Glynn County, Georgia Church Records

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Churches & Records

Records & Histories

Catholic Churches
     St. Francis Xavier, Glynn County
          Burials 1909-2000

Episcopal Churches
     Christ Church Frederica, Glynn County
     Pink Chapel, Glynn County
     St. Andrew's, McIntosh County [FamilySearch]
     St. Cyprian's (1876-1946), McIntosh County [FamilySearch]
     St. Jude's, Glynn County
Baptisms 1901 to 1921
          Burials 1901 to 1920

          Rectors 1897 to 1909
     St. Mark's, Glynn County [FamilySearch]

Methodist Churches
     Arco United Methodist, Glynn County
     Darien Methodist, McIntosh County [FamilySearch]
     Sheffield United Methodist, Glynn County



This page is dedicated to various Coastal Georgia churches and or their records that have been transcribed by myself and others.  If you have any records to submit, please email me and I will get them online as soon as possible.

Due to the lack of birth and death records pre-dating 1919 in Brunswick, church records provide a valuable resource for finding birth, death, and parental information.  Also, some cemetery records are not complete, for example Palmetto and Oak Grove Cemetery.  The burial records in the church books may provide clues to those graves of unknowns that are listed in many online records.

I have actual images of EACH page of the Arco United Methodist Church, St. Mark's, and St. Jude's Church Books.


Miscellaneous Records
Camden County Churches
Quaker Records, McDuffie/Columbia County

Presbyterian Churches
     First Presbyterian, Glynn County
     First Presbyterian (1876-1958), McIntosh County
          [FamilySearch Images]

     Temple Beth Tefilloh





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