William S. Smith Family Photos

The photos below were donated to the Glynn County Genealogy & History Website by William "Bill" S. Smith of Brunswick, Georgia.  Bill ties into the Drury, Davis, Ferrell, Myers, and many other local Glynn County Families. 

There are several unidentified folks, do you know who they are?



[tin-type on cardboard]

Unidentified baby

Carl Stymer
Bill doesn't know why he has this photo in his collection, who is Carl?

4 unidentified people
[post card photo]

Unidentified woman
[post card photo]

Aunt Verna Parker
Harry C. Parker's aunt [photo taken by H.W. Brown, Tifton, Georgia]

Unidentified Man
[post card photo]

Marion Myers
son of George Curtice Myers & Lizzie Cooper Myers

Unidentified, male, photo on cardboard called "Collins Card" with 1895 written on the back [photo taken by D.W. Wilson of Valdosta, Georgia

Unidentified Male

Unidentified Female
[photo taken by R.H. Winston in Brunswick, Georgia]

Unidentified Male


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