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Blount Family Facts & Photos

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This family file was created by Amy Lyn Hedrick for and with Wayne H. Morris whose mother was born a Blount.

The earliest Blount established for Wayne's family is George J. Blount born about 1830 and possibly died between 1880 and 1900.  George married Elizabeth Beckham on 14 January 1850 in Glynn County.  There are 9 known children born to this union. 

From these children the Blount family ties in with other prominent families of Glynn County, like the DuBignons, Staffords, etc.  However, these relations are through marriage and only certain Blounts are directly related to these lines, Wayne Morris for one.

The big question for Mr. Morris is:  "Who were George J. Blount's parents?"  In the 1850 census, he and possible siblings are living with a Margery Blount who is old enough to be their mother.

Other siblings were James L., Elizabeth, and possibly an Alexander Blount who was living a few houses down with another family.  It is unknown what Margery's maiden name was, and who her Blount husband was.

In the 1860 census there is a Margery Baisden living with George Blount, she is 70 years old.  A presumption could be made in saying that this is  George's mother, and she remarried between 1850 and 1860 and this husband died as well.  Or, she reverted to her maiden name.  No documentation has been found to prove either idea.

From searching early deed records and census, there were two Blount males in this area in the late 1700s and early 1800s.  One was a William the other a Luke.  From the naming of children, it could be assumed that George's father was Luke.  Again, no documentation has been found to support this theory.





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