
Charlotte 12 Hester 5 Lydia 11 Peter 12  


*In Job's will, it was stated that Mary Ann and her issue were to stay together until the youngest Tison child comes of age.

**Not sure if there were two women named Maria or if a mistake was made and she was only bequeathed to one family member.

***Are there two females named Phillis (an adult and a child) or did the infant Phillis get bequeathed to two different people?

1. disposition unknown

2. Bequeathed to Aaron Tison (married Louisa Jane Dell)

3. Bequeathed to Eliza Carter (d/o Naomi Tison & Matthew Carter)

4. only mentioned one time in 1839, disposition unknown

5. Bequeathed to Isabelle Sidnah Tison (married George Edmund McClelland)

6. Bequeathed to Job Carter (s/o Naomi Tison & Matthew Carter)

7. Bequeathed to John Mason Berrien Tison (married Anne Greene Lee Mitchell)

8. Bequeathed to Melinda Tison (married John Charles Richard)

9. Bequeathed to Sidnah (Sheffield) Tison Peck

10. Bequeathed to Susan Elizabeth Tison (married Thomas F. Harrison and Henry F. Wilkins)

11. Bequeathed to Theresa Elizabeth Tison (married Sylvester Mumford)

12. Bequeathed to William Tison (married Mary Scotia Fenton and Mary Elliss Hardee)

















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