Muster Roll of Captain A.F. Fraser's Militia 27 July 1818 McIntosh Co., Georgia

Muster Roll of Captain A. F. Fraser’s Company of Militia
Drafted from the First Brigade of the First Division of the State of  Georgia called into service of the United States in a Battalion Commanded by Major John Minton 27 July 1818

Contributed by Ann R. Davis

The names listed on this muster roll were photocopied with a black background and were barely legible. What appears on this paper is the author’s best interpretation of the name. It is obvious that some of the names were misspelled.

Captain Lieutenants Sergeants Corporals Privates Total
1 2 4 4 68 79


Alexander, Joseph Private Martin, William Private
Baily, Elisha  Private Maulden, John Private
Baughton, Daniel  Private McDonald, Alex   Private
Bland, John Private McDonald, John  Private
Brown, John  Private Meramie (?), John  Private
Caricker, Daniel  Private Middleton, Robert Private
Carter, Finch  Private Miller, Samuel Private
Cason, Willis  Private Murry, John  Private
Caswell, Mac  Private Nabb, William Private
Chase, George  Private Nelson, James Private
Clifton, Archibald Private Nobles, James Private
Copelin, Robert  Private Popwell, Gideon Private
Cribbs, Thomas Private Popwell, Robert  Corporal
Damil, David Corporal Pouncy, Anthony Private
Daniel, Jepsi  Private Ratliff, Luke Private
Doyle, William  Private Redsman, Martin Private
Dunham, George Private Roads, Andrew Private
Dyal, Thomas Private Sanderlin, Owen Private
Ennis, Richard  Private Shave, John Corporal
Fraser, Andrew Fleming Captain Shaw, John Private
Fuller, James Private Smith, General W. Private
Gieger, Samuel Sergeant Sullivan(t), D.F. Sergeant
Gray, William Private Sykes, John Private
Harrell, John C. 1st Lieutenant Sylvester, Augustine Private
Harvey, Richard Private Townsend, Acy Private
Hayman, Harry Sergeant Tyorell, James Private
Hodge, Robert  Private Waldron, David Corporal
Horne, Thomas 2nd Lieutenant Wallace Cornell Private
Horne, William Private Way, John Private
Houston, John  Private Whittington, Wm Private
Houston, Thomas A. Private Wickham, Richard P. Private
Hughs, Thomas Private Wilie, Enock Private
Humphrey, A.W. Private Willis, Issac Private
Jenning, Joseph Private Willis, Jonathon Private
Lee, James Private Winn, Joseph Private
Malpas, William Private Young, John Private
Martin, Nath Private

Young, Thomas




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