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Many articles are repetitive and lengthy in the newspaper, therefore I have only created
a synopsis of said articles by extracting all names and important information.
Please see the original newspaper for the complete article.
Said synopsized articles will have [synopsis--Amy Hedrick] after them.

Also, legal matters were repeated for 30+ days.  I only transcribed the first instance of the article in many cases, as it was an exact reporting in each paper, and needlessly repetitive here.

Not every article of interest has been transcribed.  Many that named people, are articles of interest that occurred in other towns far removed from Brantley & Wayne County.  While I tried to include most, several have been omitted.


Vol. 1 No. 18; Friday 14 January 1921

Pg. 1 col. 1

FOR SALE--Desirable building and residential lots in Nahunta, Ga. For information write Miss Lula Mizell, Odum, Ga.

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FOR SALE--Pair of good work mules.  Sound and gentle 12 years of age.  If you are in the market for a pair of good 1,000 pound mules, and want a cash bargain, see J.P. Johns Rte. 1 Winokur, Ga.

Pg. 1 col. 3

WAYNE COUNTY SCHOOL NEWS--The Jesup and Wayne County Schools are now combined into one system, and officials in charge hope to bring our schools both town and rural, up to a high standard.  With the proper co-operation of all concerned our schools should soon compare favorable with any in the state.
        Col. Jos. H. Thomas has just been appointed a member of the County Board of Education to succeed Hon. W.M. Robertson, now a citizen of Brantley County.  Col. Thomas has been a member of the Jesup Board of Education for a number of years.  He is a strong supporter of public education and will make a constructive worker on the County Board.
        It is the desire and purpose of the County Board to enforce the compulsory attendance law.  Teachers are required to report promptly to the County Superintendent children between 8 and 14 years of age who are absent from school without sufficient excuse.  Trustees and patrons can also render valuable assistance in the enforcement of this law by reporting to the superintendent any parents who are keeping their children out of school.
        The teachers of the county held their monthly conference at the school auditorium in Jesup last Saturday.  There were only twelve absentees out of a total of teachers at work in the county of seventy-three, and most of these rendered satisfactory reasons for their absence.
        The main subject discussed was the holding of County Commencement and School Fair during March and April.  It was unanimously decided to attempt same, and the following committee was appointed to work out plans and arrange a program:  Prof. H.S. Burdette, Mr. W.T. Clary, County Agricultural Agent, Mr. M.A. Hatton, Miss Wyoline Hanson, Mrs. F.R. Newton and Miss Zella Raybon.
        Health education the compulsory attendance law, and an educational program for the county were other matters that came up for discussion.
        The next conference will be held in Jesup on Saturday after the first Tuesday in February.  The committee on School Fair will also arrange a program for the next conference.

FOR SALE--100 acres fine farm land, 15 acres fenced and under cultivation.  4-room house and outbuildings on place.  Located 4 miles southeast of the town of Hickox, near Satilla river.  This is all high land, rendering drainage unnecessary.  Bargain for cash.  J.P. Johns, Route 1, Winokur, Ga.

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NEW CHURCH FOR NAHUNTA--Construction work on the Methodist Church, which was recently begun here, is progressing rapidly and expectation are that it will be ready for use within a short time.
        Most of the work is being donated by members and friends in and around Nahunta, and when completed it will reflect great credit upon those, who by their earnest efforts are making its construction possible.
        This church, being in the Atkinson Charge, will have as its pastor Rev. Snyder, who will preach every third Sunday.

YANKEE REUNION--About 65 people gathered at the home of Mr. E.H. Bulson on Christmas for their annual reunion.  The day was pleasantly spent in outdoor games by the men, while the ladies were busy with the preparation of a sumptuous dinner and supper.
        In the evening the assemblage gathered in the parlor, where music on a concertina and dulcimer given by Mr. Gowdy was greatly enjoyed by all, and it was late before the goodbyes were said.
        Mr. and Mrs. Harry Derr invited the reunion to meet with them next year at their pretty new home, into which they recently moved.
        Mr. W.M. Roberson, who has previously met with them, was absent on account of company at home.  Regrets were expressed.

LITTLE CREEK ITEMS--Church was well attended on Saturday and Sunday.
        Mr. Willie D. Harper and Miss Lizzie Knox were business visitors to Jesup Saturday.
        Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Little left Monday for Offerman, where they will spend a few days visiting relatives and friends.
        Mr. John D. Harper attended church at Gardi Sunday evening.
        Messrs. Virgil Knight and Joe Sikes were callers at the home of Mr. John D. Harper Sunday night.

Pg. 1 col. 5

GRAND JURY PRESENTMENTS--From Jesup Sentinel, Georgia, Wayne County--We the Grand Jury elected and sworn for the November term of Wayne Superior Court, 1920, beg leave to make these our general presentments.
        We have examined the convict camp and beg leave to report it in good condition, except the Kitchen Department for colored convicts, and we recommend that the windows and doors in this department be re-screened to exclude flies.  We deem this very necessary for safeguarding the health of the prisoners.
        We recommend that B.L. Youmans be appointed to fill vacancy now existing on the Board of Education in the county.
        The committee appointed to inspect the county Farm report, and we herewith embody it in our General Presentments, that the Farm is in good condition, with a good supply of corn, hay and sweet potatoes on  hand, also find a lot of hogs and a nice bunch of cattle, all in good condition.  We find the mules to be very inferior and recommend that they be replaced with a better grade before another season.  We further find the farming implements and machinery in bad condition, and recommend that necessary repairs be made on same, or that same be replaced with new machinery.
        We recommend that G.C. Hatcher be appointed J.P. and N.P. for Screven 1217 District, G.M.
        The book committee find that the books of D.W. Hiers, J.P. 583rd District G.M., J.A. McLaughlin J.P. of the 1255 District G.M., and also special tax book of Marion Odum, have been neatly kept and are correct, with the exception of one special tax defaulter.
        We recommend that all jurors and bailiffs be paid $3.00 per day for their services.
        We recommend that jury scrips be accepted in payment of taxes.
        We recommend that John R. Graham, Jr., be appointed N.P. and Ex.-Officio J.P. of the 1526 District G.M.
        We recommend that footway across Reedy Creek at Farm Life School building be repaired.
        We recommend most urgently that all officers of the law see to it and use their best endeavors to rigidly enforce the law in regard to intoxicants, as they are a menace to the peace and prosperity of our fail land and country.
        We recommend that the courthouse clock be repaired to such an extent that it will keep better and more accurate time.
        We recommend that the foreman and clerk of our body be paid $4.00 per day.
        We find, after inspection of the courthouse and jail; same to be in very good condition, except flues in the courthouse, which need fixing so that they will not smoke, and possibly it will be necessary to build them higher above the roof in order to stop smoking.  We further find that the jail and courthouse need a thorough cleaning.
        It is recommended that all county officers give surety bonds instead of personal bonds.
        We approve the plan of the County Commissioners and recommend that they do not pay any bills but those which have been authorized to be purchased by them.
        We recommend his honor the J.P. Highsmith, Judge presiding and also thank him for his many courtesies extended to our body.  Also the honorable Alvin V. Sellars, Solicitor-General and his assistant, honorable W.B. Gibbs, for their able help and instructions to our body.
        We also wish to commend and thank honorable L.W. Rogers sheriff and his bailiffs for their prompt and efficient services rendered us.  We wish to commend our foreman, Mr. A.E. Knight, for his fair rulings and quick manner of dispatching all business brought before us and also our clerk W.T. Strickland and his assistant Jesse C. Brooker for the efficient service they have rendered.
        We recommend that these presentments be published in the Jesup Sentinel and that they be paid $15.00 for same.
        Respectfully, A.E. Knight, Foreman; W.T. Strickland, John M. Harris, D.M. Hodge, M.H. Harper, T.P. Gibson, Jesse C. Brooker, T.C. Slover, C.F. Burke, T.J. Dent, D.A. Dent, G.L. Madry, Walton Long, I.D. Nichols, A.L. Brannen, John Long, Sr. W.J. Withrow, Jos. R. Rogers, M.H. Westberry, M.H. Jacobs, S.J. Pye.
        Wayne Superior Court November Term 1920:
        The within General Presentments having been read in open court, it is ordered that same be recorded by the clerk on the minutes of said court and that same be published as recommended.
        J.P. Highsmith, Judge S.C.B.J.C.  Filed in office Nov. 25th 1920, Ira M. Raybon, Clerk.

Pg. 5 cols. 1 & 2

SOCIAL & PERSONAL ITEMS--Mrs. T.J. Peek spent Saturday in Brunswick.
        Miss Eula Brooker spend last Thursday in Brunswick.
        Mr. Tom Newsome of Folkston was a visitor here Sunday.
        Mr. S.K. Brown of Brunswick was a visitor in our city Sunday.
        Mr. John Brown of Raybon was a visitor her Saturday morning.
        Miss Effie Roberson spent the week end with friends in Screven.
        Mr. Gabe Strickland and wife of Lulaton were visitors here Saturday.
        Mr. Bank Bennett of Millwood was a visitor in our city Saturday.
        Mrs. U.W. Mackey spent several days of last week in Brunswick.
        Mr. J.C. Brooker of Odum spent last week-end here with home folks.
        Mr. and Mrs. James Keen spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Willis.
        Mrs. Fred Kane of Waycross is the guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Peek.
        Miss Essie Wainwright of Hickox was the guest of Miss Eula Brooker Sunday.
        Mrs. Fillingim of Waycross was the guest of her mother Mrs. Peek one day last week.
        Mr. J.R. Hudson of Albany was in town Saturday.  A hunt was the purpose of his visit here.
        Miss Vernie Rogers of Brunswick was a week-end guest of her sister, Mrs. J.B. Strickland.
        Mr. Sinclair Manning of Trudie spent Tuesday here, the guest of J.W. Brooker and family.
        Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Highsmith expect to move into their new home by the 15th of this month.
        Mr. M.C. Bennett and family and Miss Eula Brooker motored to Lulaton Sunday afternoon.
        Miss Ivory Brooker and brother, Gilmer, spent Sunday in Brunswick, the guest of their brother A.B. Brooker.
        Mr. Joe Vogel, our efficient blacksmith has recently moved into his new more spacious quarters on Church Street.
        Miss Ione Lewis and brother, Keith, who have been visiting their parents here, returned to Piedmont Institute last Tuesday.
        Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Bennett entertained a number of their friends at a card party on last Saturday night.  Those present report a pleasant evening.
        Mr. and Mrs. John Boose of Forest O., are guests of Mrs. T.J. PeekMr. Boose owns some valuable property here, but it is understood he will not locate at this time.
        Mrs. J.B. Strickland, who for some time has been confined to her bed with typhoid fever, is reported as slightly improved.  Her friends hope for her an early recovery.
        Mr. Bud Highsmith and Miss Fronie Lyons were quietly married at the home of the bride's parents in Raybon Jan. 2.  Their many friends wish them a long and happy life together.
        Mr. John Smith returned to Defiance, O., Friday afternoon.  Mr. Smith will return with his family at once; and will locate here.  We are glad to see so many good people moving into Nahunta and we feel sure that they will benefit thereby.
        Messrs. R.M. Brown and Glenn Condit made a trip to Hoboken on Tuesday to deliver a car that had been in R.M. Brown's garage for repairs.  A the trip [sic] to Hoboken was made without accident, the repairs made by Mr. Brown evidently were well made.

Pg. 5 col. 5

GEORGIA WOMAN THREATENED WITH CUBAN JAIL--Miss Christine Garnett, a gifted Georgia woman of Sylvania, recently had a novel experience in Cuba, where she is missionary of the Baptist home mission board of Atlanta, Georgia, in charge of a flourishing school at Santa Clara.
        It seems that there is a law in Cuba, that no teacher is allowed to strike a child.  Also the word of the child "goes" rather than the word of the teacher.  If the teacher should happen to be a foreigner, this scheme affords great opportunity for prejudiced people to "get even" with the teacher--then some.
        The story is too long to detail about how Miss Garnett came to be accused of striking a child in her school, but that need not make any difference in the effect in the court.  Even in the United States an impressive and well-staged lie sometimes serves as well as the truth, better than truth which is unvarnished and poorly-staged.  At any rate, the trial came on with a packed court room.  There was the mother and the little tot who was alleged to have been struck by Miss Garnett.  There was a variegated bunch of witnesses to this, that and the other.  None of them, however were witness that they actually saw the teacher strike the child.
        It looked rather gloomy for Miss Garnett, but that lady did not feel gloomy.  She is essentially an artist and she sensed a great value to her mission work that would come from a jail sentence.  It would be fine advertising both among the Cubans and to novelty-loving Americans.  It would put her work on the map in a great way.
        But Miss Garnett did not have the privilege of going to jail.  It happened that she had for several years been teaching English to a certain Cuban man an ex-judge.  This little man was present at the trial.  The more they tried to weave a net around the Home Board Missionary, the more his gorge rose.
        At last the ex-judge arose and began to emit earnest and effective oratory.  He portrayed to those people what it meant in love and unselfish service, that a woman like Miss Garnett should leave her home of comfort and refinement in the States to come there to teach them and lift them up.  With scathing invective he exposed the pitiful farce of the trial, which the presiding judge was conducting with an owl like "front" of dignity and apparent anxiety to get the truth.
        When the little man got through, that Judge had had enough.  He dismissed the case and that mass of people drawn just as they often are in our states by vulgar curiosity, silently filed out of the court room.
        Miss Garnett went back to her school with great increased public favor, and with even an added devotion from her body of scholars, who already loved her devotedly.


Vol. 1 No. 19; Friday 21 January 1921

Pg. 1 col. 1

ANOTHER PARTY VISITS NAHUNTA--Mr. L.S. Robb, the hustling manager of the Wayne Development Co., is now in town with a party of Northerners.  Mr. Robb has secured and sold to reliable parties many valuable tracts of farm land near Nahunta, and it is hoped that he will succeed in causing more to buy and locate here.  The ideal climate, fertile soil and long growing season can not fail to be attractive to those who have been accustomed to short seasons and intense cold.

FIRST LADY OF THE TOWN--The first lady of Jesup under the new Woman's Suffrage law to be nominated for office was Mrs. R.C. Smith.
        In the election for a board of trustees for the Jesup School District which was held yesterday Mrs. R.C Smith tied Mr. A.E. Knight for the fifth place on the board, and as Mr. Knight has resigned in her favor this practically places her on the board thereby giving her the honor of being the first lady to be elected in an election held in Jesup.
        Mrs. Smith has taught school in the Jesup High School for 9 years, is well qualified to serve on this board in case the Board ratifies her election.

Pg. 1 col. 4

NEWS NOTES OF COUNTY SCHOOLS--B.D. Purcell, Secty.--For many years Jesup as a local independent system has required a monthly incidental fee of 25 cents per pupil to pay for janitors service, fuel and other incidentals.  When the school merged into the county system on January 1 the county Board decided it would be necessary to continue requiring these fees.  This is not a tuition fee as some seem to think.  Tuition is absolutely free.  Not one penny of this incidental fee goes for teachers salaries.  It is used solely for paying janitors, buying wood, etc.  While no incidental fees are required in other county schools, they do not have paid janitor service and but few of them have to pay for fuel.  Neither will their term of school be as long as the people of Jesup expect.  Perhaps many of the Jesup patrons do not know that their school taxes will also be lighter under the local system.  While the rate will probably be the same, it will be based on the county digest instead of the city digest.  It is a well known fact that property is accepted at a much lower valuation for county taxes than for town taxes.  With the above explanation we are sure that no reasonable person can object to the small fee required.
        The fees required are as follows:  25 cents a month per pupil for all children of school age living within the boundaries of the Jesup consolidated school district and for high school pupils of school age coming from other districts of the county, --one dollar for spring term and 80 cents for fall term if full amount is paid in advance.  Non-residents and not in school age:  grammar grades, one dollar a month; high school two dollars a month.

The O'Quinn consolidated school district will call another election immediately to re-vote bonds for a new school building.  The trustees and patrons of this progressive community are determined to be the first in the county to build by issuing bonds.  When the election was held before, not a vote was cast against bonds.  The attorneys for the bond brokers picked a flaw in the manner of calling the election and the bonds could not be sold, hence the necessity of holding the election over.  The amount to be voted on is $6000 or 7 per cent bonds, and a bond company of Atlanta has agreed to take these bonds at par when re-voted.  With labor and material going down, O'Quinn district should be able to build a good four-room building with this amount.

Pg. 1 col. 5

FIRST MEETING OF BD. OF EDUCATION--B.D. Purcell--Upon invitation the write met with the Brantley County Board of Education and Superintendent at Hoboken last Saturday to assist them in making a program for the present year's work.  The Board consists of the following gentlemen:  J.H. Mattox, W.T. Strickland, Talmadge Middleton, Walter Thomas and M.E. Dowling.  All are progressive men who believe in good schools and Brantley County would do well to keep them in service for the schools.  Mr. Everett Knox is County Superintendent.  He has been a successful teacher for several years and he enters his new job well equipped for the duties and responsibilities of the office.
        Space will not permit giving all of the proceedings of the Board at their first meeting but the most important action taken was in deciding to open the schools of the County at once.  The term will be six months this spring and four months fall term beginning about the first of September.

JESUP WINS FIRST BASKETBALL GAME ON LOCAL COURT--Defeats Ludowici Twenty-Five to Seven--The local fans had a chance to see what the Jesup High School basketball team could do in a real game with another school last Friday afternoon, when they met Ludowici on the local court.  Both teams "stayed in the game" from the start to finish, and aside from a little roughness it was a good game.  The first half was close and exciting, ending with the score of 5 and 6 in favor of Jesup.  But at the beginning of the second half it was evident that the Ludowici boys had lost their "wind" and the local boys began to cage the ball almost at will.
        It is impossible to put the details of a game on paper.  To really enjoy a game is to be on the side line and see it from start to finish.  We expect to have several good games on the local court before the season is over, including games with Baxley, Hazlehurst, Waycross and Piedmont.
        The score:
        Jesup:  Harper (4) lf.            Ludowici:  Smiley, R.
        Bennett (15) rf.                    Chapman (7)
        Bryant(6) c.                         Theus
        Donaldson lg.                       Smiley, B.
        Scott rg.                                Dawson
        Total Score, 25-7, Referee:  M. Nathan.

Pg. 5 col. 1

SOCIAL & PERSONAL ITEMS--Mr. Thomas Newsome was in our city Sunday.
        Mr. Owen Ammons was a visitor here one day last week.
        Quite a crowd from here attended church at Hickox Sunday.
        Mrs. W.F. Kane left Saturday for her home in St. Petersburg, Fla.
        Mrs. James Harris was a visitor in our city several days of this week.
        Mr. Colquitt Davis was the guest of J.W. Brooker and family Saturday.
        Mr. Gilmer Brooker made a business trip to Waynesville Sunday night.
        Misses Frances Smith and Betsey Dykes spent the week end at Hickox.
        Miss Florie Highsmith spent last Thursday and Friday with Miss Eva Walker.
        Misses Ivory and Eula Brooker and Lena Bell Loe were the guests of Miss Floria Highsmith last Friday afternoon.
        Mrs. Mollie Patterson, who has been visiting at the home of Mr. John Brown, has returned to her home in Florida.
        Mr. Joe Jones and Mr. Terrell Ham were visitors here Sunday.
        Mrs. Tom Purdom is visiting her mother in Jacksonville, Fla.
        Miss Eula Brooker spent the week end with Misses Mary and Essie Wainwright at their home in Hickox.  She reports a swell time.
        At the home of the bride's parents on Wednesday afternoon, Miss Hattie Highsmith and Mr. Amos Lyons were quietly married.  Rev. H.C. Highsmith performing the ceremony.  The Banner joins their many friends in wishing them a long and happy life together.

Pg. 5 col. 3

ATKINSON PARAGRAPHS--Miss Mamie Hilton left Friday for Macon where she will enter the Ga.-Ala. Business College.
        Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Drury entertained a party of young folks Wednesday evening.
        Miss Mamie Lou Dean who has been teaching here left last Monday for Waycross.
        Mrs. H.O. Roberson of Brunswick is visiting her father Mr. Lee Pierce.
        Mr. and Mrs. Oren Middleton and Mr. Blake Smith of Waverly spent last Sunday here relatives [sic].
        Mrs. Boney of Wellington N.C. is visiting her daughter Mrs. L.H. Chestnutt.
        Mr. S.B. Lovett returned home from Sessoms Sunday where he had been visiting his parents.
        Mrs. G.L. Barfield made a business trip to Lulaton Friday.
        Mrs. Archie Manning of Offerman visiting her parents Mr. and J.B. Lyons [sic] last week.
        Mr. T.M. Newsom and Mr. Bob Allen of Folkston were in town Sunday.
        Mrs. Belle Anderson left Saturday for Atlanta.
        Mrs. S.T. Newsome visited relatives in Brunswick last week.
        Messrs. Will Rozier, Robert Wainwright and George Drury have recently been appointed Road Overseers in our district and will begin at once to repair the roads and bridges.
        Our School Board met at Hoboken last Saturday and arranged for our Schools to open at once.  We hope our people will give our newly elected Superintendent and Board of Education their support and hearty cooperation and endeavor to make Brantley County Schools second to name in the State.

LITTLE CREEK ITEMS--Rev. E.L. Little filled his regular appointment at Hoboken Saturday and Sunday.
        Miss Ruth Brown of Pen Holliway spent this week end with Miss Bonnie and Rowine Harper.
        Mr. John D. Harper made a business trip near Browntown this week.
        We are glad to note that Sunday School Sunday afternoon seemed to be wide-a-wake with real good interest.  Also we will not forget to mention our literary school, as it is progressing nicely with Miss Lizzy Knox as manager.  We feel like we should ever be ready to speak encouraging words to our boys and girls in regards to education.
        Mr. Cecil Spell and Bro. Otis and Mr. Renolds Little were pleasant visitors at Mr. John D. Harper's Sunday evening.
        Mr. Willie D. Harper and Mr. Tom Crosby made a business trip to Fendig one day this week.

Pg. 5 col. 4

GARDI NOTES--Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Murphy made a business trip to Jesup Friday.
        Mr. J.W. Crosby of near here returned home Wednesday from Waycross where he has been to attend the funeral of his father.
        Mrs. Geo. Harper and daughter Mrs. Joe Harper was visitors [sic] in Brunswick Thursday.
        We are very glad Mrs. M.J. Harper is improving after a few days illness.
        Mr. C.D. Westberry made a flying trip to Jesup Saturday a.m.
        The Missionary Society meeting was well attended Thursday p.m.
        Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Roberson are all smiles over the arrival, Oh! it is a girl.
        Mrs. J.W. Murphy and Mrs. James of Jesup was in our town on a visit Wednesday.
        Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Knight are all smiles.  Oh! it is a boy.
        Miss Minnie Harper of near Broadhurst is visiting Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Harper.
        Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun of Vidalia are visiting Mrs. Calhoun's parents Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Fuctrille.
        Mr. Alton Westberry of Atlanta is visiting his father Mr. W.K. Westberry.
        Mr. Lide Thompson  of Savannah is visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. I.C. Thompson.
        Mr. Robert Winn of Macon was the guest of Miss Clara Murphy Sunday evening.
        Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Murphy spent a pleasant day in Brunswick Sunday.
        Mrs. J.D. Murphy and daughter Irene were pleasant visitors in Brunswick Sunday.
        Miss Horton of Sterling is visiting her aunt Mrs. J.D. Murphy.
        Miss Clara Murphy made a business trip to Jesup Saturday.
        Mr. Arthur Ellington made a business trip to Jesup Friday.
        Mr. B.F. Ellington returned home Saturday from Jacksonville Fla. where he has been attending business.

Pg. 8 col. 5

TRUSTEES JESUP DISTRICT ELECTED--At an election held at the Council room Wednesday, January 19th, the following were elected as trustees of Jesup Consolidated school district:  J.T. Colvin, Ira M. Raybon, M.N. Stow, J.T. McLaughlin.
        For the fifth place there was a tie between Mrs. R.C. Smith and A.E. Knight.

EMPIRE COMMUNITY TO BUILD POTATO CURING HOUSE--The farmers of Empire Consolidated School community met on Monday night, Jan. 10th, to discuss the advisability of building a co-oprative [sic] potato curing house in their community for the purpose of curing and marketing the potatoes produced by them.
        Mr. I.S. Bennett was elected chairman, who at once call upon Mr. J.P. Shedd to state the purpose of the meeting.
        After a round table discussion lasting some thirty minutes or more it was decided to take a rising vote to see how many of those present favored the plan.  The vote was unanimous.
        Messrs. J.P. Shedd, John Harper, W.A. James and W.T. Clary were appointed as a committee to act with the chairman, Mr. I.S. Bennett, to work out the details of the building, furnish a bill of material and plans for organization, and report at a later meeting.
        County Agent, W.T. Clary, was asked to write to Prof. Fain of the engineering department of the State College of Agriculture for any information he can furnish relative to building a potato curing house suitable to their particular needs.  The house to be of 10,000 bushel capacity.


Vol. 1 No. 20; Friday 28 January 1921

Pg. 1 col. 1

NEWS NOTES OF COUNTY SCHOOLS--The Board of Education of Brantley County, Georgia, met in call session Saturday, January 15, 1921, at the school house at Hoboken, with the following members present:  J.H. Mattox, W.T. Strickland, Walter Thomas and M.E. Dowling
        J.H. Mattox was unanimously chosen President of the Board.
        The amount of the bond required of the County Superintendent of Schools, Everett Knox, was fixed at $4,000.00.
        It was decided to continue for the present boundaries of the various school districts, and the Superintendent was instructed to secure from the officials of the counties from which Brantley was formed a copy of the order laying off the school districts.
        The Superintendent was authorized to purchase minute book, seal, stationery and such other supplies as are necessary to the proper conduct of his office and the work of the Board.
        The Superintendent was elected attendance officer to see to the enforcement of the Compulsory Attendance Law.
        The salary of the County Superintendent was fixed at $1,200 per annum, this to include also his salary as attendance officer and expense of visiting schools.
        The Public or free school term for the year 1921 was fixed at six months--a two months term to begin immediately or just as soon as teachers can be secured; and a four months' fall term beginning about September 1st; provided, however, that if trustees prefer they may have the two months' term later in the spring or summer.
        The Superintendent was instructed to employ teachers and open the schools as early as practicable, and to fix tentative salaries for the teachers, said salaries to be approved by the Board before contracts are issued.  He was also authorized to hold a special examination for teachers if it becomes necessary in order to secure a sufficient number of teachers.
        Agreement was entered into with the Pierce County Board of Education accepting 659 children of school age as the proper number to be taken from Pierce and added to Brantley.
        Letters were read from State Superintendent Brittain and State Supervisor Smith relative to a sectional conference for Board members and Superintendents to be held in Brunswick on January 27.  It was agreed for the Superintendent and entire Board to attend if possible.
        Resolutions of thanks voted Superintendent Wayne County.
        Adjourned to meet again at Hoboken on the first Tuesday in February.
Everett Knox, Secy.
J.H. Mattox, Pres.

Pg. 1 col. 2

SUPERINTENDENTS' CONFERENCE HELD--Under the direction of the State Board there will be held a series of six divisional superintendents, conferences, one for each of the six divisions of the State, under the instruction of Miss Maude Powell of Atlanta, State Young People's Leader and State corresponding secretary-treasurer protem.  The first of these was held at Millen last Friday, the 14th, for the Southeast division and proved to be a day well worth while.  Ten of the thirteen superintendents were present with Miss Powell, though the weather was extremely bad.  The hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Applewhite was opened for the conference and the graciousness of their entertainment added delightfulness to the value of the day.
        Excellent plans had been laid for the work of the conference, every detail of the work was thoroughly discussed and explained by Miss Powell; the entire day was round table for everyone present, full advantage was taken of the opportunity for inspiration, instruction and uplift.
        The miracle working power of prayer; the responsibility of the W.M.U. for the calling out and training of her own young people for definite missionary service; the importance of accurate and prompt reporting with the high aim of A-1 on the standard of excellence; aiming for 100 A-1 organizations this year; the placing of schools and methods all over the division and the divisional conference at Jesup; plans and programs for all the meetings of the year; the definite responsibility of the superintendent for the work of her own association and her relationship to the state executive board and many other important points were thoroughly discussed.
        Those present were:
        Miss Maude Powell, Atlanta.
        Mrs. A.E. Woodward, Bulloch County Association, Stillson.
        Mrs. Ed. Jarman, Consolation Association, Baxley.
        Mrs. James Gillis, Daniel Association, Soperton.
        Mrs. J.J. Cadwell, Dodge County Association, Chauncey.
        Mrs. E.R. Carswell New Sunbury Association, Savannah.
        Mrs. W.G King, Piedmont Association, Waycross.
        Mrs. L.C. Durham, Pulaski Association, Hawkinsville.
        Mrs. H.S. Tucker, Telfair Association, Lumber City.
        Mrs. E.K. Overstreet, Middle Association, Sylvania.
        Mrs. E.K. Overstreet, vice-president Southeast division.

Pg. 1 col. 3

SCHOOL OPENED MONDAY 17TH--School opened at Nahunta on January 17 with Mrs. Ralph Brown as assistant teacher, instead of Miss Edna Moody, who has resigned.  Mrs. Brown is a high school graduate and an accomplished musician, and the patrons should feel proud that trustees have been successful in securing her services.

Pg. 3 col. 5

NEW CHURCH NEAR COMPLETED--Construction on the Methodist Church, which was started about two years ago and on account of high prices of labor and material came to a standstill, is greatly changed in appearance by the activities of 20 men, who donated one week's labor.
        The most remarkable thing about the work is that not one of the twenty who volunteered their services is a member of the church.  The ladies, some of whom were members and some not, furnished two meals a day for the men who so enthusiastically responded to the invitation to help in the work.
        The church is covered with imitation stucco, and when the doors and windows are placed will be an attractive building.

DENTAL WORK OFFERED FREE (From the Jesup Sentinel)--As representative of the Red Cross, it is with pleasure that I call to the attention of the ex-service men to the latest ruling of the United States Public Health Bureau.  The United States Public Health Bureau offers to furnish dental work free of charge to those in need of it, and since good teeth promote better health and better health brings greater efficiency I hope to see every world veteran who is in need of this service, take advantage of this offer.
        It might be well for ex-service men, who are desirous of taking advantage of this offer, to see me for information.
        Faithfully yours, Mrs. E.S. Majette, Ex-Chairman Home Service American Red Cross.

Pg. 3 col. 5

JESUP PARAGRAPHS--Mrs. A.E. Knight spent several days of this week in Savannah.
        Mr. M.E. Bray of Savannah was a visitor in the city yesterday.
        Mrs. E.E. Hight of Savannah visited Mr. A. Williams last week.
        Mrs. F.E. Breen is visiting her sister, Mrs. D.M. Parker in Waycross.
        Mrs. J.T. McLaughlin and children are visiting friends in Baxley.
        Mr. and Mrs. O.F. Littlefield of Savannah visited relatives here Sunday.
        Miss Sarah Mandeville has returned from a visit to Mrs. D.M. Parker in Waycross.
        Mrs. Robert C. Smith is visiting her sister, Mrs. M.E. Bray in Savannah this week.
        Miss Mary King of Ludowici spent last week-end with friends in Jesup and vicinity.
        Misses Olive and Eva Coleman spent Monday and Tuesday in Brunswick the guests of friends.
        Miss Agnes Rahn of Glennville Ga., is visiting her cousins Mr. and Mrs. Beverly A. McDonald, Jr.
        Mr. Tom Westberry
of Savannah spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Westberry.
        Mrs. J. Garner of Glennville has returned home after a visit to her father, Mr. A. Williams who is seriously ill.
        Mr. and Mrs. O.R. Roberson of Gardi announce the arrival of a son on Jan. 23rd.  He has been named Fraser Fleming.
        Miss Rosalee Nathan and Miss Genevieve Rosenthal have returned from a visit to Brunswick and Jacksonville.
        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Rahn of Flemington Ga. were the week-end guests of their sister, Mrs. Beverly A. McDonald, Jr.
        Mrs. G.E. Renfroe
of Valdosta and Mrs. Mildred Buffkin of Jacksonville are the guests of their parents Mr. and Mrs. J.A. McCall.
        Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Strickland and children of Brunswick spent the past week-end with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Strickland.
        Mrs. L.S. Grimm, Mrs. Connor, Mrs. Johnson
, and Miss Etta Mae Overstreet of Baxley, Mrs. Winnifred McConnell of Savannah and Mrs. Leottie Odum of Odum, attended the installation of the officers of the Eastern Star on Tuesday night.  The were entertained with a buffet luncheon by Mrs. J.T. McLaughlin.

Pg. 4 cols. 1 & 2

SOCIAL & PERSONAL ITEMS--Rufus Coleman is on the sick list.
        Mrs. S.B. Lary was a visitor in Waycross.
        Mr. Fred Rogers was in our town Sunday.
        Mr. H.G. Knox spent the week-end at Jesup.
        Mr. and Mrs. Jim Keen spent Sunday in Lulaton.
        Mr. Harry Herrin was in our town last Thursday.
        Miss Sallie Dikes spent the week-end at Hoboken.
        Mr. Mabry Brooker spent the week-end with home folks.
        Mr. E.L. Brown of Waynesville was in our town last week.
        Mr. Conaway Rogers of Lulaton was in town Sunday night.
        Miss Florie Highsmith spent Sunday with Miss Lena Bell Loe.
        Mrs. U.W. Mackey began teaching the Lulaton school Monday.
        Mrs. F.O. Knox entertained her aunt the greater part of last week.
        Mr. Mabry Brooker was the guest of Miss Essil Wainright last Sunday.
        Mr. C.M. Broyles made a business trip to Waycross one day last week.
        Mr. J.C. Brooker from Odum spent Monday and Tuesday with home folks.
        Mr. Dolphus Brown visited at the home of Mr. J.W. Brooker one day last week.
        Mr. Mabry Brooker and sisters Edna and Ivory attended Church at Lulaton Sunday.
        Mr. and Mrs. Dirr of Ohio are spending the winter with their son, Mr. Henry Dirr and family.
        Mrs. Amanda Peek was called to Waycross on account of the illness of her son-in-law Mr. Lott.
        Quite a crowd attended the serenade at the home of Mr. Donnie Highsmith Saturday night.
        Misses Ethel Walker and Thelma DePratter spent Saturday night with Misses Saby and Betsy Dykes.
        Mr. and Mrs. E. Bulson and two children, and Mr. Clifford Loe were visitors at Mr. C.B. Davidson's Sunday.
        The two young men who have been visiting at Mr. Loomis for some time left for home one day last week.
        Mrs. J.B. Strickland who has been seriously ill of Typhoid fever, is slowly improving being able to take nourishment.
        Mrs. Sparks has been confined to the bed for a few days having an attack of pleurisy and asthma, Dr. Detrick of Hoboken was the attending physician.
        Uncle John Knox's pretty little bungalow, which has just been erected near his nephew, Mr. F.O. Knox's residence is being painted by William Peek.
        Mrs. J.B. Lewis was the over-night guest in the following homes at Pine Bloom last week:  Messrs. Mack Herrin, Erwin Wainright, and Lem Lyons.
        Dr. and Mrs. Snyder and two children who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Loe for a few weeks, returned to their home in Rija, Mich. one day last week.
        The Methodist church service will be held the 5th Sunday in January instead of the 3rd Sunday in February, for sufficient reason given by Rev. J.D. Snyder.
        Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Davidson entertained at dinner Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dirr and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Dirr, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Lewis and Edwin Robertson, were the guests.

LITTLE CREEK ITEMS--Rev. E.L. Littlefield filled his regular appointment at Midway Saturday and Sunday.
        Mr. and Mrs. John D. Harper visited the former's brother, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Knight at Union this week-end.
        Miss Ruth Steward of Hortense, spent the week-end at the home of her grandfather, Mr. J.M. Steward.
        Mr. W.S. Harper attended church at Midway Sunday.
        Mr. and Mrs. Raffert Gill, of Mershon, are visiting the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Littlefield this week-end.
        Miss Ruth Steward was the guest of Miss Bonnie and Rowine Harper and Miss Lizzie Knox one day this week.
        Mr. Hance Dukes of Jesup, passed through this section one day this week.
        The entertainment given by Mr. Ernest Bammart Saturday night for the young folks was nicely enjoyed by all who were present.

NEEDMORE ITEMS--Mr. Earl Raulerson of Hortense called on Miss Mertie Lewis Saturday afternoon.
        Mr. Limon Strickland made a business trip to Brunswick Friday.
        Mrs. Emmie Lanier spent the week-end with home folks at Patterson.
        Mr. Gordie Brooker called on Miss Ora Lee Sloan Sunday after noon.
        Mr. Repard Pearson and Miss Gertie Moody were married Sunday afternoon and will make their future home in Charleston S.C.
        Mr. David Blunt of Argyle is visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. Tim Blunt.

Pg. 4 col. 3

ROZIER SCHOOL NEWS--The Rozier School opened Monday January 24th.
        Miss Letha Crews
was the guest of Miss Bessie Edgy Saturday night.
        Mr. Moultrie Brown of Brunswick is visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Brown.
        Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Arnette visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Edgy Sunday.
        Miss Thelma and Oralee Brown gave a quilting party last Wednesday.
        Mr. Roger Bennet has at last recovered from a long spell of typhoid fever, we are glad to see him out again.
        Miss Lizzie Lynn was the guest of Miss Thelma Brown Monday night.
        Mr. Audrey Brooker of Brunswick was in Waynesville Sunday.
        Mrs. W.T. Odum is visiting her son Mr. I.W. Odum of Waycross.
        Miss Odessa Parrott of Lulaton visited relatives of Waynesville Saturday and Sunday.
        Mr. Luther Chapman and Mr. M.W. Drawdy made a flying trip to Mr. T. Edgy's Sunday afternoon.
        Miss Edna and Frances Rozier were the guest of Miss Thelma and Oralee Brown Sunday afternoon.
        Mr. Willie Arnette and Miss Lizzie Casey was taking some joy ride Sunday afternoon which is not unusual.
        Mrs. W.B. Rozier visited her mother of Townsend Sunday.
        Miss Cora Edgy and Mr. Luther Chapman attended Camp Meeting Sunday night.
        Mrs. Julia Wiggins is teaching the Rozier school again.
        Mr. Henry Edgy motored to Mt. Pleasant again Sunday we wonder why he is going so regular.
        Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Wilson spent the week end with home folks on the coast.
        Miss Dorothy and Fentice Arnette and Miss Winnie Drawdy visited friends here Sunday afternoon.
        Misses Bessie Edgy, Pearl Strickland, Letha and Annie Crews were the guests of Miss Lizzie Lynn Sunday afternoon.

PINEY GROVE DOTS--Mr. and Mrs. Horace Anderson and little daughter of Glennville visited their parents Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Dent this week.
        The Misses Padgetts visited Mrs. G.S. Bishop Sunday A.M. for a short while.
        Misses Lona and Fannie Pye visited their brother Carl in the Hospital at Savannah last Tuesday.
        Mr. and Mrs. L.P. Pucket of Jesup visited Miss Lula Mizell Sunday P.M.
        Miss Jewell Sikes spent the week end with home folks in Surrency.
        Miss Bertie Coleman of Jesup is spending a few weeks with her aunt Mrs. W.C. Poppell.
        Miss Nora Higgothom visited her sister, Mrs. Selma Williams of Jesup Monday.
        Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Bishop took supper with Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Bishop Wednesday night.
        Mr. and Mrs. John Blocker of Tattnall County have recently moved into our community.
        Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Ogden of Odum visited Mr. and Mrs. Lon Ogdon Sunday P.M.
        A large crowd of young folks attended church at Goose Creek Sunday and Sunday night from Piney Grove.
Our school is progressing very nicely.

Pg. 4 col. 4

HICKOX ITEMS--Mr. John R. James, of Hoboken was in town on business Monday.
        Mr. Everett Knox and Sheriff William Howard, made a business trip to Waycross and Blackshear Thursday.
        Mrs. E.P. Higginbotham of Folkston returned home last week, after spending several days with relatives here.
        Mrs. Belle Anderson is the guest of Mrs. W.R. Anderson and Mrs. M.L. Anderson.
        Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Anderson, have recently moved into their new home here.  Mrs. M.L. Anderson will be remembers as Miss Fannie Griffin.
        Mrs. H.T. Saxon, of Waycross spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks here.
        Mrs. Flournoy Higginbotham and little daughter, are the guests of her sister, Mrs. C.C. PickrenMrs. Higginbotham will be remembered as Miss Mary Dowling, formerly of Hickox.
        Mr. Leon Highsmith who is working in Waycross was a caller at the home of Mr. Alex Rozier's on Sunday.
        Mr. J.H. Mattox and Mrs. Everett Knox attended the Brantley County Board meeting at Hoboken Saturday.
        Misses Sibbie and Sarah Harris were the guests of Miss Kate Knox Sunday.
        Misses Marguerite Mattox and Ethelyn Davis have returned to school after spending the holidays with their parents here.  Miss Mattox going back to Piedmont at Waycross and Miss Davis to Brunswick.

Pg. 4 col. 5

ATKINSON PARAGRAPHS--Dr. and Mrs. T.H. Chestnutt announce the birth of a son on Jan. 22.  He will be called Howard Wright.
        Mr. J.W. Drury made a business trip to Brunswick Monday.
        Mr. S.B. Lovett left Thursday for Atlanta to visit his sister, Mrs. Reddick.
        Mrs. Henry Harrington of Waynesville visited friends here last Wednesday.
        Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Lovett are visiting their parents at Sessoms this week.
        Miss Agnes Hancock is visiting in Douglass this week.
        Messrs. B.G. and B.O. Middleton attended the funeral of Mr. Randall Howard of Blackshear last Friday.
        Mr. Redding and family left Monday for Hoboken where he will farm this year.
        Misses Winnie and Mattie Hilton attended church here Sunday.
        Rev. J.W. Snyder preached his very interesting Sermon last Sunday.
        Mr. Will Allen and little daughter Roberta of Brunswick are visiting Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Coleman.
        Mr. Sparks Anderson visited his parents at Nichols last week.
        Mrs. Mollie Tallevart spent last Sunday here with her mother Mrs. S.T. Newsome.

GARDI NOTES--Miss Bennie Lee Ellington made a business trip to Jesup Saturday.
        Mr. Robert Winn of Macon was the guest of Miss Clara Murphey Sunday.
        Mr. Wilfred Hurn called on Miss Kathleen Futrill Sunday afternoon.
        Miss Geronie Morgan is visiting her sister Miss Kansas Morgan this week.
        At the home of the Bride's Father on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Miss Mary Westberry and Mr. Henry Nettles were quietly married.  Rev. W.B. Bennett performing the ceremony.  The bride is the attractive daughter of Mr. W.M. Westberry of near here.  And the groom of Charleston, S.C.  They left immediately after the ceremony for Savannah and other points and will then go to Charleston, S.C. where they will make their future home.
        Mr. Arthur Ellington made a business trip to Jesup Saturday.
        Mr. B.F. Ellington returned home Sunday from Jacksonville where he has been attending business a few days.
        Mr. J.W. Crosby was in our little town Monday on business.
        Mr. W.D. Murphy and wife attended church at Midway Sunday.


Vol. 1 No. 21; Friday 4 February 1921

Pg. 1 col. 1

NEW OVERSEER COMMENCE JOB--Mr. C.B. Davidson, who has a beautiful farm home about 3 miles west of Nahunta, has been greatly annoyed by a branch near his home, which at times was too full to cross on foot bridge, and at times almost impassable on account of it's boggy condition.  As he was never able to go over dryshod, he decided to grade and put in a bridge.  Deep ditches were cut on each side, and the approaches were made from the excavations.
        The bridge is built from plank and is about twelve feet long.  With the necessary grading the work will be commendable.
        As Mr. Davidson is one of the new road overseers, it is hoped that others places [sic] will be given similar treatment in the near future.

NOTICE TO FARMERS--From The Jesup Sentinel--Dr. H.G. Kettner, of Blackshear, has been appointed to succeed Dr. R.J. Heyde, in the Hog Cholera Control work and is now ready to immunize hogs for the people of Wayne Co.  Persons needing his service should either notify him at Blackshear, of [sic] W.T. Clary, County Agent, Jesup, Ga.

Mr. George H. Firor, Field Agent in Horticulture will give demonstrations in pruning and spraying fruit trees at J.W. Crummey's orchard, Thursday February 10th.  J.D. Turner's place Friday morning February 11th, and A.J. Nichols place Saturday February 12th, 1921.
        All persons intrested [sic] in orchard work will do well to be present at one or more of these demonstrations.

Pg. 1 col. 4

MARCH 1ST, LAST DAY TO PAY AUTOMOBILE TAX--To Georgia Sheriffs:  Please request the newspapers of your county to call attention of all motor vehicle owners to the fact that the law fixes March 1st as the last day on which 1920 tags can be used.
        As you know, Section 18 of the Motor Vehicle Law, makes it the duty of the sheriffs to arrest and prosecute every person who violates any provision of the Motor Vehicle Law, Section 21 makes it the duty of the Ordinary or County Commissioners, to compel every owner to register his machine, and to arrest and prosecute those who fail.
        Less than 30 working days remain, and over 100,000 have failed to register.  Those who wait late to file their applications may have to wait late to get their tags.  S.G. McLendon, Secretary of State
        Be sure and have your Tag, or leave your car at home, after March 1st, 1921.

Pg. 1 col. 5

NEWS NOTES OF COUNTY SCHOOLS--From The Jesup Sentinel--B.D. Purcell--The Board of Education of Wayne County, Georgia, met in regular monthly session in the office of the County Superintendent Tuesday, February 1, 1921, with the following members present:  I.S. Bennett, president, presiding, W.C. Frutrill and Jos. H. Thomas.
        The minutes of regular meeting held January 4 were read and approved.
        Agree to pay J.T. Anderson at the rage of $2.50 a day during the month of January for transporting children to Odum school after Mr. Anderson agreed to accept the present allowance hereafter of 15¢ a day per child.
        The Goose Creek school having been permanently discontinued by order of the Board, it was decided to sell the school site and building.  The offer of J.B. Walters to pay the sum of $125 for same was accepted, the conveyance to be executed by the secretary of this Board.
        Upon motion of the Board agreed to pay the expense attached to the issuance of building bonds by the O'Quinn school district.
        While not coming under the intended meaning of the resolution passed by the Board it was ordered that teachers attending the summer school at Douglas last year be paid the $20 allowance on expense.
        In view of the fact that there is still a shortage of trained teachers available for our schools, the following action was taken by the Board:
        All of our teachers and prospective teachers are urged to attend this year the six month's summer session of the South Georgia State Normal College at Valdosta, or the University Summer School at Athens.
        The Board agrees to pay $3 per week on the expenses of each teacher attending either of these summer schools or any other standard summer school approved by the County Superintendent.  This amount to be added in monthly installments to the regular salaries of teachers during next term.
        In addition to this allowance, teachers attending approved summer school will, if otherwise qualified, be entitled to and receive higher salaries than those who do not attend summer schools.
        The election of S.C. Kennedy and J.P. Shedd as trustees of Empire school was approved.
        The election of J.T. Colvin, M.N. Stow, Ira M. Raybon, J.T. McLaughlin, and Mrs. R.C. Smith as trustees of Jesup school was approved.
        W.T. Clary, County Agricultural Agent, submitted a report of his work for the month of January.
        The principal of the Jesup [continued on page 8] High School having requested a ruling as to credits, and representation in the district high school contest.
        It is the opinion of this Board and it is hereby ordered that pupils are not entitled to and should not receive from the Jesup School credits in music or other subjects, except when such work is done through the school.
        It is the opinion also of the board that pupils should not enter the district contest as a representative of the school except in subjects taken through the school.
        The music department of the County High School at Jesup requested aid in the purchase of a piano.  The Board agreed to pay one-half on piano, provided price of instrument is first submitted to and approved by the Board.
        April being one of the busiest months on the farm, which interferes seriously with the attendance of the schools, the Superintendent was authorized to close the schools the latter part of March, if satisfactory arrangements can be made with teachers.  This will enable the Board to open the schools one month earlier in the fall.
        Itemized statement of accounts for January was examined and approved.
        Adjourned to meet again on the first Tuesday in March.
        I.S. Bennett, Pres.  B.D. Purcell, Secretary.

Pg. 4 col. 5

SHERIFF'S SALE--Georgia, Wayne County--Will be sold before the court house door on the first Tuesday in March, 1921, to the highest bidder for cash, the following described property to wit:
        One light two-horse wagon, Weber King make, said property levied upon as the property of S.A. Strickland, under execution issued from the City Court of Jesup, October term, 1919, and in favor of the Jesup Mercantile Co.
        Written notice given the defendant as in terms of the law.
        This 1st day of Feb. 1921.

Pg. 5 cols. 1, 2, 3

SOCIAL & PERSONAL ITEMS--Mr. Neil Rozier was in our town Sunday.
        Mr. Earnest Kelly was in our town Monday.
        Mr. J.W. Brooker and family visited Mr. J.B. Walker Sunday.
        Mr. U.W. Mackey began teaching the Strickland school Monday.
        Mrs. Chas. Rogers spent Sunday in town and attended M.E. Church.
        Mrs. Tom Purdom has returned home from a trip to Jacksonville Fla.
        Mr. Fred Rogers was the guest of Miss Lessie Highsmith Sunday.
        Mr. and Mrs. French Sparks ate Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Lewis.
        Mesdames Harry Dirr and Ed Bulson spent last Tuesday with Mrs. C.B. Davidson.
        Rev. and Mrs. J.D. Snyder spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Roberson.
        Miss Frances Smith gave a donkey party Saturday night and all report a nice time.
        Miss Rachel DePratter is assisting Mrs. W.M. Roberson with her household duties.
        Messrs. Julian and Joe Jones and Fred Rogers of Lulaton attended church here Sunday.
        Mr. Henderson has moved from the Buess house to the Harris place just south of town.
        Mr. Mabry Brooker who has been attending school in Brunswick has returned home to stay.
        Grandma Broyles is spending a couple of weeks at the home of her son Mr. C.L. Broyles.
        Miss Nancy Morgan and Miss Annie Jane Dowling spend the week-end with Mrs. Ebb Morgan.
        The Harding party are enjoying a trip by House Boat down the Indian River on a fishing trip.
        Mesdames C.L. Broyles, F.O. Knox and French Sparks visited Mrs. Harry Dirr one day last week.
        Mr. and Mrs. N.L. Highsmith and Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Highsmith spent the week-end in Waycross.
        Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Brooker and daughters Eula and Mary Frances were in Hickox Tuesday afternoon.
        Mr. and Mrs. N.L. Highsmith have recently moved to Waycross.  We regret their moving away very much.
        Mr. Gilmer Brooker and sisters Ivory and Mary Frances returned home from a trip to Odum Sunday night.
        Mr. H.C. Highsmith spent a week down on the salt water.  He reports a fine time and quantities of oysters.
        Mr. John Walters was on the sick list one day last week, but his friends were glad to see him at church Sunday night.
        Mrs. F.O. Knox had a very severe attack of acute neuralgia in her eye last Sunday and accompanied by a nervous chill.
        Mrs. Amanda Peek has returned home from Waycross where she was called on account of the illness of both Mr. and Mrs. Lott.
        Mesdames Sallie Collins, Kate Courson and Rilla Rogers
of Lulaton were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Strickland one day last week.
        President-elect Harding and party passed thru Nahunta last Saturday morning on the Royal Palm on way to Florida for a much needed rest.
        Mrs. T.J. Peek spend last week nursing Mrs. J.B. Strickland, who suffered a relapse of typhoid fever after the nurse who had been with her for several weeks left.
        Mrs. Loe, who had the misfortune to fall and injure her thigh some time ago, is now able to bear her weight on it, and her friends are glad to hear she will soon be able to use it again.
        The big traction engine was unloaded at Hoboken and Mr. Loe will furnish the power for Mr. A.P. Detricks saw mill, and it is reported that the saw mill is to come to Nahunta later on.
        Dr. and Mrs. John Schneider returned to Michigan last Saturday after ten days visit with friends and relatives here.  They were very much pleased with Nahunta and it's delightful climate.
        L.S. Robb sales Manager of the Wayne Development Company spent Wednesday in our City.  Several parties of middle West farmers are expected at Nahunta in the near future says Mr. Robb.
        C.L. Loe unloaded is big steam thresher here Wednesday, first thresher ever seen in Nahunta, our farmers are growing more oats every year and this machine will be greatly appreciated by our farmers.
        Dr. and Mrs. Thompson of Jacksonville were in town last Tuesday, trying to secure a tenant for their farm, which was recently vacated by Mr. Cage Jacobs and family.  We understand they were unable to secure one, although this is a good farm and nicely located.
        Mr. and Mrs. Norman Highsmith, and Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Highsmith were in Waycross Saturday and Sunday, where Norman has secured the first railway section east from the city.  Their goods have been shipped, and Mr. and Mrs. D.E. Highsmith will stay with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Webb Highsmith for a few weeks.

HICKOX ITEMS--Mr. R.J.W. Hays made a flying trip to Brunswick Tuesday afternoon.
        Mr. Lambert Knox was the company of Miss Mary Wainright of Hickox Sun. afternoon.
        Mr. Leon Highsmith who is working in Waycross spent Sunday with home folks and beloved friends in Hickox.
        Mr. Mike Highsmith spent the week-end with his Father in Hickox.
        Miss Mary Wainright, Mr. Lambert Knox, Miss Ola Kaney and Mr. Terrell Ham, was the guests of Miss Florrie Johns Sat. night and all reported a nice time.
        Miss Geneva Jones is spending the week-end with her sister in Hickox.
        Miss Ola Kaney of Hickox began teaching the Knox School Monday.
        A large crowd attended the sing at Mrs. Mary Jones Sunday after-noon and all reported a pleasant time.
        Mr. John Wainright of Winokur was in town Saturday P.M.
        Miss Marguerite Mattox is spending the week-end at home.

JOHNS-BROOKER--Mr. J.W. Brooker and Miss Elizabeth Johns of Bachlott were quietly married at Smyrna Jan. 23rd.  Rev. Henry Strickland performing the ceremony.  Their many friends extend to them congratulations and best wishes.

WAYNESVILLE ITEMS--Misses Pearl and Minnie Rozier spent Thursday and Friday in Brunswick as guests of Mrs. L.D. Wilkes.
        Mrs. W.S. Harrison of Arco was the guest of her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.L. McVeigh Saturday and Sunday.
        Mrs. L.J. Richbourg of Savannah is spending some time with her sister Mrs. J.L. McVeigh.
        Miss Ida Welch of Chapel Crossing was the guest this week end of Miss Pearl Rozier.
        Mr. Basil Arnette of Mount Pleasant was the guest of Miss Gussie Crandall Sunday.
        Mr. Franklin Crandall of Brunswick was the guest of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crandall Sunday.
        Miss Sylvia Miller of Brunswick spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Miller.
        Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gibson of Waresboro recently moved into our community.
        Rozier School is progressing nicely under the management of Mrs. S.J. Wiggins.
        Messrs. Elige Smith and Vivian Harrison spend Sunday as guests of Leland McVeigh.
        Mr. Arthur Harrison of Brunswick spent Sunday with friends here.
        Messrs. O.C. Sindersine and Isaih Gibson spent Saturday afternoon in Brunswick.
        Mrs. J.P. O'Quinn and children of Jacksonville are visiting her mother, Mrs. Emmie Harrison.
        Quite a crowd attended the dance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.Q. Smith's Saturday evening.  Those present were:  Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Wiggins, Mr. and Mrs. John Woodland, Mrs. L.D. Wilkes of Brunswick.  Misses Laura Rozier, Ida Welch, Willie Mae and Ollie Vee Smith, Julia Robinson, Daisy Gibson, Messers. Ben, Robert, Harley, Neil, Fred, and Kenneth Rozier, Leland McVeigh, DeWitte King, Ben Gibson, William Warren, Elvin Moody, Kenneth Gibson, Vivian Harrison, Gillous and Melvin Rogers of Waverly.

Pg. 5 col. 5

KELLY NEWS--Mr. S.B. Kelly has returned from a visit to his brother Mr. James P. Kelly of Patterson who is very sick.
        Mr. C.S. Raulerson made a brief business trip to his saw mill Monday.
        Kelly School is progressing nicely with a regular attendance.
        Mrs. Mason Chancy of Pearson spent the week-end with parents Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Kelly.
        Mr. J.E. Moody killed a very nice hog Saturday weighing near 450 lbs.
        Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Morgan were pleasant visitors at Mr. Steve Moody's Sunday.
        Mr. Sinclair Manning and his sister were the guests of their brother Mr. Charlie Manning of Offerman Sunday.
        Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Kelly were the pleasant visitors of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Moody Sunday P.M.
        The patrons of Kelly school are well pleased with the work their teacher is doing.  Miss Viva Davis.
        Mrs. Stephen Moody who has been rather sick is improving nicely.
        Mr. W.P. Kelly and Mr. Thomas Manning[?] killed a large wild-cat a few days ago.
        Mr. Walter Moody has returned from a visit to his children in the Orphan's Home in Atlanta.
        Mr. and Mrs. John Jones made a short trip to Screven Sunday afternoon.

Pg. 8 col. 1

PINE BLOOM ITEMS--Mr. J.G. Davis and family have recently moved in our neighborhood.  We are glad to welcome them.
        Miss Lessie Highsmith made a trip to Waycross Saturday.
        Mr. W.M. Dowling and family spend the week-end with relatives and friends.
        Mrs. Vinnie Smith and children returned to their home in Brunswick Saturday after spending a week with relatives.
        Mr. Frank Morgan of Raybon was out here Sunday.  He seems to want to be a favorite over to Mr. Youngs.
        Mr. Fred Rogers made a call to Mr. D.W. Highsmith's Sunday p.m.  His calls are very regular on the account of Mr. Highsmith's daughter Lessie.
        Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Dowling spent the week at the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Highsmith, with the sick boy, Elroy, he is no better.
        Messrs. Alfred, Harley, Perry and two sisters Amanda and Adamae Stewart and Miss Mary Wainright spent the week end in Raybon with friends and relatives reported a good time.
        Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Dowling and children, Mr. W.S. Cros and daughter Essie were the guest of Mr. and Mrs. M.F. Wilds Sunday.
        Mr. Fred Rogers and Miss Lessie Highsmith attended the Methodist church at Nahunta Sunday night.
        Mr. Jack Warren and Misses Fannie and Henrietta Young attended Sunday school and Prayer meeting at Lulaton.
        Mrs. J.K. Higginbotham and sister Miss Sibbie Harris visited the sick boy Elroy, at Mr. A.J. Highsmith's Monday afternoon.

Pg. 8 col. 2

PINEY GROVE DOTS--Misses Lillie and Minnie Dent and Tom Reddish visited Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Reddish Monday afternoon.
        Mrs. Lena Wilson visited Mrs. Vera Kennedy, Tuesday.
        Miss Lillie Mallard was a pleasant caller at our school Friday P.M.
        Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Fields called at Mr. M.C. Ogden's Saturday P.M.
        Miss Gertie Wilson was the guest of Miss Fannie Pye Thursday.
        Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Dent called on Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Bishop Monday P.M.
        We are glad to know that Mr. Carl Pye is able to be at home again after a serious operation, which was performed in Savannah.
        Mr. Jim Dent was accompanied by his niece, Alma Dent to the Misses Padgett's Saturday night.
        Mr. Sidney Reddish and Miss Pearl Pye attended Sunday school at Piney Grove Sunday.
        A crowd of young folks from Neva called on the Misses Higginbotham Sunday p.m.
        Miss Lelia Durden was the guest of Miss Annie Tillman Sunday.
        Mrs. Mattie Johnson and little daughter Wedia Mae were the guests of their aunt Minnie Madray Saturday night.
        Miss Ada Higginbotham spent Saturday night with Mrs. Callie Ogden.
        Misses Clara and Eva Ogden of Odum were visitors in our community Sunday.
        Miss Viola Padgett was the guest of Miss Ira and Vicey Bishop Sunday.
        Mrs. M.E. Brinson and little daughter of Waycross visited her parents a few days last week.
        Mrs. W.H. May is visiting relatives at Ludowici.
        Mr. H.W. Brown is very sick at this writing hope he will soon be better.
        Mr. W.C. Dukes made a business trip to Everett city Saturday.
        Miss Ruth Brown of Phinhollowway [sic] spent the week-end with home folks.
        Mr. and Mrs. Otis Roberson are all smiles.  Its a boy!
        Mr. and Mrs. John D. Harper of Little Creek visited relatives here one day last week.
        Mr. Harry Brown visited friends in Brunswick a few days last week.
        Mr. P.R. Richardson of Gardi spent a few hours in our community one day last week.
        Miss Mae Martin of Everett City spent Sunday with her mother Mrs. W.C. Martin.

Pg. 8 cols. 3 & 4

OMAR DOTS--Miss Stella Aspinwall, Estell and Reba Strickland has just returned from a visit to relatives in Baxley they report a nice time.
        Mr. James Steel, Jr. and Mrs. Bell Long was visitors in our community Sunday.
        Mr. and Mrs. Dane Hodge passed through our community Sunday p.m.
        Mrs. Alice Wasdin has returned home after spending some time with relatives in Offerman.
        Mr. Robert Todd and daughters Emma and Marie Todd spent Sunday as the guest of Mr. J.A. Aspinwall and family.
        We are some-what proud of the dipping vat that is being constructed in this community.

GARDI NOTES--Church was well attended here Sunday.  Services by the Pastor Rev. E.L. Little.
        Mr. and Mrs. John D. Harper and family, Miss Lizzy Knox and Cecil Spell, and Reynold Little of Little Creek attended church here Sunday night.
        Mr. James Lee Harper of Jesup was in our town a few days last week.
        At the home of the Bride's Mother on Sunday after-noon at four o'clock, Miss Clara Murphy and Mr. Robert Winn were happily married, Rev. E.L. Little performing the ceremony.
        The Bride is the attractive daughter of Mrs. J.D. Murphy and the Groom is a very promising young man of Macon holding a position with the Southern Railway Co.
        The Bride's wedding dress was of rich blue serge and her traveling suit was of blue wool trickotine and hat to match.
        The groom's suit was of blue.
        They left at 10:30 on their wedding tour.  They will visit Macon, Atlanta, Chattanooga Tenn. and Birmingham Ala. and Jacksonville Fla. and will then return to Macon where they will make their future home.  We wish them a long and happy life.
        Mr. B.F. Ellington made a business trip to Brunswick Monday.
        Mr. Birds of Jacksonville was a pleasant visitor at Mr. B.F. Ellington's Saturday and Sunday.

LITTLE CREEK ITEMS--Rev. E.L. Little preached at Gardi Sunday.
        Mr. C.M. Brown of Union was in this section Friday.
        Mr. and Mrs. John D. Harper and little daughter Estell, Mr. Willie Harper and Miss Lizzy Knox, Mr. Cecil Spell and Miss Ronnie Harper visited Mrs. Martha Harper near Gardi Sunday evening.
        Mrs. W.S. Harper made a business trip to Jesup one day this week.
        Miss Bonnie Harper is on the sick list at this writing hope for her a speedy recover[y].

SHERIFF'S SALE--Georgia, Wayne County--Will be sold before the Court House door of said County on the first Tuesday in March 1921, at the regular hours of sale at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash the following described property to wit:-
        Two boilers made by the Schofield Iron Works, about 30 horse power each, one Walsh and Weinder boiler, one American steam pump, one Houston Standwood and Gamble Co., Steam engine, one twin engine, three circular saws, one edging machine, one log haul, and all pulleys, shafts and connecting pipes, consisting of saw mill plant and all belonging thereto, located at Atkinson and known as the Germaine Saw Mill.  So much thereof will be sold as is necessary to satisfy a tax execution issued by Marion Odum, Tax Collector of Wayne county for State and County taxes, for the year 1920, amounting to $244.80 principal and execution with all costs and interest due thereon.
        Said property being cumberson [sic] and expensive to transport, will not be produced at the time and place of sale, but delivery will be made to the purchaser at Atkinson, Ga., where the same is now located.
        The same being levied on as the property of Germain Saw Mill Co.  Levy made by J.R. Tyre, Deputy Sheriff.
        This the 3rd day of February, 1921.
        L.W. Rogers, Sheriff, Wayne County Ga.


Vol. 1 No. 22; Friday 11 February 1921

Pg. 1 col. 2

WOMEN ATTORNEYS TO DEFEND MAN--Macon--For the first time in the history of Bibb county women lawyers will defend a man charged with murder, when Mrs. Viola Napier, the widow of Hendley V. Napier, one of Macon's leading attorneys, and Miss Aline Hardin, cousin of Judge C.L. Bartlett, will be associated with the defense of former city detective, W.C. Swift, who with four other former city detectives, is charged with murdering, in April 1919, Abram Kimbrell and Philip Lamar.  It is generally believed that it will be the first time in the history of the state of Georgia that women lawyers have participated in trials where the death penalty is applicable.  Other lawyers in the case are W.A. McClellan, leading counsel for the defense, who was associated with Attorney John R. Cooper, T.A. Jacobs and Walter FeforeSwift's first trial resulted in a conviction and a life imprisonment sentence, which was set aside by Judge H.A. Mathews, who granted a new trial, and later released Swift under a $10,000 bond.

Pg. 1 col. 3

ANOTHER VICTIM CLAIMED BY DUEL--Fitzgerald--John McCall, one of the principals in a pistol duel at Rochelle recently, from which place McCall was rushed to a hospital here for treatment for his wounds, succumbed to his injuries.  S.S. Frier, the other principal in the affair, was instantly killed.  The duel was the culmination of a dispute between the two men in the bank at Rochelle concerning the division of some insurance money received as settlement to claims after burning of a cotton warehouse at Owensboro.


Vol. 1 No. 22; Friday 11 February 1921

Pg. 5 cols. 1 & 2

SOCIAL & PERSONAL ITEMS--Mr. Julian Jones was in our town Sunday.
        Mrs. J.C Brooker is visiting at home this week.
        Mrs. A.B. Brooker is spending the week with home folks.
        Miss Ione Lewis and brother Keith spent the week-end at home.
        Uncle John Knox has been on the sick list for a few days.
        Misses Elic, Winnie, and Agnes Owens were in our town Sunday.
        Miss Eula Brooker entertained Mr. Earnest Kelly Sunday evening.
        Mr. C.B Davidson made a business trip to Waycross one day last week.
        Mr. and Mrs. John Walters are moving out to their farm west of the city.
        Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Chambers of Valdosta announce the arrival of an eight lb. boy.
        Mr. S.B. Lary and little grand daughter, Mamie Baxter spent the week-end with friends.
        Mrs. Agnes Bennett who has been visiting Mrs. M.C. Bennett has returned to her home in Millwood
        Miss Fannie Young and grand-mother Mrs. Harris called at Mr. Ebner Morgan's Sunday evening.
        Mrs. Graham Rogers and little daughter Mary Virginia of Alabama are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. David Shue.
        Mr. and Mrs. George Harris of Lulaton are now residents of Nahunta.  Mrs. Harris who was Miss Satilla Highsmith will feel at home among her old friends.
        Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Stokes and family of Lulaton have moved to Nahunta.  Mr. Stokes being transferred to section 49, we are glad to have them residents of our town.
        Mr. Nolan Morgan and Miss Lovie Morgan of Raybon were quietly married at the bride's sister, Saturday afternoon.  Rev. L.E. Little performing the ceremony, their many friends extend to them congratulations and best wishes.
        Mrs. J.B. Strickland whose condition does not improve was moved to Lulaton on Tuesday where Dr. Moore hopes for a decided improvement, which is sometimes brought about by moving a patient.  Her friends hope for a speedy recovery.
        Mr. and Mrs. English of Ohio arrived in town last week, they will move out to their pretty little farm home north of here as soon their household goods arrive.  Mr. English will be remembered as living here several years ago, with Mr. Loe.
        Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Stamets arrived last week from Richwood, Ohio.  Mr. Stamets has already started work on an up to date bungalow on Brantley St. where he has secured some very pretty lots.  We are glad to have these people come and make their home with us.
        Mr. and Mrs. Frank English of Battle Creek, Michigan, arrived a few days ago, and have moved out on their farm north of town.  They are very much pleased with Nahunta.  Mr. English was here a short time, some five years ago, and he complimented Nahunta on the many improvements in that time.  Mrs. English is a native of England, and has come a long ways to live in the best country on earth.
        Mr. and Mrs. John Smith of Continental, Ohio have arrived.  Mrs. Smith is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Walters and will live on Mr. Walters' farm west of town where Mr. Walters has just completed a new house and barn.

Pg. 5 cols. 3 & 4

NEWS NOTES OF COUNTY SCHOOLS--The Board of Education of Brantley County, Georgia, met in regular session Tuesday, February 1, 1921 at the school house at Hoboken, with the following members present:  J.H. Mattox, Pres., W.T. Strickland, Walter Thomas, and M.E. Dowling.
        The minutes of last meeting was and read [sic] and adopted.
        The bond of the Superintendent with the American Surety Co. New York was accepted.
        An agreement was entered into with the Charlton County Board of Education accepting 82 children of school age as the proper number to be taken fro Charlton and added to Brantley.
        A scale of teachers salaries were fixed arrainging [sic] $35.00 minimum and $100.00 maximum salary to be based according to merit.
        The Superintendent was authorized to hold an election in the various school districts on February 15 for the purpose of electing a full set of trustees.
        An agreement was entered into with the old National Bank Battle Creek, Michigan, securing a loan for the purpose of operating the Brantley County schools.
        Adjourned to meet again at Hoboken on the first Tuesday in March.
        Everett Knox, Secy.
        J.H. Mattox, Pres.

KELLY NEWS--Mr. James A. Moody of Savannah is visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Moody.
        Miss Viva Davis spent the week-end at home with her parents.
        Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Moody visited their daughter, Mrs. T.L. Knight of K-ville Saturday and Sunday.
        Miss Doshie Kelly is visiting relatives in Pierce County.
        Mr. W.H. King and Mr. John Jones made a business trip to Mr. J.E. Moody's Monday evening.
        Mr. W.P. Kelly made a brief trip to Screven Saturday.
        Mr. P.J.A. Colson visited Mr. Ransom Roberson Sunday.
        Master Leston and Hiram Moody spent the week-end with their Grand-parents.
        Mr. S.B. Kelly, Jr. of Salkahtchie S.C. is visiting his parents.
        Mr. Thomas Manning went fishing last week and caught a nice chance of fish.
        Mr. Ransom Roberson and Mr. Thomas Manning chased a large wild-cat Saturday.
        Mr. J.R. Moody is leaving for Tampa, Fla. Wednesday evening.
        Every body is invited to attend Church at Satilla Saturday and Sunday.
        Mr. Joshua Manning spent the week-end with his brother at Offerman.
        Mrs. W.P. Kelly visited Mrs. S.B. Kelly, Sr. Monday evening.
        Mr. J.E. Moody made a brief business trip to Screven Monday afternoon.
        Mr. Bill Riggins made a business trip to Screven Saturday.
        Mr. T.G. Pearson is expecting to load a car of potatoes at Giles siding in a few days.
        Mr. J.E. Moody attended Church at Big Creek Sunday.

Pg. 5 col. 5

CITATION--Georgia, Brantley County--To All Whom It May Concern:
        Martha Altman having in due form applied to me for permanent letters of administration, upon the estate of J.B. Altman, late of said county, deceased; this is to cite all and singular the next of kin and creditors of the said J.B. Altman, deceased, that said application will be heard before me at the regular March term, 1921, of the Court of Ordinary Brantley County.
        Witness my hand and official signature, this the 7th day of February, 1921.  W.M. Roberson, Ordinary.

NOTICE--Court of Ordinary, Brantley County--To Ivey Dowling, W.F. Knox, and F.O. Knox, you and each of you are hereby appointed as commissioners to lay out a new Militia District, out of and from the 1565 Georgia Militia District formerly Wayne County and the 1534th Georgia Militia District formerly in Pierce County and the 1354th district Georgia Militia formerly in Charlton County all of which is now located in Brantley County, Georgia.
        Said district when laid out shalt contain not less than 100 male persons over 21 years of age residents at the time and subject to Militia duty.  You shall also not leave the older districts with a less number.  You shall lay out and define the lines of said new district and report the same to me.  Given under my hand and seal this the 6th day of January, 1921.  W.M. Roberson, Ordinary Brantley County, Georgia.

ORDINARY Brantley County, Georgia.  State of Georgia, Brantley Co.--To the Ordinary of Said County:
        We the undersigned commissioners appointed to lay out a new militia district out of and from the 1565th, Georgia Militia District formerly Wayne county, and the 1534th Georgia Militia District, formerly Pierce County, and the 1354th Georgia Militia District formerly Charlton county, all of which is now located in Brantley county, Georgia, do certify that we have this day laid out district and defined the lines as follows:  Commencing on the Old Indian Boundary line at the north-west corner of lot No. 21 and running east the original south line of lots Nos. 22, 43, 86, 107, 150, and 171 to Little Buffalo Creek, thence southward said Buffalo Creek to Big Buffalo Creek, thence the Big Buffalo Creek to the Satilla River, thence down said river to the county line dividing Brantley and Charlton counties thence west to said county line to the Old Indian Boundary Line at the south-west corner of lot No. 13.  Thence north said Indian Boundary Line to the southeast corner of lot number 339, thence north original east line of lots Nos. 339, 338, 337, 336, 335, and 334 up to the northwest corner of lot No. 349, thence east the south line of 350 and 371 to Indian Boundary Line, thence north said line to place of beginning.
        We further certify that said new district as laid out contains not less than One Hundred male persons over 21 years of age as residents and that the older districts from which said new district is taken does not contain a less number.  F.O. Knox, W.F. Knox, Ivey Dowling, commissioners.
        Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 25th day of January, 1921.  W.M. Roberson, Ordinary Brantley County.

Pg. 7 col. 1

WAYNESVILLE ITEMS--    Mr. W.R. Rozier made a business trip to Nahunta Monday.
        Mr. Henry Edgy spent the week-end with parents.
        Mr. Niel Rozier spent Sunday with his friend in Brunswick.
        Mr. Cage Crews gave a candy pulling at his home Saturday night Jan. 29 there was a large crowd there and all reported a nice time.
        Mrs. Thos. Arnette has begun teaching the Clark school again.
        There will be a box supper at the North Camden School Friday night Feb. 11, COME.
        Mr. Roger Bennett made a business trip to Brunswick Saturday.
        Mr. Kinnie Gibson is Justice of peace in the Waynesville District.
        Miss Pearl Rozier was the guest of Miss Lizzie Lynn Saturday night.
        Miss Ethel Rhoden spent the week-end with her teacher Miss Minnie Bennett.
        Mr. Luther Chapman made a flying trip to Mr. Thos. Edgy Sunday afternoon.
        Mrs. W.T. Odum has returned from a visit to Waycross.
        Miss Lizzie Casey has returned home from spending a while with her grand mother who is ill at Browntown.
        Mr. L.M. Crews gave a dance at his home Saturday night, quite a crowd was there, all reported a nice time.
        Mr. and Mrs. John Cox spent the week-end with her brother Mr. M.L. Parrott and wife.

Pg. 7 col. 2

ATKINSON PARAGRAPHS--Mr. and Mrs. O.H. Hilton of Atlanta are visiting their parents near here this week.
        Miss Alma Baxter of Hortense is teaching the Drury school.
        Mrs. J.W. Callahan of Council is visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. Crum.
        Mr. Lee Pierbe made a business trip to Hoboken Monday.
        Messers. T.S. Newsome and N.C. Maxwell of Folkston spent last Sunday in town.
        Mrs. G.L. Barfield and Miss Claudia Crum spent Tuesday in Waynesville.
        Mrs. C.P. Minchen and little daughter Hilda are spending the week in Blackshear with her daughter, Mrs. Randolph Johnson.
        Mr. W.C. Anderson spent Tuesday in Brunswick.
        Mrs. Lettie Wells of Adel is visiting her brother Dr. Chestnut.
        Mrs. Boney who has been spending a short while with her daughter Mrs. Chestnut has returned to her home in Wilmington, N.C.
        Owning to the inclement weather very few attended our Debate last Friday evening at the school house.  Those who were present had a very pleasant evening.
        Mrs. Henry Harrington of Waynesville spent last Monday with friends here.
        Misses Essie Newsome and Grace Pierce have been elected delegates to the Brantley Co. S.S. Convention which begins at Hoboken next Saturday.
        Mr. B.O. Middleton was elected Justice of the Peace and Messers. Lee Pierce and Owen Barnard, constables, last Saturday.

NEEDMORE ITEMS--Mr. W.R. Wainright made a business trip to Brunswick Sat.
        Mr. Noah Davidson of Patterson spent the week-end with his daughter Mrs. Emmie Lanier.
        Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carter announces the birth of a son.
        Mrs. Charlie Rogers was on her way Sintilla church Saturday and was taken very ill and stopped at Mr. Georgia Harper's and is still very ill.  [Sintilla should be Satilla? Mr. Georgia, maybe Mrs. Georgia?--Amy Hedrick]
        Mrs. S.O. Bryant has been very ill but she is better.
        Mr. Joe Brooker was a visitor in our community two days last week.

Pg. 7 col. 3

PINE BLOOM ITEMS--Quite a crowd attended the services at the Baptist church of Nahunta the first Sunday in February.
        Messr. David Highsmith and Tarrel Ham made a trip out here Sunday afternoon.
        Messrs. J.O. Highsmith, Tracy Cross, Tarrel Ham, Robert Highsmith, and Loyd Blocker visited Nahunta Sunday night.
        Mr. J.D. Blocker visited Brunswick last Thursday on business, and also visited his sister Mrs. John Hoss at Waycross Monday.
        Mrs. Julia Harris was called to Hoboken to her little grand daughter Audrey Mae Johns who is ill with typhoid fever.
        Messrs. Frank and Eugene Morgan visited the sick boy at Mr. A.J. Highsmith's Sunday afternoon.
        Mr. U.W. Mackey was elected Justice of Peace of the 335 Georgia District with Mr. Richard McClellan and Dave Dowling constables.

REDDISHVILLE NEWS--The public is invited to a Basket supper at Reddishville school on Friday night February 18, Come and bring your friends.
        Quite a crowd attended church at Liberty Sunday and reported a good time.
        Mr. and Mrs. Willis Moody spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. S.R. Harris.
        Quite a surprise to her many friends, was the marriage of Miss Blanche Anderson to Mr. Pratt Farmer, of McCrae, Georgia on January 29.  We wish them a long and happy life.
        Mr. W.S. Coley of Abbeville, Georgia spent a few days last week in our community.
        Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Davis of Mershon spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Harris.
        Mrs. Sarah Piland and Miss Satilla Johnson, visited at Mr. J.L. Harris Sunday.
        Mr. Richard Thompson called on Miss Lola Ammons Sunday afternoon.
        Mr. Tilmon Anderson was a visitor in Brentwood Sunday afternoon.
        Don't forget our Basket supper, February 18.  Bring your friends and your purse.

Pg. 7 cols. 4 & 5

GARDI NOTES--Mrs. A.B. Marchant spent several days of last week with relatives in Waycross.
        Miss Laura Mae Rahn returned to Savannah Monday after a visit to her sister Mrs. Beverly A. McDonald, Jr.
        T.H. McGillis of Americus spent Saturday here the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Beverly A. McDonald Jr.
        Sunday School was well attended here Sunday.
        Mrs. J.D. Murphy and daughter Irene and son Dewey returned home Sunday after spending a few days in Jesup with Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Murphy.
        Mr. Seab Taylor of Brunswick was the guest of Miss Maggie Johnson Saturday evening.
        Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Ellington and daughters Misses Willie and Christine attended Church in Jesup Sunday.
        Mrs. J.E. Harper and daughter Miss Gladys of Jesup were pleasant callers in our community one day last week.
        Mr. Edd Morgan of Little Creek was a caller at his sister's Miss Kansas Morgan Sunday evening.
        Mr. Arthur Ellington made a business trip to Everett City Saturday.
        Mr. Jack Murphy made a business trip to Jesup Saturday night.
        Mr. Cliff Croften of Everett City was a visitor at the home of Mr. B.F. Ellington Saturday morning.
        Hope to see a good number of people at Church Sunday.

PINEY GROVE DOTS--Miss Pearl Pye spent the week wit her sister Mrs. Lou Ogden.
        Miss Lula Mizell was the guest of Miss Ella Ogden Sunday.
        The sing at Mr. H.J. Bishop's Saturday night was greatly enjoyed by all who attended.
        Miss Avrie Tillman was the guest of Misses Ira and Vicey Bishop Sunday.
        Mrs. Mollie O'Quinn of Odum has been visiting her sister Mrs. S.L. Buie.
        Mrs. Anna McKenny is on the sick list this week.  We hope for her a speedy recovery.
        Mr. W.T. Clary was a pleasant visitor to our school one day last week.  Come again Mr. Clary we all like to see you come.
        Mr. G.W. Coleman of Jesup was in our community Sunday.
        Miss Lillie Mallard visited her aunt's Misses Fannie and Lona Pye, Sunday.
        Miss Pearl Pye was the guest of Miss Ira Bishop Saturday afternoon.


Vol. 1 No. 23; Friday 18 February 1921

Pg. 1 col. 1 & 2

SOCIAL & PERSONAL ITEMS--Miss Hazel Taylor and Rob Bell were visitors here Sunday.
        Quite a crowd from here attended the sing at Raybon last Sunday.
        Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jones of Hoboken were visitors here on Sunday.
        Miss Lessie Highsmith spent Thursday night with Miss Flaurie Highsmith.
        Messrs. Harry and Oscar Herrin of Lulaton were visitors in our city Sunday.
        Mr. W.M. Roberson had as a guest Saturday morning Judge Ward of Hoboken.
        Mr. L. Brown of Corning, N.Y., was the guest of J.B. Lewis one day last week.
        Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Broyles were visitors at Mr. John Walters Sunday afternoon.
        Mr. S. Smith and family have moved to Pekin, Fla.  We regret to lose these good people.
        Mr. Mabry Brooker and sisters Ivory and Eula, attended church at Hickox Sunday.
        Mr. Deitrich of Hoboken was a visitor at the home of French Sparks one day last week.
        Mr. Will Stokes and family visited at the home of Mr. S.L. Herrin Sunday afternoon.
        Mrs. Naomi Brown made a trip to Hoboken Saturday to take a special teachers' exam.
        Mrs. John Walters, who now resides on their farm near town is seriously ill at this writing.
        Mrs. J.B. White and family of Pearson stopped over here a short while enroute to Florida.
        Mrs. A.B. Brooker, who has been visiting relatives here has returned to her home in Brunswick.
        Messrs. D.W. and H.C. Highsmith spent two days fishing last week, and report a fine catch.
        Mrs. Perhan Rogers and little daughter Mary Virginia, were guests of Misses Ivory and Eula Brooker Sunday.
        Mr. J.B. Strickland spent Sunday with his wife at Lulaton, who does not improve as her friends had hoped.
        Mrs. Clio Bennett gave a card party at her home Friday night.  The occasion proved very enjoyable, from all reports.
        Mr. Ned Peek spent one day of last week hunting around Nahunta, and as a guest of his mother, Mrs. Amanda Peek.
        Mr. Ira F. Brown of Bellefontaine, Ohio, is spending a few days here with his son Mr. Ralph Brown of our city.
        Miss Ivory Brooker left Tuesday for Savannah, to purchase her new spring hats.  They will probably be in within a few days.
        Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Jones who have been living in Florida for the past year, moved back to our town this week.  A welcome is extended.
        Miss Thelma DePratter was the hostess at a delightful valentine party at her home Saturday afternoon.  Those present report a very enjoyable time.
        L.S. Robb, sales manager of the Wayne Development Co. was in town last week, with a party of ten Ohio farmers three of them brought their wives along and they were a jolly crowd.  Several have decided to locate here.  They went from here to Jacksonville and visited friends in various parts of Florida and the most of them returned this week, and expressed themselves as being satisfied that Nahunta has advantages over any part of Florida that they saw for general farming and stock raising.

NEEDMORE ITEMS--Miss Farley of Waycross is visiting friends in Needmore and preached Saturday night and Sunday.
        Mr. George Lewis has moved to Hortense.  They will be missed.
        Mr. Gardie Brooker visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Wash Brooker last week.
        Mr. J.A. Lewis and Miss Kathleen Sloan attended teachers meeting in Jesup Saturday.
        We are very sorry to hear of Mrs. Charlie Rogers' death.  She died Saturday morning and was buried at Little Creek Sunday.  The funeral was conducted by Rev. E.L. Little.
        Mrs. Jannie Mason of Waycross visited relatives in Needmore last week.

LULATON SCHOOL NOTES--Those neither absent nor tardy during the week were:  Thomas Harris, Howard Cox, Fred and Hilman McClellan, Rogers Strickland, Eugene, Manita, Pearl, and Emory Lee, Roy, Nancy, Jane, and Oscar Ham, Joe Curry and Roy Saxon, E.H. Knox, Odessa Parrott and Effie Rogers.
        Wessie Jones proved to be the best speller in the spelling contest Friday afternoon.
        The visitors during the week were:  Mrs. A.B. Brooker from Brunswick and Miss Ossie Dykes from Nahunta.

Pg. 1 col. 4

HICKOX ITEMS--The tacky party was greatly enjoyed by all who attended.
        Miss Ola Kaney who is teaching the Knox school spent the week-end with home folks.
        Rev. Rouse was unavoidably detained and Rev. Harris filled his place Sunday morning and Rev. Rouse gave us a very pleasant surprise Sunday night as we were not expecting him.
        Mr. Leon Highsmith was a very pleasant caller at the home of Miss Eunice Taylor Sunday afternoon and night.
        Miss Elizabeth Allen who is spending a while with Mrs. Russell Thomas very pleasantly entertained Mr. Frank Ledford last Tuesday evening.
        Mr. Banner Thomas is very satisfactorily filling his position in the Hickox School.
        Mr. John James was in our town last week on business.
        Miss Nellie Womble visited friends in Hoboken last week-end.
        Mr. Frank White was visiting in town last week.
        Miss Evelyn and Mr. Milton Highsmith spent last week-end in Brunswick.
        Mr. and Mrs. Russell Thomas entertained the young folks of Hickox with a birthday party in honor of Mr. Roy Knox and Mr. Jesse Allen on Wednesday evening, Feb. 16.
        Supt. Everett Knox visited Burnt Bay School Tuesday afternoon.
        Misses Berta Lou Allen and Emma Mae Womble spent the week-end with home folks.
        Mr. Mabry Brooker and sisters Eula and Ivory attended Church at Hickox last Sunday.
        Misses Annie Bell and Eva Mae Allen and Mr. George Blunt of Folkston, and Mr. Johnnie Wasdin of Winokur were pleasant callers at the home of Misses Eunice and Hazel Taylor Sunday afternoon.
        Miss Pearl Highsmith spent a few days with Mrs. Russell Thomas last week.
        Misses Mozell and Pearl Highsmith, Elizabeth Allen and Mr. Banner Thomas were out kodaking Monday after-noon.
        Our B.Y.P.U. is progressing nicely.  Every body is invited to come.
        Miss Isabell Knox of Hickox visiting relatives at Folkston.
        Mr. Julian and Joe Jones of Lulaton were in our town Monday.

Pg. 1 col. 5

WAYNESVILLE ITEMS--The Waynesville school has for a teacher Miss Frankie Harbin of Waycross.
        Miss Ethel White was the guest of the Misses Smith Thursday night.
        Misses Jule Robinson and Daisy Gibson spent last week in Brunswick as delegates of the B.Y.P.U.
        Theodore Preskett of Trudie is visiting his relatives here.
        Mr. J.Q. Smith made a flying trip to Brunswick Friday.
        Mrs. W.S. Harrison and brother Mr. Leland McVeigh of Arco spent the week-end with their parents Mr. and Mrs. J.L. McVeigh.
        Rev. J.D. Snyder filled his regular appointment at the Methodist church on the first Sunday.
        Miss Frankie Harlin spent the week-end with relatives near Waycross.
        Messrs. Angus Cox and Allen Highsmith of Lulaton were in our vicinity Friday.
        Mr. Aubrey Brooker of Nahunta was the guest of Mr. Dolphus Brown one day last week.
        Mr. J.L. McVeigh made a business trip to Brunswick Friday.
        Mr. W.M. Wiggins motored to Brunswick Thursday.
        Mr. George Richbourg of Savannah spent Saturday night at the home of his aunt Mrs. J.L. McVeigh.
        Mr. Elvin Moody finds that Fords and true Love don't run smooth.
        Mr. and Mrs. Luther Parrott announce the birth of a daughter on February 8th.
        Fred and Clinton Gibson spent the week-end with relatives in Brunswick.
        Mr. Branch who is a relief operator, was in our vicinity Monday to the "relief" of a few.
        Mr. Harley Rozier had the misfortune of getting his arm injured while cranking a "Ford".
        Rev. C.D. Ogg of Brunswick filled his regular appointment at the Baptist church Sunday.
        The dance at the Wiggins' Hall Saturday night ended very disastrously.  Nothing hurt except a pair of spectacles.
        Mrs. L.D. Wilkes of Brunswick was the guest this week end of her parents Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Rozier.

Pg. 5 col. 1

RAYBON PARAGRAPHS--School is progressing nicely under the management of Misses May Womble, principal and Gertrude Highsmith, assistant.
        Mr. J.L. Herrin made a business trip to Blackshear one day last week.
        Quite a crowd attended the sing at Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dukes' Sunday afternoon and all reported a nice time.
        Mrs. M.F. Lewis and daughter, Mrs. J.L. Herrin spent the week-end with her brother Mr. Jasper Dixon near Blackshear.
        Miss Eva Kate Lewis was the guest of Mrs. L.L. Causey last Wednesday afternoon.
        Mrs. J.R. Lewis and Mrs. Nancy Youles attended the quilting at Mrs. Lettie Harris.
        Miss Hester Herrin is attending school at Alma.
        Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bennett and family, Messrs. Conaway Rogers and Charlie Shumans of Lulaton were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dukes Sunday.
        Mr. Vernon Manor of Trudie attended the sing at Mr. Dukes Sunday.
        Mr. Jesse Allen and sister, Bertalou, of Hickox were the guests of Miss Ione Lewis last Friday afternoon.
        Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Causey spent the week-end in Brunswick.
        Mrs. Henry Willis spent the week-end at Hortense.
        Mrs. Tom Purdom is visiting Mrs. Master in Jacksonville.

Pg. 5 col. 2

HICKOX ROUTE TWO--Wainright school is progressing nicely with an enrollment of forty pupils.
        Misses Lou Rowell, Daisy and Mary Wainright attended church at Bethlehem Sunday.
        Quite a crowd enjoyed the day at Mr. W.G. Higginbotham's.  Some among them were Misses Sarah Harris, Anna Bell Lynn, Mr. Barney Hickox, Mr. and Mrs. Avent Griffen and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. James Higginbotham.
        Teachers and pupils of Wainright school are very glad to announce the visit that was paid by our new Superintendent Mr. Everett Knox last Thursday.
        Mr. and Mrs. James Higginbotham left Monday for their new home in Brunswick.
        Mr. E.K. Wainright is on the sick list this week.

Pg. 5 col. 4

KELLY NEWS--Mr. and Mrs. L.D. Davis attended Church at Satilla Sunday.
        Mr. Tom Manning and Mr. Willie Kelly chased a large wild cat Saturday night.
        Master Simon Kelly and Ephriam Chaney were pleasant visitors at Mr. Martin Manning's Sunday.
        Rev. William Hyers of Patterson filled his regular appointment at Satilla Saturday and Sunday.
        Miss Agnes Moody made a business trip to Waycross Friday.
        Mr. Johnie Jones and Mr. S.B. Kelly, Jr. went fishing Saturday afternoon and caught a nice mess of fish.
        Mrs. Mary Willis of Hickox visited her son Mr. J.B. Moody last week-end.
        Mr. T.G. Pearson made a brief business trip to Screven Friday.
        Mr. Irving Herring and Mr. Julian Varnadoe of Trudie spent the week-end with Mr. S.B. Kelly and family.
        Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Moody were pleasant visitors at Mr. B.D. Walden's Sunday after-noon.
        Mr. and Mrs. W.H. King attended church Sunday.
        Mr. J.R. Moody arrived in Tampa Florida Thursday afternoon.
        Mr. Ransom Roberson made a short visit to Mr. J.E. Moody Sunday.
        Mr. S.B. Kelly, Sr. visited his brother in Patterson Saturday.
        Mr. J.E. Moody made a business trip to Screven Saturday afternoon.

BROADHURST ITEMS--We are having some dandy weather now days.
        Miss Ruth Brown spent Friday night in Broadhurst.
        Miss Geneva Graves attended the teachers meeting Saturday.
        Mr. Switizler and some of his friends from Ohio are visiting Mr. Dues.
        Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wasdin spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wasdin.
        Mr. W.C. Rogers spent Saturday in Jesup.
        Mr. Ammons was in Broadhurst last week.
        We are sorry to hear of the death of our friend Mrs. Rachel Rogers.
        We have two new preachers at Broadhurst, Rev. Theodore Wild and Rev. Vernon Harper.
        Mr. Purcell was here last week.

Pg. 5 col. 5

PINE BLOOM ITEMS--Misses Fannie and Henrietta Young were the guests of Miss Essie Cross.
        Mr. Julian Jones spent Friday night with Melvin Highsmith.
        Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, Mr. Leo Smith and Mr. Will Poppell of Brunswick visited Smith Cross' Sunday.
        Messrs. George Smith and Paul Eason of Brunswick visited at Mr. Smith Cross, N.T. Harris and A.J. Highsmith's Saturday and Sunday.
        Miss Leslie and Mr. Melvin Highsmith attended the party at Mr. M. Bennett's Friday night.
        Mr. Tracy Cross made a trip to Waycross Saturday.
        Mr. Brantly Cross spent the week-end with his sister Mrs. W.M. Dowling at Hoboken.
        Mrs. Julia Harris spent Saturday night with her daughter, Mrs. G.A. Young.
        Miss Leila McClellan was the guest of Miss Lillie McClellan Sunday.
        Mrs. Fannie Lynns spent Sunday night with her sister Mrs. W.R. Stewart.
        Mr. Ervin Wainright, age 26 died Saturday night from an attack of pneumonia.  He was buried at the Hickox cemetery.  We join those who survive him in heartfelt sympathy.  His brother Mr. Harvey Wainright, who is stationed at Camp Jackson, S.C. was called home but did not arrive before his brother died.  However he arrived in time for the funeral.

PINEY GROVE DOTS--Miss Mamie Fields and her brother Jimmie visited their sister Mrs. Bessie Carter Saturday night.
        Master Eldred and L.E. O'Quinn were the guests of Burnice and Lelan Purcell Sunday.
        We are glad to know that Monie Ogden is improving after being very ill of pneumonia.
        Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kennedy attended the big dinner at Mr. S.P. O'Quinns Friday Feb. 11th.
        Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Flanders of Miami are visitors at Mr. H.J. Bishops.
        Mr. and Mrs. Lon Ogden visited at Mr. Jim Pye's Sunday afternoon.
        Mr. W.M. Craven has returned home after visiting his daughter in Miami Fla.  He reports a nice time.
        Mr. and Mrs. Ira Poppell called at Mr. J.L. Ogden's a short while Sunday afternoon.


Vol. 1 No. 24; Friday 25 February 1921

Pg. 1 col. 1

WAYNESVILLE ITEMS--Mrs. Wm. R. McElderry has returned from an extended trip through Mississippi.
        Miss Daisy Gibson spent Friday and Saturday in Brunswick visiting her sister Mrs. J.B. Anderson.
        Mr. W.T. Edgy and family spent Saturday in Brunswick.
        Miss Julia Robinson is teaching the Gibson School.
        Mrs. W.M. Wiggins spent Sunday in Browntown visiting her son, H.F. Wiggins.
        Messrs. W.M. Wiggins and O.C. Sindercine spent Friday in Brunswick.
        Mr. Roy Miller spent Tuesday in Brunswick attending court.
        Mrs. W.S. Harrison and brother, Mr. Leland McVeigh of Arco visited home folks Sunday.
        Mrs. J.F. Poppell has returned to her home in Brunswick after a visit to her mother, Mrs. Emmie Harrison.
        Mrs. Frank Poppell of Browntown visited her sister Mrs. S.E. Gibson this week.

Pg. 1 col. 3

NEWS NOTES--From the Jesup Sentinel

        The Board is finding it difficult to finance the schools under the present financial conditions, and it has been decided to request them to close the latter part of March or one month earlier than the contract specifies.  Another reason for requesting this is that April is always a very busy month on the farms and the attendance is usually quite unsatisfactory during this month.  If this is done, it is hoped that the Board can open all the rural schools uniformly the first of October next term.
        Parents and guardians should remember that all children between 8 and 14 are required to stay in school regularly and continuously for six months each year.  Teachers are allowed to excuse temporarily on account of sickness, bad weather, or other reasonable cause.  When children are absent satisfactory reasons must be given the teacher or parents will be held responsible.  At the close of the school term all teachers will be required to report to the superintendent all absences of pupils and parents will be held strickly [sic] accountable for all unexcused absences and action will be taken against such parents.  Many people still regard the compulsory attendance law as a joke, but if there are a number of prosecutions and convictions after the spring term closes it will not be much of a joke.

Pg. 1 col. 5

JESUP VISITED BY FOUR FIRES--From the Jesup Sentinel

        The volunteer fire fighters of Jesup have been called upon in the past two weeks to respond to four different fires.  The first call was to the residence occupied by Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Cole, when their kitchen caught on the roof on last Saturday a week ago, very little damage was done.  The second call was on Saturday night a week ago when the un-occupied dwelling of Mrs. G.B. Whaley in the extreme eastern section of the city was completely destroyed.  The third call was to the Wayne Hotel Sunday night about 1:30 o'clock.  The main building of the hotel was completely burned, resulting in heavy loss to the owner, Mrs. A.W. Stripling and to the occupant, Mr. J.M. Sapp.  Both had insurance which will partially cover the loss.  The fourth call was Monday night when the merchandise business of Mr. Burwell was discovered on fire about 1:30 o'clock.  The building together with the entire stock of goods and shoe repair department was completely consumed by the flames.  The origin of these last fires has baffled the oldest fire fighters of our city.

LITTLE CREEK ITEMS--Rev. E.L. Little filled his appointment at Hoboken Saturday and Sunday.
        Misses Ruth Brown and Leatha Brooker spent this week end with Miss Bonnie and Ronnie Harper.
        Mrs. Baumert of Brunswick is visiting her son, Mr. Earnest Baumert this week.
        Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Little visited the formers parents Mr. and Mrs. Baumert at Waycross this week-end.
        The sing at Mr. John D. Harper's last Thursday night was well attended.  A goodly number from Gardi was there and every body seemed to enjoy themselves very much.
        Sunday School was well attended Sunday afternoon and especially such good interest was taken.  We hope to see both young and old take more interest in the welfare of Religious courses.

NEEDMORE ITEMS--Mrs. Noah Davidson of Patterson, visited her daughter Mrs. Emmie Lanier.
        Mr. W.G. Sloan made a business trip to Blackshear Saturday.
        Mr. David Adams of Zirkle was the guest of Miss Alma Sloan Sunday.
        Mr. David Blunt of Argyle was the guest of Miss Kathleen Sloan Sunday.
        Misses Mary and Evener Adams of Zirkle spent Saturday night and Sunday with Misses Agnes and Alma Sloan.

Pg. 4 col. 3

$500 REWARD--The Hickox Turpentine Company offers a reward of $500.00 for the arrest and conviction of party and parties found guilty of driving nails in turpentine trees or breaking cups on their property around Hickox and Bachlott.  Yours truly, Hickox Turpentine Co.

Pg. 5 col. 1

SOCIAL & PERSONAL ITEMS--Rev. Snyder of Atkinson was in town Saturday on business in connection with the Methodist church.
        Misses Lenabell Loe and Flaurie Highsmith spent Saturday afternoon at "Old Nahunta" guests of Mrs. Clif Loe.
        Mrs. Osa Dykes who is staying with Mrs. J.B. Strickland at Lulaton, spent Saturday night with her parents Mr. and Mrs. James Dykes.
        Mrs. J.B. Strickland's condition is still alarming, her many friends will regret to hear.
        Miss Mary Knox of the Screven faculty was in town Saturday enroute to Hickox to see her father who is in feeble health.
        Mr. and Mrs. John Bues were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Davidson the greater part of last week.
        Dr. Knox made a business trip to Jesup Saturday night returning Sunday.
        Mr. J.N. Highsmith of Atlanta visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Highsmith over Sunday.
        Quite a few from this place attended the box supper at Lulaton.
        Edmond and Alvin Stokes of the Douglas Agricultural school spent the week-end here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Stokes.
        Mr. C.L. Broyles made a business trip to Waycross one day last week.
        Mr. and Mrs. John Bues were shopping in Brunswick on Monday.

RAYBON PARAGRAPHS--Miss Mae Womble spent the week-end with Miss Gertie Highsmith.
        Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Lewis son Richard, daughter Eva Kate, spent Friday afternoon with friends in Nahunta.
        Mrs. Brooche of Waycross, is visiting her brother Mr. Willie McDonald.
        Miss Ruby Lewis of Jacksonville, Fla. spent the weekend with her parents Mr. and Mrs. M.F. Lewis.
        Mr. and Mrs. West Greenfield Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Waldron of Brunswick visited in our community Sunday.
        Mrs. Charlie Rogers of Lulaton spent last Wednesday at Mr. Tom Harris.
        Mr. Richard Lewis is spending a while with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Lewis.
        Miss Fannie Crews spent Sunday with her brother Mr. Riley Crews.
        Quite a crowd serenaded Mr. and Mrs. Noel Morgan Wednesday night.
        Misses Ione Lewis and Gertie Highsmith were the guests of Miss Eva Kate Lewis last Tuesday night.

Pg. 5 col. 4

KELLY NEWS--Miss Beatrice Pearson of Mayo, Fla., is visiting relatives in this section.
        Mr. W.B. Kelly spent the week-end in Offerman with his sister, Mrs. Allen Aspinwall.
        Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Knight of K'ville spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Moody.
        Mr. Steve Moody took a very large turnip from his patch a few days ago, weighing fourteen pounds and measuring 26 inches around.
        Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Nichols were in this locality Sunday.
        Masters Hiram and Leston Moody spent yesterday afternoon at Mr. W.P. Kelly's.
        Mrs. Joseph Chancy of Offerman is visiting relatives in this vicinity.
        Mr. Johnie Jones made a business trip to J.E. Moody's Friday morning.
        Miss Viva Davis attended a fish fry Friday night and  reported a nice time.
        Mrs. J.E. Moody made a short visit to her sisters Sunday afternoon.
        Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Thomas visited relatives in Pierce county last week.
        Mr. J.E. Moody made a business trip to Screven Saturday morning.
        Rev. S.C. Davis made a business trip in this section last week.
        Everybody is invited to a pinder popping at Mr. J.E. Moody's next Tuesday afternoon, March 1st, at 7:30 o'clock.

PINEY GROVE DOTS--Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Bishop and Clarence Reddish, called at Mr. H.J. Bishop's last Tuesday night.
        Miss Ella Ogden was the guest of her cousin Mrs. Mattie Johnson Saturday night.
        The folks of our community seem to be real interested in the Holliness [sic] Revival at Odum.
        Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kennedy were guests at Mr. J.L. Ogdens Sunday.
        Mr. H.J. Bishop and Mr. W.E. Flanders made a business trip to Jesup Saturday after-noon.
        We are very sorry to learn that Mrs. C.C. Fields and Miss Nora Higginbotham are on the sick list, we hope for them a speedy recovery.
        Miss Ira Bishop called on Miss Maud Thompson Wednesday afternoon.
        Misses Thelma and Viola Padgett were the guests of Misses Erea and Clifford Tillman Sunday.
        Mr. J.F. Davis acted as superintendent of our Sunday school Sunday afternoon in the place of Mr. M.C. Ogden.
        The farmers of our community are very glad to have such good weather.  They seem to be interested in their work.
        Mr. W.T. Clary and Miss Griffin County Demonstration Agents were visitors at our school one day last week.
        Miss Velma Wilson is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. Vera Kennedy.
        Mrs. Eula Carter of Savannah spent last week with home folks.
        Mrs. L.E. Copeland made a flying trip to Jesup Friday.

Pg. 5 col. 5

JEUSP PARAGRAPHS--Mr. and Mrs. J. Albert Whitehurst of Jacksonville, Fla. spent the week0end with the latter's parents.  Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Thomas.
        Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Hopps and daughter, Evelyn of Brunswick spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. R. Ben Hopps.
        Miss Daisy Thomas who is attending a Business College in Jacksonville spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Thomas.
        Mrs. Floyd Strickland and children, Margaret and Sarah Frances, of Savannah spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Strickland.
        Mr. and Mrs. Leon Marchant and little daughter, Mildred, spent the week-end with relatives in Waycross.
        Mrs. W.A. Johnson spent last Thursday with Mr. Johnson at Burroughs.
        Mrs. D.R. Horton has returned from a visit to relatives in Brunswick.
        Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Parks of Jesup formerly of Savannah announce the birth of their little daughter, Feb. 17, 1921.  She will be called Allie Frances.
        Mrs. H.D. Breen of Waycross was the guest of her parents, Capt. and Mrs. Ben Milikin last week-end.
        Mr. Haines Slover, of Savannah visited relatives here Tuesday.
        Mr. Richard Breen of Waycross visited relatives here Sunday.
        Mrs. M.E. Bray of Savannah was a visitor in Jesup last week.
        Mr. and Mrs. O.F. Littlefield of Savannah visited their parents last week-end.
        Messrs. Ralph Stow and Charlie Webb of Savanna were guests of the former's parents, Dr. and Mrs. M.N. Stow Sunday.
        Miss Laura Virginia and Mrs. Whaley Surrency visited relatives in Hazlehurst last weekend.
        Mr. Brantley Carter of Charleston S.C. is visiting his sister Mrs. Esther Thornton.
        Mr. W.R. Smitherman of Waycross was a visitor in Jesup Sunday.
        WANTED--To borrow $300 on one thousand acres of land.  Will pay one hundred dollars for the use of it for 60 days.  Private Individual:  First Class Securities.  F.W.H. Curtis.

Pg. 7 col. 2

DISTRICT CONVENTION ORGANIZED IN WAYCROSS--Mrs. W.H. Driver and Mrs. J.N. Atkinson attended the Eastern Star School of Instruction in Waycross Tuesday.
        Mrs. Fannie May Dabney, Grand Matron, was present and organized a District Convention which includes the chapters at Waycross, Brunswick, Jesup, Pearson, Ludowici, Glennville, Baxley, and Lumber City.  In the election of officers Mrs. Atkinson was elected Associate Conductress and Mrs. Driver was appointed "Esther."
        A meeting will be held in Waycross some time in April to install the officers and the regular meetings will be annually with Waycross as headquarters.


Vol. 1 No. 25; Friday 4 March 1921







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