1930 Littoral


pg. 40 & 41


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Agnes Brown Raymond Brockington
Lucille Christian Linwood Dart
Louise Christian Tom Dicky
Leona Downs Ross Edwards
Mildred Dukes Charlie George
Christine Herring Opie Gilbert
Annie Hoff Artley Hunter
Frances Kent Charles Kirkland
Isla Livingston Milton Langford
Mary McCarthy Alex Livingston
Alynne Meeks Clayton Miller
Wilhelmina Stafford Harry O'Brien
Eleanor Stiles Albert Livingston
Juliet Tucker Emory Shelfer


pg. 44 & 45


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Marion Akin Jane MacKinnon Frank Gordon
Mary Anderson Majorie Marston Julius Ham
Ruth Brady Ruth Pafford John Hotch
Hazel Brockington Ruby Powell Harry Jerger
Ruby Bunkley Amelia Richardson Charles Ladnier
Mildred Butler Mary Addie Simmons Joe Lambright
Christine Collins Carolyn Sneed Lois Langford
Doris Collins Billie Stebbins Alva Lindsey
Edna Collins Mary Stevens Andrew McCosker
Willie Cunningham Mildred Stubbs Thomas McFaden
Mattie Dart Rosalie Sutton George New ham
Ellen Davenport Mabelle Swan Henry Niemeyer
Jessie Denty Hazel Tankersley Eugene Owens
Alma Drury Aline Truit Jimmie Paulk
Virginia Gay Mildred Walker Philip Powelson
Evaline Griffin Carolyn Weston John Quarterman
Sarah Hammons Ruth Whittle Billie Readdick
Margurite Hill
2nd row 1st on right
Jack Anderson Andrew Ross
May Hummel Chester Anderson John Sarman
Bonnie James Howard Brandon Harry Schreiber
Ida Vernon Jones Sammie Cauley Clayton Tanner
Grace Jernigan J.B Clark George Tharin
Mae Lunceford William Copeland George Wade
Geneva MacLauchlin Thad Dankel Harry Walters
Julia MacGriff Waller Davis Edgar Wilson
Julia MacPherson Edward Deaver Richard Everett
Mary MacGriff   Floyd Burkey



pg. 48 & 49


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Roberta Allen Anne MacKinnon James Crosby
Mildred Anderson Oren Moore George Dean
Maurine Baker Josephine Nettles Hugh Dowling
Archie Baldwin Anne Newkirk William Dunlop
Adele Beard Margaret Newman Ben Gilbert
Adele Bernstein Frances Paris Thomas Gilchrist
Bonnie Max Bland Kathryn Perry Charles Goodyear
Gerald Carruthers Helen Phillips Robert Hopkins
Pearl Cauley Sarah Plemmons Henry Jackson
Gladys Christian Dorothy Powelson Earnest Jenkins
Annie Maud Clark Myrtle Purdon David Job
Beatrice Corbett Lois Royal Dyle Johnson
Lura Corbett Alma Sessions Eugene Joines
Thelma Craven Mildred Smith Woodrow Jernigan
Margaret Dart Pauline Smith Julian Kaufman
Theda Davis Margaret Staley Robert Knight
Lorena Dean Mary Strickland William Latham
Clara De Loach Lois Symons James Lee
Mildred Downs Louisa Tillotson Albert Livingston
Lucile Fabian Willie Tuten Edward Lott
Addie Foreman Roxie Vandigriff Bill McDonald
Manda Fraser Helen Whittle James Manning
Myrtle Greer Elizabeth Wright Francis Melanson
Helen Gray Esther Yarnall Harris Mills
Doris Grossman Eva Youngner Paul Mills
Anna Harbin Helen Britt Fred Missildine
Loraine Harper Rose Mary Brown Marvin Owens
Jeanette Houtsma Katherine O'Connor James Partridge
Gweneth Job Mary Langworthy Stanley Phillips
Lucile Johns Elizabeth Brown Olen Pope
Hazel Johnson Marion Vizard Spencer Popwell
Vera Johnson Tommie Andrews Elley Ricks
Alberta Kinstle Billie Bacon Osbourne Robertson
Mary Knight Jack Baker Conrad Rogers
Leonel Lambright Frank Bickerstaff Carl Rowland
Edna Latham Raphael Borchardt Harry Shackleford
Mary Helene Lockwood Charles Brown Hopps Strickland
Clifford Lummus Loyd Douglas Oliver Taylor
Theo Madden Edward Bunkley Bernard Tesler
Dorthy McCarthy Robert Bynum Thurmond Thomas
Helen McCullough John Cason Edward Welch
Effie Lee McDaniel Henry Cate Billie Weston
Louise McDonald Morris Cohen Walton Wilson
Mildred McGhin William Collins Lee Tate



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