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Our Todays & Yesterdays

Gascoigne Bluff

Early Days of Coastal Georgia

Stafford Family Chart #1
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Stafford Family Chart #2
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Blair Family Chart
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Through my years of researching Glynn County, I have been given personal family papers of various families to use on this website. I have not received any from the Cate family [her direct descendants], but I have from other families related to her by her mother. This family had many of her documents, copies of her own records, contained in their attic.

One of Ms. Cate's most informative writings was the book titled "Our Todays & Yesterdays, A Story of Brunswick and the Coastal Islands" which was originally published in 1926, and later reprinted in 1930. This book is one of only two Glynn County histories ever written.

The family charts ARE NOT meant for computer printing, they are too large. The best thing to do is save them to a disc, and have a print shop print them for you. These charts are copies that Ms. Cate gave to the Burney family, who donated the materials for this site.

The article on "Gascoigne Bluff" was also found in the Burney family collection, and was found out by me to have been later published in a magazine after her death. Hopefully, no copyright has been violated, as this document was a copy of the typescript, not of the published article.

"Early Days of Coastal Georgia" is most likely still under copyright as there were two authors. However, I have yet to find any sort of copyright that would prevent me from publishing it digitally. Therefore, I have recreated the book and colorized the photograps.

I am in the process of requesting permission to put an index online of Ms. Cate's personal research files that was compiled by the Georgia Department of Archives in conjunction with the Fort Frederica Association [as of 2019, I've never heard back about permission for this index].

Many local researchers do not realize that the majority of her research material is available on microfilm at our public library. This index can be found in the library as well.


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