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Amason / Jackson
Liberty County
This page is dedicated to user submitted images and transcriptions of family bibles. takes no responsibility for their accuracy; where noted, if you have any questions about a certain data set, please send your questions to the person who submitted the records and not

To submit your family bible records, you can email the images directly to the webmaster or mail them on CD, or you can type the records yourself and submit a transcription.  Your contact information will be needed to place with the data set so that researchers may be able to contact you to ask questions.  It is understood that not everyone has a computer and would rather be contacted by postal mail, in that case, your address will not be place online but will be needed by and permission given to give your contact information researchers who would like to know more.

If you do not want to be contacted, then images of the original bible are mandatory so that they may be referenced.  Typed transcripts are subject to human error, therefore the actual image of the bible pages will answer any questions a researcher may have.

A description of the bible, the copyright date of the book, and the family it represents must be submitted with your transcript and/or images.  While not necessary, a short paragraph or two about the family bible would be nice.  For example, who originally owned it and how it got in your possession, and about where the people listed in the bible lived during their lifetimes.  This helps researchers be sure that they have the right family, especially if the family is the Smith or Jones family. accepts bible records for Glynn and surrounding counties:  Brantley, Camden, McIntosh, Wayne, Ware, Pierce, Charlton, Liberty.




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