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The information contained within this GEDCOM was compiled by me, Amy Hedrick, from research requests sent to me over the years via the website GlynnGen.com. The purpose of this family database was to keep me from researching families over and over, as I was finding that every request from a different person, would lead back to another request. Also, THERE ARE MISTAKES! Please do not get hostile or accusatory if you see something that is in error. Simply send me an email and question what I have and show your proof. I am not adverse to making corrections, that's the point of having this tree online, to get things correct!

After many hours of research, I was able to merge my own family history with this GEDCOM, so to make my life easier I merged my file titled "amylyn" with the "glynn1" database as well as the "glynn2" and "sapelo" GEDCOM's which are all now located in one file here:

https://wcbeta.rootsweb.com/trees/181656/I312/-/index (main database).

To see more about my family, you can visit my web page at:


The Glynn1 database was started with the Berrie Family who settled in Camden County, and now includes families from around the globe.  You can see more family pages for Glynn County Families here.

The Glynn2 database was started with the Blue, Way(e), and Baker families of Brookman Community. I have several other files for African-American families, and am trying to connect them to get them all into the Glynn2 database. The main obstacle is that the post-Civil War era is hard to get correct, as many couples were already "married", and many more took in children who were either left behind by parents who were sold away, or who moved after the war, or who were moved during the war, or whose parents died. Aaron Hill was a very generous and caring man, who took many children in over the years, the Hill family in general were foster parents to many. This alone makes it very hard to get family lines straight without the help of the descendants.

The Sapelo Island database was started by me out of curiosity about how all of the families were related and if they connected to the Glynn County families; which they dad and this tree is now combined into the main database.

While much of the information has been sourced, there are errors. Feel free to send in corrections or additions. The majority of the source documentation for these databases can be found within this website.

However, there are some things you must keep in mind:

1.  Anything that does not have a source, like a birth, death, or marriage date, should not be taken as fact. Many folks have an "Abt." or "Bef." or "Bet." entry in their dates. If this date isn't sourced then it is just a guess to help keep people of the same names in the right generation. Please DO NOT email me and tell me these dates are wrong, or how did I get them, because they are just guesses. If you have the correct date, then please send it in with the source documentation.

2.  Remember to ALWAYS check the original source documents. We are only human, mistakes in transcribing happen all the time, never quote someone else's work as factual unless you have seen the source.

3.  If you request data to be changed, you MUST submit the source for the change. Data will not be changed upon someone's say-so even if you are the child of the person in question. News articles, bible pages, birth / death / marriage records, estate papers, are all acceptable sources of information.

4.  The reason these family files are online, is to get the community, and descendants, involved in getting the right information out there, and not just some carbon copy family tree. I have seen many of these folks in other family trees, and numerous trees are just copies of someone else's tree, the dates, the spellings, the notes, even the sources. By all means this doesn't mean that this database is THE database on Glynn County families, as stated above, we all make mistakes.


Amy Hedrick





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