Shore Patrol Headquarters Detachment
Brunswick Police Department
1 July 1946

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No headers on columns so I'm not sure what all the numbers represent.


CATOE, Shannon Poovey, AOM2c (rating); transferred to the USNPSC, NAS, Charleston, South Carolina for discharge; 6-15 [date?]; 575 53 73 [service number?].

CHANDLER, Joel Warren, AOM2c; transferred to the USNPSC, NAS, Jacksonville, Florida for discharge; 7-1; 690 65 77.

CORDLE, J.T., AOM2c; transferred to the USNPSC, NAS, Jacksonville, Florida for discharge; 7-1; 790 62 88.

MUNTLEY, Ted Douglas, ACOM; transferred to the U.S. Naval Air Station, Glynco, Georgia for duty; 6-7; 262 32 82.

THOMPSON, George LaFate, CSp (S) (AA); Received from Perm. Shore Patrole Hdqtrs., Charleston, South Carolina for duty; 6-5; 575 16 68.

        (a) On board previous month - 11
        (b) Total gains during this month - 1
        (c) Total losses during this month - 4
        (d) Total miscellaneous changes during this month - None
        (e) Number remaining on board at end of this month - 8
        (f) It is certified that this is a complete and accurate report of changes
            effecting personnel for whom this activity had accounting responsibility
            for the period covered by this report.

District Shore Patrol Officer


[Handwriting at the bottom of the document, question marks placed at illegible writing--ALH].

U Ban[?] Charleston

Surface[?] Patrol Hdqtrs.

This is the only report received with this caption.  This appears to be a detachment sent out from Shore Patrol Hdqtrs. Charleston, S.C.



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