1911 Ballard Map Book; Brunswick, Glynn, Georgia; @GlynnGen.com

1911 Ballard Map of Glynn County

Page 1-- Pages 1-4 can be read under Ballard's biography

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Page 6
-- from this page to page 46 is all of the measurements taken from stake to stake around the whole county

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Page 48
-- "No Title" also: Pleasant I. Williams (1836), James D. Jarrett (1836), Jacob Woodall (1836), Hudson, John G. Bell, R. Grant, J.W. Couper, Wm. D. Jarrett, Doctor Perry, John Burnett Jr., instersected by road to Grant Ferry, O'Cannon, Jno. Burnett, S.M. Burnett

Page 49
-- "Bacon" also: Perry, Grant Ferry Road, Southern railroad, Canal, Helviston, Lemon, Canal, Darnell, New Hope, Petersville, Barnwell

Page 50
-- "No Title" measurement & descriptions of the following lands and those on pgs. 51 & 52: Doctor Perry (1795), W.A. Jarrett (1836), vacant, intersected by Reedy Branch, Gigniliatt, Burnett, Jarrett, Couper, DuPree, James H. Couper (1836), N.S. (not surveyed?), Grant, DuPree, N.S.

Page 51
-- "Perry & Couper" Southern railroad, Grant Ferry Road, DuPree, Pritchard

Page 52
-- "Continued from pg. 50" measurements & descriptions of the various tracts mentioned from pg. 50 to 52 also: Isaac M. Rowls, Loyal Cowls (1836), Lewis Bond (1836), G.G. Holcombe, James Bivens (1836), Nath. B. Juhans (1836), James Wood (1836), Michael Harvey (1836), Charles Smith (1836), William Houston, Dart, intersected by Cowpen Creek, vacant land, Altamaha River, James May, Murray, Forrester, Gigntiat (Gignilliat?)

Page 53
-- "Hooker" also: Honey Gall, Altamaha River, Clarks Bluff, Speight, intersected by Barrington Road, Purvis, Vivian

Page 54
-- "No Title" Information & measurements about Belle Vesta; originally part of the Speight & Hooker tracts

Page 55 --
 "Belle Vesta" also: Speight, Southern railroad, Rough Island

Page 56
-- "No Title" also: James May (1812), Barrington Road

Page 57 --
"May" also: Flat Branch, Barrington Road, Sheffield, Foreman, Old Barrington Road intersects, Dewitt, Clarks Bluff

Page 58

Page 59
--  "Speight" also: Dewitt, Jasmine, Southern railroad, Belle Vesta, Rought Island,  Barrington Road

Page 60

Page 61
-- "Needwood" also: Carterett on two sides, New Hope

Page 62

Page 63 -- "Caterett" also: Darnell, Barrett, Carterett Marshes, Needwood, New Hope, William McIntosh/Leighton Wilson, Laurens, Spalding, Hampton, Williams, College, New Hope, Laurens
Page 64

Page 65 -- "Penton Hill" also: Picayune, Butler, Vivian, Purvis,  Sumerlin, Rough Island, intersected by Barrington Road, Jas.  McGriggor (1795), vacant on two sides, Geo. Purvis, Rich. Prichard, nothing listed on 3 sides, Helviston, David Penton (1818), nothing listed on surrounding sides

Page 66

Page 67 -- "Vivian" also: Butler, Hooker, Purvis, Penton Hill, Geo. Purvis (1792), McGrigger, Gaines, Houston XIII, vacant, intersected by road to New Hope & Path Williamburg to Burnett, not named, vacant, Gaines, Purvis, Pritchard, Wm. Houston (1796), vacant on two sides, Gaines, intersected by path Williamburg to New Hope, Rolling  Williams (1837),  Gaines on two sides, vacant on two sides, Moses Hornsby, Palmer, May XIII, May, Williams

Page 68 -- "No Title" also: James May (1819), Huston, vacant, O.S. (not sure what that means), Fowler, vacant, Huston, intersected by Barrington Road

Page 69 -- "Butler" also: Du Pree, Summer Place, Middleton, Honey Gall, Vivian, Penton Hill, Barrington Road, Houston, Franklin, Bonner, Geo. Street (1819), Yeoman, John Honesby, Honesby XIII, O.S. (not sure what this means), May, John Honesby (1819), George Street, Middleton, Jone Honesby, Fred Yeoman (1819), Vacant, Street's XIII, Geo. Street, May, Wm. Huston, Huston's XIII, O.S. (not sure what that means)

Page 70

Page 71 -- "Houston" also: Champney, Franklin, Butler, Picayune, Wm. Huston (1817), vacant on two sides, crossed by Cowpen, Wm. Huston (1819), Wm. Huston, Yeoman, Mays, vacant land, intersected by Barrington Road

Page 72

Page 73 -- "Franklin & Champney" also: Picayune, Powell, Southern railroad, Bonner, Butler, Houston, intersected by Barrington Road, John Franklin (1829), intersected by Gum Branch & Honey Gall, vacant on two sides, Huston, Jno. Flynn, Wm. Houston, crossed by Barrington Road, John Franklin, Sr. 

Page 74

Page 75 -- "Thallman" also: Clubb, Mabog, Guinett (Gwinnett), Sacatoo, Harrison, Bladen, Jamaica, Marengo, Townsend, intersected by AB&A and SAL railroad, Isaac McCrary (1836), Jas. G. Pepper (1824), Boyd, Wooley, Moore, Franklin, B. Nichilau (Nicolau), B. Nicolau, McLeod, Boyd, intersected by a road "Wooley's to Green" and "To Nocolau's"

Page 76

Page 77 -- "Flat Branch & lark's Bluff" also: DeWitt, Hooker, Altamaha River, Rump (as spelled), Sheffield, May, intersected by Barrington Road

Page 78

Page 79 -- "Rumph" also: Foreman, Sheffield, Flat Branch, Altamaha River, SAL railroad, Waylay, Daniel Bell (1811), Rich'd Bryan (1810), Flat Branch, Vacant land on two sides, insert of Wm. Bryan (1800), River Swamp

Page 80

Page 81 -- "Waylay" also: Everett, SAL railroad, New Barrington Road intersecting land w/Akin railroad, Old Barrington Road, Wayne County

Page 82 -- "No Title" also: David Rumph, intersection by Brunswick to Ft Barrington Road, Rich'd Bryan, Wm. Bryan, Sr., Altamaha River, Ab Bryan, Wm. Bryan, no name, Jacob Wood, Richard Bryan, David Rumph, Altamaha River, Wm. Bryan, Ab Bryan (1813), Jacob Wood, Wm. Bryan, Wm. Bryan (1779), Vacant, Altamaha River, intersected Brunswick Road, Wood,

Page 83 -- "No Title" also: square with 1826, vacant on all sides, intersected by Waylay Swamp, Pendarvis, Glover Foreman (1852), John R. Rumph, James M. Bryan, F. O'Sullivan, Jacob Rumph

Page 84

Page 85 -- "Akin" Arnett, Everett, Southern railroad, Wayne County, Arnett, intersected by Mt. Pleasant Road

Page 86

Page 87 -- "Everett & Red Hammock" also: Sea Board, Joe's Island, Foreman, Waylay, Akin, Arnett, intersected with SAL & Southern railroad, John R. Rumph (1853), vacant, Foreman on two sides

Page 88

Page 89 -- "Arnett" also: Akin, Wayne County, Post Road, Tucker, Seaboard, Red Hammock, Bailey Forrester, Sherrod Sheffield (1837), only border Post Road

Page 90

Page 91 -- "Tucker" also: Post Road, Bowling Green, Sea Board, Arnett, Robt. H. Green (1836) w/a square inside that says E.R. Tucker (1825), Wayne County boarder Post Road, B.H. Reynolds, E.R. Tucker, Wayne County

Page 92

Page 93 -- "Bowling Green" also: Post Road, Popwell, Sea Board, Tucker, B.H. Reynold (1836) w/a square inside that says "Greene Bowling" and Sand Hill Bay, Wm. Burney, Robt. Alston, Robt. H. Green, Post Road

Page 94

Page 95 -- "Seaboard" also: Linder, Seaboard AL railroad, Joe's Island, Arnett, Tucker, Bowling Green, Popwell

Page 96 -- "No Title" also: Robert Alston (1836), John W.L. Daniels, Robt. Mickeljohn, E.R. Tucker, B.H. Reynolds, John W.L. Daniels (1836), Henry W. Malone, Robt. Micklejohn, Robt. W. Alston, John C. Sumerlin, H. Summerlin (1852), vacant on 3 sides, H. Summerlin, Robt. Mickeljohn (1836), W. Summerlin, U. Dart, Sawyer & Tucker, Alston, Daniels, Malone

Page 97

Page 98

Page 99 -- "McLeod & Linder" also: Post Road, Burney, Mobog, Seaboard AL railroad, Seaboard lands, Wallace, Wm. Burney (1854), John L. McLeod (1829), Jno C. Mangham (1829), R. Stafford, Wallace, vacant, Wayne County

Page 100

Page 101 -- "Oakman" also: Reedy Branch, Miller, Manoe, Laurel Grove, Spring Hill, Big Branch

Page 102

Page 103 -- "Powell & Picayune" also: Southern railroad, Champney, Houston, Barrington Road, Penton Hill, Rough Island

Page 104

Page 105 -- "Magnolia" also: East College, Miller, Sallens, Wm. Payne, vacant on 3 sides, Woodworth

Page 106

Page 107 -- "Sterling" also: Southern railroad, Salem, Barrington Road, Number One

Page 108 -- "No Title" also: Moses Manning (1817), Moses Manning (1806), vacant, John Piles, vacant, Moses Manning, vacant on all other sides

Page 109 -- "Miller" also: College, Manoe, Oakman, Sallens, Magnolia, C.F. Miller (1836), John Piles, Moses Manning, Manning, Higinbotham Chas. F. Miller (1839), F.M. Scarlett, Moses Manning

Page 110

Page 111 -- "Joe's Island" also: Townsend, Southern railroad, Sea Board line, Luke Sumerlin (1828), John Sumerlin (1817), Wm. Sumerlin (1828)

Page 112

Page 113 -- "Purvis" also: Hooker, Speight, Sumerlin, Penton Hill, Vivian, intersected by Barrington Road, John Sumerlin (1817), vacant on 3 sides, William's land, Wm. Sumerlin (1838), Reuben King, vacant, O.S. (not sure what this means)

Page 114

Page 115 -- "Manoe" also: Pelham, Laurel Grove, Oakman, Miller, College, J.L. Higginbotham, intersected by Pelham Swamp, S. Higginbotham, Simeon Beckham (1838),  Peter Massie, Thos. Higginbotham, Beckham

Page 116

Page 117 -- "Sumerlin" also: Speight, Rough Island, Penton Hill, Purvis, Barrington Road

Page 118

Page 119 -- "Marengo, Jamaica, Richland" also: Yamasee, AB&A railroad, Thallman, Clubb, Bladen, Johnson, Green Creek, intersected by ACL railroad

Page 120 -- "No Title" also: Wm. McKenzie (1767), Sam Gary (1792), Jno. Goode (1792), John Goode (1792), Ed Tolbot, Little Satilla River, marshes, James Clubb

Page 121 -- "Half Moon, Fancy Bluff, Scarlett" also: Fish Hall, Big Branch, Lands End, Little Satilla, Fancy Bluff Creek, Blythe Back River, Fish Hall Creek

Page 122

Page 123 -- "Burney, Mobog, Gowen, Guinette (Gwinnett), Sacatoo, Harrison" also: McLeod, Wayne County line as Post Road, Stafford, Bladen, SAL railroad, Clubb, Thallman, AB&A railroad intersects part of the property

Page 124

Page 125

Page 126 -- "No Name" also: Michael Rudolph (1786), vacant on two sides, marshes, John Whitehead, John Piles, Martin Palmer, Turtle  River, John Palmer
For now, I have links to the images of the book; eventually, I will type in the subject matter on each page so you won't have to click every single image to find something.

Many pages were blank in the book, I have still listed those pages here, they are just not hyperlinked to any image for obvious reasons.

I have listed all the lands pictured on the pages by underlining the owner's name and also listing what surrounded their plat running counter-clockwise around the plat. It's a bit confusing, but, just remember, the underlined names are the plats pictured on that particular page.

The years in parentheses is presumably an original grant date for that particular plat owner.

Some names were grossly misspelled, one in particular that I corrected throughout was Higganlothan which was obviously Higginbotham and Townsand which should be Townsend. Other names that I know are misspelled I left as written.

The 1911 Ballard Map book is located in Superior Court, Glynn County Georgia and was scanned by the Glynn County GIS office, however, they have yet to get it online for public access and have therefore allowed me to put it online in the interim.

Thanks to Superior Court Clerk, Ronald Adams, I have been provided a copy of the GIS scans to put online so that the public has access to the book which is no longer in circulation at the courthouse. Further thanks to Andrew Strickland for providing the file and Marilyn Proper for running through the file and showing me how it works.

Yes, it sounds "bad" that this book is not in circulation, however, the book is in a very delicate condition and the less handling the better; until a professional archivist can save it from complete destruction.

In the meantime, the GIS office scanned the book in the best way they could. Many pages had to be Xeroxed in sections, taped back together, and then scanned because the book could not be taken apart in order to clean the pages and scan them properly.

Other pages were already falling out of the book and could be scanned in their original format. Thus, you will see the majority of the pages here are in black and white while some are in color.

Also, to save space, pages that only had data covering less than the whole page, have been cropped down to a smaller size instead of leaving them at their full page size.

At one point someone took all of the plats in this book and put them together in one giant county map. Then, later, a GIS agent, Chrissy McGranaham-Chapman, overlaid this map with current highways. Keep in mind, this couldn't be done to scale, therefore, the highways are layered in an approximation to the property locations today.

To read more about Nathaniel Hawyard Ballard, the surveyor and creator of this map,
click here.

In order to get the pages online, I had to reformat them into smaller files; therefore, if you want an original copy of a page, please email me directly and we will work out a way to get a copy delivered.

Page 127

Page 128

Page 129
-- "Burnett, Dixon, Crispin, Little Crispin" also: Southern & AB&A railroads, the canal

Page 130

Page 131
-- "Sallens, Fish Hall, Emanuel, Reedy Branch, Palmer, Ratcliffe" also: Oakman, Big Branch, Scarlett, Vis-A-Vis, Hopewell, Magnolia, Miller, not named, John Piles (1785), bordered by marshes of Turtle River

Page 132

Page 133
-- "Piles Marsh, Greenland, Number One, Lutterell, Morgan" also: Sterling, Buffalo, ACL, ABA, & Southern railroads

Page 134

Page 135
-- "Hopwell" also: Meyers (Myers?), Bonaventure, Turtle River & Hopewell Creek enter property and Timber Landing

Page 136

Page 137
-- "Meyers (Myers?)" also: Cabbage Bluff, Bethel, Bona Venture, Hopewell, Vis-A-Vis, Geo. Purvis (1803), Jas. Butler on two sides

Page 138

Page 139
-- "Bona Venture" also: Bethel, O'Bryan, East College, Hopewell, Meyers (Myers?),  Thos. Armstrong, surrounded by Butler Creek & Turtle River, unknown, plot not named, unknown, Thos. Walters, Cooper, plot not named, vacant on two sides, Butler, marsh

Page 140

Page 141
-- "O'Bryan" also: Bona Venture,  Bethel,  Georgetown, East College, John O'Bryan (1787), vacant on two sides, College Lands called West Lands, blank plot, John O'Bryan, vacant, Thos. Walters (1794), John Piles, Fulton, Osgood, John M. Tison (1843), Thos.  Walters,  John O'Bryan on two sides

Page 142

Page 143

Page 144
-- "No Title" also: Thos. Beckham (1823), Ratcliffe, Vacant on two sides, duBignon, Jas.  Cain (1824),  vacant land,  John Head, College SW,  Thos. Beckham, John Head (1840), vacant on all sides, Melly Manning (1818), vacant on sides,  Z. Timmons, Jos. Manning (1820), vacant on two sides, Z.  Timmons (1817), vacant on two sides, Z. Timmons, Massie, David R. King (1827), Manning, Massie, Timmons, vacant on one side, John Cooper (Couper) (1785), vacant on all sides, J. Butler, Z. Timmons (1819), vacant on three sides,  Timmons, James Meyers (Myers?) (1820), vacant, Wright, College, Jas. Ratcliffe

Page 145
-- "No Title" also: Samuel West, Geo. Whitfield (1765) "resurveyed per S.C. King 1853", John Cooper (Couper?), Sam West, M. Palmer, Sam West, Head Dam comes into property, Z. Timmons, John O'Bryan (1796), Thos. Miller, vacant land, Wm. Swain, John O'Bryan

Page 146

Page 147
-- "Georgetown" also: O'Bryan, De La Roache, Camp, East College

Page 148

Page 149
-- "Pelham" also: East College, Pyles, Manoe, Sarah Higginbotham (1838), R.S. Piles & Fancy Bluff Road, vacant, Jos. Manning, Timmons, Vacant on two sides, Longwood to Bethel

Page 150

Page 151
-- "Dove, Oak Grove, Hermitage" also: ACL railroad

Page 152

Page 153
-- "Glencoe" also: Gap Branch, duBignon, Longwood, Pyles, James Higginbotham (1838), Wm. Berril, R. Moody, B. Higginbotham, R.S. Piles, plat titled Herron Herron (1799), surrounded on 3 sides by vacant, Wayne

Page 154

Page 155
-- "Pyles" also:  Gap  Branch, Glencoe, Buck Swamp, Pelham, East College, Mary Piles (1837), John Hood, S. Moody, Moody & Piles, Wm. Berril, vacant land

Page 156

Page 157
-- "Gap Branch" also: East College, West College, Satilla, duBignon, Glencoe, Pyles, SAL railroad

Page 158

Page 159
-- "Buck Swamp" also: Pyles, Longwood, The Dyke, Manoe, Pelham, B. Higginbotham (1836), Higginbotham, Williams, A. Higginbotham (1838), B. Higginbotham, Jas. Higginbotham, Sarah Higginbotham

Page 160

Page 161
-- "duBignon" also: Gap Branch, Stailla, blue, Camden Couty, Glencoe, SAL railroad, C.P. duBignon (1773 or 75), intersected by Hunter's Path Satilla Neck to Satilla Road

Page 162

Page 163
-- "Blue" also: Satilla, McIntosh, Camden County, duBignon, James Blue, B. Atkinson, Robt. Piles

Page 164

Page 165
-- "McIntosh" also: Satilla on two sides, Camden County, Blue

Page 166

Page 167
-- "Satilla" also: duBignon, Gap Branch, West College, Brown, McIntosh, Blue, R.S. Piles (1830), Wayne County, Ratcliffe, vacant lands, Broom Lands, Robt. Piles (1837), Ratcliffe, Mary Brown, Robt. S. Piles, Houston McIntosh, Jas. Ratcliffe (1837 or 57), R.S. Piles, King on two sides, R.S. Piles, not named w/Little Satilla SW crossing through, H. McIntosh, R.S. Piles, Jas. Ratcliffe, county line

Page 168

Page 169
-- "Du Pree, Bonner, Pritchard" also: Southern railroad, Perry, Couper, Summer Place, Butler, Franklin, Jos. Bonner (1836),  John Franklin, Sr., Griggs, Dupree

Page 170

Page 171
-- "Brown" also: West College on three sides, Wayne County line Post Road, Satilla

Page 172

Page 173
-- "Dover Hall, Anguilla, Yamasee" also: ACL and AB&A railroad

Page 174

Page 175
-- "West College" also: East College, Ward, Wayne County line Post Road, Brown, Satilla, SAL railroad

Page 176
-- "No Title" also: Solomon Morgan (1813), Wayne County line Post Road, vacant on all sides, John Bohannon (1837), Steven King, Jos. Wiggins, peck, R. Hazelhurst, Jacob Lightsey, Palmer, Martin Palmer, Martin Palmer (1786), vacant on 3 sides, Maj. Wish, Martin Palmer (1806), Carrs, O.S. (not sure what this means), Gibson, Steven King (1826) intersected by Fancy Bluff Road and College Swamp

Page 177
-- "No Title" also: R.R. Ratcliffe (1846), South Prong College Swamp, Piles, S.C. King, M. Ratcliffe, Mary Brown, Martha Ratcliffe (1838), vacant on all sides, Harrington Swamp

Page 178

Page 179
-- "Laurel Grove" also: Oakman, The Dyke, Camden County line Little Satilla River, Spring Hall, Oakman

Page 180

Page 181
-- "Brookman" also: Water Oak, Ward, West College, Camp, Jos. Wiggins (1839),  Jos. McLillan (or James?) (1825) surrounded by vacant

Page 182

Page 183
-- "The Dyke" also: Longwood, Yankee Landing, Camden County line Little Satilla River, Laurel Grove, Oakman, Buck Swamp

Page 184

Page 185
--"Water Oak" also: Tison, Ward,  Brookman, De La Roache, SAL railroad, Aaron Tison, road from Sand Hills to head of Turtle River, David Highsmith (1837 or 57), M. Peck, Tison, Jos. Wiggins, Jos.  Wiggins, R.  Hazelhurst, Jos. Wiggins, M. Peck, square with Turtle River Swamp, vacant on 3 sides, Wm. Nelson

Page 186

Page 187
-- "Big Branch, Spring Hill, Lands End" also: Reedy Branch, Oakman, Laurel Grove, Half Moon, Fancy Bluff, Scarlett

Page 188

Page 189 -- "Ward" also: Coleridge, Wayne County/Post Road, West College, McNail, Tison, M. Peck (1829), Grantham, vacant on two sides, Anne Webster (1797), vacant on 3 sides, Wm. Nelson, Aaron Tison (1825), vacant on two sides, Woodrough
Page 190

Page 191 -- "Cabbage Bluff, Bethel, Green Creek" also: Dover Hall, Jamaica, De La Roache,  College, O'Bryan, Bona Venture

Page 192

Page 193 -- "Coleridge" also: Tuscarilla, Wayne County line, Ward, Tison, ACL railroad, Job Tison (1812), Wayne County line as Post Road, Vacant on two sides, Sidney Peck (should be Sidnah) (1837), Job Tison on two sides, Peck, Peacock, Wm. Campbell

Page 194

Page 195 -- "Johnston, Bladen" also: ACL and SAL railroads intersecting at Bladen

Page 196 -- "No Title" also: Wm. Nelson (1792), vacant on all sides, Wm. Campbell (1836), Wm. Tison, McDonald, Job Tison, Peacock, M. Peck (1824), vacant on 3 sides, Aaron Tison, Tison Road to Turtle River

Page 197 -- "Tison" also: Coleridge, Ward, Water Oak, De La Roache, Bladen, Steven Mood(y) (1837), McDonald on two sides, Vacant, Wm. Campbell, Wm. Tison, plot not named, De La Roache, vacant on two sides, Peacock, M. Peck

Page 198

Page 199 -- "Dewitt" also: Clark's Bluff, May, O'Bryan's Tram, Jasmine, Speight, Hooker, Barrington Road

Page 200

Page 201 -- "De La Roache Tract" also: Tison, Grantham Corner, Zuberbuhler Corner, Water Oak Branch, Camp,  College, Mary Wright, Morgan Branch, Georgetown, O'Bryan, Bethel, Hix Corner, Green Creek, Turkey Swamp, Johnston, Bladen, De La Roache Corner, ACL railroad, SAL railroad

Page 202

Page 203 -- "No Title" also: John Grantham (1797), William Nelson, Ann Webster, Vacant on 3 sides, John Piles (1792), vacant on all sides, John Piles (1792), vacant on 3 sides, John Piles, Bartholomew/Zuberbuhler (1765), Wiggins, Unknown, John Piles, Philip Hix, John Butler, note at bottom of page says "Resurveyed per Dr. De La Roache & Wm. M. Riley in 1849"

Page 204

Page 205 -- "No Title" also A. De La Roache (1832), Piles, Piles, De La Roache, L. Abraham, new survey, John Piles (1785), A De La Roache (1833), Grantham, Johnston's, Vacant, Philip Hix, Wm. Jones (1773), James Butler, P. Houston, Vacant, John Piles

Page 206

Page 207 -- "No Title" also: R. Hixt (1763), Tison, John Piles, Waters, Hix, Zuberbuhler, Mary Wright, Maj. West, Thos. Waters, Geo. Purvis

Page 208

Page 209 -- "Georgetown" also: De La Roache, College, O'Bryan, De La Roache, Thos. Waters, John O'Bryan, John O'Bryan, W. Swain, Thos. Waters

Page 210

Page 211 -- "Camp" also: College, Orme's Corner, College, De La Roache, Water Oak, Brookman, McNail, SAL railroad, R.M. Orme (1836), Saml. West, Moore, De La Roache, Abraham

Page 212

Page 213 -- "McNail" also: Camp, Brookman, Ward, West College, A.N. McNail (1836), R. Brown, Orme, Wiggins, Jas. Wiggins

Page 214

Page 215 -- "Tuscarilla, Stafford" also Bladen, Harrison, Sacatoo, Robert Stafford (1817), Robt.  Stafford (1837), Mary Brogden (1802), Wm. Manning (1837), S. Moody, Wayne County line, Gowen, McDonald

Page 216

Page 217 -- "Petersville, New Hope, Hofwyl, Broadfield also: Bacon, Darnell,  Carteret, Needwood, Grantley, Barnwell, GC&P railroad

Page 218 -- "No Title" also: Henry Laurens (1768), Broughton Island

Page 219

Page 220

Page 221 -- "Elizafield, Grantley,  Evelyn" also: GC&P railroad

Page 222

Page 223 -- "Hopeton, Altama, Middleton" also: Couper, Barnwell, Elizafield, Cars Island, Honeygall, Butler,  Summer Place, Du Pree

Page 224

Page 225

Page 226

Page 227 -- "Spalding, Barrett, Monticello, Thornhill, Sedgemoor" also: Carterett (as spelled), Darnell, Lamb, Barlow,  Scranton

Page 228

Page 229

Page 230

Page 231 -- "Barlow, Canal, Lemon, Grantland" also: Bacon, Helviston,  Scranton, Spalding, Lamb, Darnell, GC&P railroad

Page 232

Page 233 -- "Lamb, Darnell" also: Bacon, Canal, Grantland, Barlow, Spalding, Carteret, New Hope, GC&P railroad

Page 234

Page 235 -- "Robinson, Salem, Sterling, Manley, Charlton" also: Southern, AB&A, ACL railroads

Page 236

Page 237

Page 238 -- "Jew Town" also: Hamilton, Miller Marsh, Newfield, King Road to Frederica intersects road to Hamilton that runs through the property

Page 239

Page 240

Page 241 -- "Frederica"

Page 242

Page 243 -- "West Point, Pikes bluff, Village, Brailsford, Oatland" also: Frederica, Harrington, Hampton, Laurence

Page 244

Page 245 -- "Vassar Field, Demere, New Field, Retreat, Miller Field, Postell, Kelvin Grove, Couper Point, East Beach" also: Black Banks, Rainbow, Hamilton

Page 246

Page 247

Page 248

Page 249 -- "Hampton" also: Cannon Point, Laurence, Brailsford, Village, Pikes Bluff, St. Anne

Page 250

Page 251 -- "Cannon Point & Laurence" also: Oatland, Hampton







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