Robert Stafford & Family, of Cumberland Island, Camden Co., Georgia

Robert Stafford & Family
of Cumberland Island



Mary R. Bullard
[Ms. Bullard has since passed away; I am hoping to update this page with what was found as of this date 17 April 2018]

A woman named Nancy Stafford identified her mother as Judy, when Nancy was getting married in Switzerland in the 1880's. No further identification has ever been given. We are working on a life of Nancy Stafford, and we think her mother was Judy Williams, who appears on the 1870 census as Juda, married to James Williams, and lived in the Pennick area of Brunswick. Judy (Juda) gave "nurse" as her occupation. We think it is possible that Judah (Juda, Judy) gave birth to Nancy and another daughter named Cornelia, born about 1854 and 1850 respectively, on Cumberland Island, Camden County.

Daughters Cornelia and Nancy were eventually removed from Brunswick to go to school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Another identifying detail is that Primus Mitchell of High Point, Cumberland Island, where he is buried, swore in court (1906) that he knew Nancy and Cornelia to be daughters of Robert Stafford of Cumberland Island. We think Primus Mitchell may have been brother of Juda (Judy, Judah).

We seek confirmation from descendants of Judah (Juda, Judy). Nancy's descendants live in England, they plan a visit to the United States next year and would like to meet their kinfolk.

signed Mary R. Bullard (Massachusetts), and Tracy Castle (England)


See Primus Mitchell page for more information.




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