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     One of the most pleasurable incidents in the life of the Senior class was the luncheon tendered them by the Young Men's Club.
     It had been rumored for several days that it was the intention of the Club to entertain the class, but we did not give ourselves up to the idea until we were officially invited by Mr. Abrams and Mr. Reese.  Then, of course, we debated (?) over the problem of accepting or declining, when President Henry Beach accepted for the class in all his "dignification."
     On Friday the Senior girls were dressed in new ginghams and the boys looked their best, too.  At one o'clock that eventful hour, autos awaited us and we rode in stately fashion through the town to the club rooms.  The twenty-six Seniors were accompanied by their eight teachers, and due to the absence of these important personages, all the school was granted a half holiday.
     The Seniors were seated at a long center table and mid laughing and chatting the realization came that we were making our debut, our first appearance in public.
     It was grand!  The class colors, green and white, were predominant in the color scheme and a placard bearing 1922 overhung the entrance.  A delicious three-course luncheon was served and then began the rattle of silver.  During the meal Chairman Lambright conducted the business meeting and then Mr. Reese took the chair.  Sidney Nathan, of the class of '15, made an interesting address on the history of Glynn Academy.  Isaac Wengrow, of the class of '18, spoke on "School Spirit."  Then, speakers of the honored class were called and Henry Beach and Mary Gignilliat responded with interesting remarks.  From all appearances, "Beachy" gives promise of being a celebrated orator and "Midget" has already reserved her seat in Congress.  Miss Rucker, Miss Macon, and Mr. Eadie supplemented these remarks with views of the faculty and assured the members of their appreciation for their interest in the school.
     To conclude the most enjoyable occasion, clever parodies on familiar songs, relative to the Young Men's Club and Brunswick, were sung after which we all took leave.  It was all over!  But each member of the class of '22 will have pleasant memories of that entertainment and the club may feel assured of our appreciation of their courtesy to us.



pgs. 61 & 63

"If you remember just what stairs to go up--
     And do not wish all class the bell would ring;
If you can be on time at school each morning,
     And lustily join in when others sing;
If you can get the ice cream condish habit,
     And keep your smile when told the cream is out;
If you can exercise with vim and relish,
     Nor fake them thru with grumbling and a pout;
If you can wait, and not grow tired of waiting
     For report cards which are long since over due;
If you can go and cheer for the Red Terrors",
     And put up a fight against the "White and Blue";
If every night you finish all your home work,
     Complete your themes, have study periods free,
I'll say you're quite a Model Student--
     A credit to Old Glynn Academy."


Miss Macon--(Discussing the quotation--"Hitch your wagon to a star")--"What must a man do when he has hitched his wagon to a star?"

Judson:  "See that he doesn't fall out of the wagon."


Mr. Young--"Vogel, please explain how to make bread."

Frank--"I can't, it takes too much dough."

Mr. Adams--"Mary, compare the word good."

Mary--"Good, goodness, my goodness."

Mr. Adams--"Oh my goodness!"


Dear Mr. T.M.W.--
     Will you kindly tell me how to read an unwritten theme in English?
                                                                      --May Smith

Answer--Compose as you go along.


Dear Mr. T.M.W.--
     How can one tell bobbed hair will be becoming?
                                                                   --Helen Lissner

Answer--Try it and see.


Dear Mr. T.M.W.--
     How can one ride a wheel without pedaling?
                                                                     --Judson Smith

Answer--I refer you to Robert Sadtler.


Dear Mr. T.M.W.--
     Please tell me how to modulate my voice in chorus work.
                                                                     --Gene Gignilliat

Answer--Ford mufflers are said to answer the purpose. 


FOR SALE--Two pairs of short trousers--no longer good for street wear, but very fashionable for golf.  See Ray Whittle and Alfred Wood.

FOR SALE--On account of warm weather, two perfectly good winter hats.  See Albert Fendig and Robert Sadtler.

On account of his success at the "Chinese Lantern," Mr. Highsmith will act as auctioneer for the above mentioned articles.


     Baxley, Ga., May--An athletic team attracting much attention during the Eleventh District Meet was registering from Brunswick.  Gene Gignilliat won the championship in banana eating, while the other members of the team ranked high in trick bed making.  The entire team made up in sociability for what they lacked in track skill.


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