G.S.W.C. Organizations
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Alumnae Association

     The Alumnae Association is one of the most worthwhile organizations on the campus.  All the students who receive either the diploma or degree are eligible for membership.  The purpose of this organization is to keep former students of the college in touch with each other and with the activities of their Alma Mater.  All Alumnae are urged to be present at the Thanksgiving Dinner, a home coming event, the Valentine Party, and are extended a cordial invitation to the annual Alumnae Banquet held during Commencement Week at one of Valdosta's leading hotels.

Edith Patterson

Martha Youngblood Vice-President
Florence Breen Secretary-Treasurer
Cora Burghard Corresponding Secretary


pg. 106

Pine Cone

     The PINE CONE is the year book published by the Senior Class of G.S.W.C.  This title is derived from the tall stately pine trees, native to South Georgia, that are on either side of the campus.  The PINE CONE is a composite expression of all the student activities--physical, mental, spiritual.  The main purpose of the PINE CONE Staff is to produce an Annual that every student would be proud to possess because it is reminiscent of life on the campus of G.S.W.C and a reflection of the inspiring and friendly atmosphere that pervades the college campus.



Mildred Larsen

Cora Burghard Art Editor
Lucile Nix Assoc. Art Editor
Bessie Young Literary Editor
Margaret Lawson Feature Editor
Marguerite Ford Asst. Editor


pg. 107

Pine Cone

     Every year the PINE CONE is entered in the intercollegiate year book contest.  For three successive years the PINE CONE has received First Honor rating.  As the cone is the fruit of the pine tree, so the PINE CONE is the fruitage of G.S.W.C.; every year the Staff strives to make this fruit, the PINE CONE, better than that of the previous year.




Eunice Chute
Business Manager

Helen Hightower Advertising Manager
Ila Spooner Assoc. Advertising Manager
Virginia Hightower Snapshot Editor
Helen Ryon Activities Editor
Dorothy Dasher Assoc. Activities Editor


pg. 108

Student Government Association



     The Student Government Association, to which all students subscribe allegiance, has a purpose of high intent; to promote the highest standards of honor and integrity in matters of personal conduct.



Iva Chandler

Cora Burghard President Senior Class
Louise Holcombe President Junior Class
Grace Chastain President Sophomore Class
Lillian Lively President of Freshman Class


pg. 109

Student Government Association



     The Association also strives to strengthen the cordial relations between the faculty and students; to promote a general respect for law and order, and to promote the general success and efficiency of G.S.W.C.


Ila Spooner
Secretary and Treasurer

Eunice Chute President Y.W.C.A.
Marguerite Langdale President Valdosta Club
Margaret Bullock Pres Argonian Literary Society
Dorothy Lile Pres. Sororian Literary Society


pg. 110




     'Tis spirit of the "blue and white" that gives the feeling of "Big Sister--Little Sister" on the campus of G.S.W.C.  The Y.W.C.A. is the first to greet students and to extend an invitation to each one who is in sympathy with the purpose of the organization--"to live as a true follower of Christ."


Eunice Chute

Eunice Seagraves Treasurer
Mary Alexander Pianist
Marian Laing Bible Study
Rose Wood Poster Chairman
Lillian Patterson Library
Mary Smith Hodges Bulletin Board


pg. 111




     At graduation time, the Y.W.C.A. sends the students away with pleasant memories of delightful parties, jaunts, marshmallow toasts, and tales of enchanting Blue Ridge; and with a spiritual uplift received from Vespers, Bible Study classes, and talks with religious secretaries who visit the campus.


Lucius Bedell
Religious Chairman

Lillian Hopper World Fellowship
Cora Burghard "Y" Store
Mary Stokes Membership
Margaret Sumner Room
Georgia Patterson Social Service
Ann Talbert Secretary
Myrtle Vick Social Director


pg. 112

Pine Branch








Louise Forbes

     The PINE BRANCH is the monthly magazine of G.S.W.C.; this publication is edited by the students on the campus and is published under the direction of a staff, composed of students selected by the two Literary Societies.  Its chief aim is to serve as an expression of the literary phase of college life, and to give an outlet for the accomplishments of the students in the literary courses.  One of the main purposes of the PINE BRANCH is the publication of news of general interest to students, accounts of social activities and organizations and of the work of the Alumnae


Catherine McRee Assistant Editor
Evelyn Deariso Sororian Reporter
Virginia Fraser Argonian Reporter
Katherine Harrison Phi Lambda Reporter
Margaret Brabham Phi Kappa Reporter
Edna Shadrick Local Editor
Hazel Sawyer Joke Editor


pg. 113

Pine Branch

     The PINE BRANCH has a wide distribution among the students and especially in South Georgia.  The number of subscriptions is increased yearly and always surpasses the tow thousand mark.  The annual drive for subscriptions among the student body by the Literary Societies, the Argonian and the Sororian, creates much rivalry and excitement during the fall semester.  The winning Society has its name engraved on the silver loving cup.  The PINE BRANCH is probably the voice of the college best known by the outside world.


Dorothy Stovall
Business Manager


Lillian Hopper Y.W.C.A. Editor
Martha Youngblood Alumnae Editor
Rebecca Rabun Asst. Business Manager
Lillian Exum Mailing Department
Ida Burroughs Mailing Department
Mary Carmack Mailing Department
Lillian Cassells Mailing Department
Mary Smith Hodges Exchange Editor


pg. 114

Argonian Literary Society


     The Argonian Literary Society holds aloft the motto:  "Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you," and proudly displays her colors--purple and lavender; and invites all students who will graduate from G.S.W.C. in an odd year to join the society, to lend their talents, to share its motto, and to wear its colors.



Margaret Bullock

Eunice Seagraves Vice-President
Roselle Hatcher Secretary
Mary Stokes Treasurer


pg. 115

Argonian Literary Society



     The Argonian Literary Society maintains the purpose of attaining high standards in literary art--both humorous and aesthetic--through the presentation of readings, talks, essays, debates, plays, and illustrated lectures.




Marguerite Langdale

SUBJECT FOR DEBATE:  "Resolved, That in the United States, we are attempting to
give too many people college education."


Marguerite Ford

Ann Talbert


pg. 116

Sororian Literary Society


     "Building for character, not for fame" is the motto adopted by the Sororian Literary Society.  Its colors are brown and gold.  The Sororian Literary Society derives its membership from the classes of even years.  In its general purpose, the attainment of high standards in literary art, the society is similar to the Argonian Society.




Dorothy Lile

Mary Alexander Vice-President
Caroline Parrish Secretary-Treasurer


pg. 117

Sororian Literary Society


     Most of the meeting for the year have been joint-meetings, both societies contributing talent.  Interesting studies have been made of:  modern music, literature, dance, art, and drama of France, England, Russia, Germany, and America.





No name was provided.

SUBJECT FOR DEBATE:  "Resolved, That in the United States, we are attempting to
give too many people college education."


Dorothy Harper Margaret Warfield


pg. 118

Phi Kappa Athletic Association








Myrtle Vick

"I'm a Phi Kappa born,
I'm a Phi Kappa bred,
And when I die I'll be a Phi Kappa dead.
So it's Ray, Ray, Kappa
Kappa, Rah, Rah, Kappa,
Kappa, Rah, Rah, Rah."

      That is the spirit of the Phi Kappa Athletic Association:  They sing it and they mean it.  The purpose of the association is to stimulate an interest in athletics and games; to foster high ideals and a spirit of good sportsmanship; to co-operate with the other campus organizations in promoting and maintaining the highest standards of the college.  All students are eligible for membership in one of the associations; the bids are given in the fall at a joint athletic association party.  Keen but friendly rivalry exists between the Phi Kappa Athletic Association and the Phi Lambda Athletic Association; both associations strive for the Plaque awarded to the winning association for the year.


Lillian Hopper Vice-President
Grace Chastain Secretary-Treasurer
Margaret Jennings Cheer Leader
Mary Winn Cheer Leader
Elizabeth Cox Cheer Leader


pg. 119

Phi Lambda Athletic Association

"Cheer for the Lambdas,
Lambdas to win;
Fight to the finish,
Never give in, Rah, Rah, Rah
You do your best girls,
We'll do the rest girls,
Lambdas to win today."

     This is the spirit voiced by the Phi Lambda Athletic Association in competition with its rival association, the Phi Kappa, in volley ball and soccer games; in tennis and basket-ball goal tournaments.  Its purpose is similar to that of the Phi Kappa Association and competes with this organization in the Point System, whereby individuals may win athletic numerals, letters, Honor Loving Cups because of points won for every phase of College life; athletic ability and achievement, athletic interest and sportsmanship; participation; leadership and health.  The program for the year is composed of both social and competitive events.








Hazel Sawyer


Rose Wood Vice-President
Margaret Bullock Secretary-Treasurer
Mary Ella Wiley Cheer Leader
Lucius Bedell Cheer Leader


pg. 120

Philharmonic Club








Mary Eva Fambrough

     Among those organizations that add to the musical life of the college, is the Philharmonic Club which endeavors to stimulate interest in the best music, and to bring noteworthy musical attractions to the college.  It is to the Philharmonic Club that music-lovers on the campus this year are indebted for the concert of Segi Borowski, Russian baritone, and the informal concert of Foster, the Italian tenor and pupil of Caruso.  All the students of the music department are eligible for membership and make the club one of the most popular on the campus.


Helen Ryon Vice-President
Olive Ryon Secretary-Treasurer


pg. 121

Glee Club

    'Tis the G.S.W.C. Glee Club, composed of a limited number of girls who are selected by a competitive test as to excellence of voice and ability to read music at sight, that lends a musical charm to all holiday and festive occasions, such as--Thanksgiving Dinner, Civic banquets, the Christmas Festival; that gives honor to the college by the presentation of their annual concert.  Among the features of the social calendar for the year is the party at Twin Lakes Tavern in the fall, and a picnic in the Spring.








Ida Burroughs


Mary Frances Robertson Vice-President
Margaret Bullock Secretary
Olive Ryon Treasurer


pg. 122

Fine Arts Club








Mary Kate Burrows

     Closely allied to the Art Department is the Fine Arts Club which was organized for the benefit of those who have artistic ability or are interested in Art; to give these art-lovers the opportunity to study and discuss actual constructive phases of Art.  During the year, the club sponsored art exhibits, both portrait and sculpture, and a bazaar in the fall.


Margaret Warfield Vice-President
Elizabeth Boyd Secretary-Treasurer


pg. 123

Sock and Buskin Club

    The Sock and Buskin Club is an organization which concerns itself, as the name implies, with tragedy and comedy in dramatic productions.  Its purpose, closely akin to the Little Theatre Movement, is the creation and maintenance of a National Drama; the one-act play is the basis of study; and the club delights the college with numerous productions during the year.








Caroline Parrish


Evelyn Deariso Vice-President
Erma Cowart Secretary-Treasurer


pg. 124

Valdosta Club








Marguerite Langdale

     The Valdosta Club was organized by the Students from Valdosta for the purpose of keeping themselves closer contact with the campus life and college activities, to conserve the strength of the group for the college.  The social phase is a large factor; they hold their regular monthly business and social hour in the form of a luncheon at the House-in-the-Woods.  In the spring, they entertain the Senior Class of the Valdosta High School with an enjoyable reception; an at least once a year, they entertain the student-body with a "manless dance."  The club often entertains its members with hikes to Joe Jones' Pond.


Dorothy Stroud Secretary-Treasurer
Miss Hopper Faculty Advisor


pg. 125

Home Economics Club

    Although not very old in years, the Home Economics Club, which was organized in 'Twenty-seven, is very wise in its purpose:  to stimulate interest in the work of the Home Economics Department of the college; to give valuable information; to combine work and play.  Among their social activities are their program meetings.  One of the projects of the year was the bazaar held in December.








Margaret Lawson


Helen Hightower Vice-President
Dorris Nichols Secretary
Mary Stokes Treasurer


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