The Burroughs Family by Mac Hazlehurst Burroughs

by Jan Stryker Burroughs
grandson of
Mac Hazlehurst Burroughs, Sr.
and son of
Mac Hazlehurst Burroughs, Jr.

You may be surprised to learn that ‘The Burroughs Book’ has been hiding out in a drawer of a family bureau at my father’s house since it’s completion in 1947. The first few pages of the book contain a letter written by my grandfather, Mac Hazlehurst Burroughs, to his four children, Fenton, Mac, Valeria and Swinton. Each of the children were entrusted to preserve the history of the family, specifically, to guard their copy of the book with their lives, and not let it out of their sight. This meant that the book was never to leave the home, denying anyone any opportunity to make photo-copies of any information. If any of the grand children wanted to see the book, it would be done at the dining room table with clean hands.

When my father received his copy of the book, shortly after grandfather’s death in July 1947, the book remained at his Miami home up to his death in July 2003. I was designated the heir to the book (since I showed an interest in family history) but my only brother, also named Mac, passed away within weeks of father dying. I received the book two years ago and feel the need to share this information with the public.

This book is unique in many ways. It is a non-standard size, the pages being 10” wide and 11” high. This is so he could bind it more easily allowing plenty of left margin. The book sits 3-1/2” high on the table, is hardbound and hand-typed. Grandfather used a Royal manual style typewriter forcing 4 pieces of paper and three carbons between into the carriage. Grandfather designated the original top copy to his oldest son, Mac, my father. The book contains 25% original and 75% copied letters and documents. He also corresponded with the suppliers of the typewriter ink and the paper manufacturer seeking products to use that would stand the test of time, not having the paper fade or the ink disappear or run to the adjacent pages.

The three carbon copied books were given to Fenton, Valeria, and Swinton with each of them receiving the same mix of original and copied letters and documents. Grandfather’s research resulted in his acquiring more information than he could include in the book, so, in addition, he collated four scrapbooks with a mix of 25% original and 75% copied letters and documents, which is equal in size to that of the family book.

In collaboration with Amy Hedrick, owner of the website,, she will display the book in it’s entirety (as I release it to the site a chapter at a time). It will be displayed as a READ-ONLY document. The letters and correspondence will be available to copy and print from the website. Changes since 1947, by the website host, to delineate new works added, specifically updating information and/or the addition of historical documents, will be annotated using closed brackets ‘[ ]’.

The Burroughs Book has been partially converted from the original source document to a computer formatted text document. I will be completing the conversion over the next few months so it will continue to be ‘a works in progress’. Much of the previous conversion was performed by William (Bill) Houseman, my cousin. His efforts include many edited updates of his branch of the family line and additional facts on other family lines that he research in recent years. You will find his additions annotated with scroll brackets, ‘{ }’. My personal changes and additions will be annotated in arrowed brackets ‘< >’.

Any interested readers wishing to contribute supporting information, family updates, documents, etc, may contact the website host.

The Burroughs Book contains 1070 pages and chronicles 58 families in 60 different documents. A list of all the families is located several pages in from the beginning of the book. The text on the website will display only the typewritten portion of the book except, where a letter, document, certificate, etc. should appear, in respect to the original copy, a link will be present which will allow you to immediately go to that item. Those documents are scanned in and some may be difficult to read because of ink bleeding or poor paper quality. By hitting the ‘back’ button you will return to the previous page.

Upon request, I can provide you any single family document of the book for $7.00 per family or a CD of the entire book for $70.00. All requests for copies will only be available through me and I will accept payment by cash or check or money order.




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