G.S.W.C. Features
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The Three Fates--Most Popular

Past Helen Seals
Present Mary Alice Sineath
Future Elsie Gunn


Freya--Most Talented Cora Burghard
Frigga--Miss G.S.W.C Florence Breen
Iduna--Most Attractive Annie Mae Bower
Gerda--Most Beautiful Evelyn Calhoun
Sol--Most Cheerful Christine Meadows
Brunhild--Most Athletic Anne Smith
Saga--Most Intellectual Catherine Trulock


pg. 87

The Three Fates
Helen Seals, Mary Alice Sineath, Elsie Gunn


pg. 88

Freya--Favored Daughter of Asgard
Cora Burghard


pg. 89

Frigga--Queen of Asas
Florence Breen


pg. 90

Iduna--Goddess of Youth
Annie Mae Brower


pg. 91

Gerda--Fairest Maid of Asgard
Evelyn Calhoun


pg. 92

Sol--The Sun Goddess
Christine Meadows


pg. 93

Brunhild--The Warrior Maid
Anne Smith


pg. 94

Saga--Wisest of the Asgards
Catherine Trulock


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