Wrightsborough Monthly Meeting Columbia/McDuffie County, Georgia Quaker Records

Wrightsborough Monthly Meeting
Columbia (now McDuffie) County, Georgia

Extracted from:

The Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Vol. 1 North Carolina
by William Wade Hinshaw


Many of you may wonder what this database is doing online at the Glynn County website.  The purpose of my website isn't just for Glynn County research and records, any county information can be placed here if anyone so desires.  And since I operate this site, I can pretty much do as like [ha, ha, just kidding!]

The main reason I am putting this database online is that there isn't a county website online for these two counties.  The second reason is that this is a useful database, and some of my ancestors are listed herein.  This may not be interesting to any of you, but for someone who is not native to Georgia, whose ancestors where from North Carolina, Indiana, Virginia, this is my first link to Georgia ancestors, and exciting Georgia ancestors at that, as they were Colonial pioneers.  Now everyone can quit calling me a Yankee!

These families were part of a tumultuous time, the Revolutionary War was brewing, and they wanted no part of it, they wanted to live and be free from troubles such as these.  Maybe this database will help others, since it is a matter of public record, this information is not copyrighted, and seeing as how these records have been reproduced by several different companies I don't believe there is a copyright on them, but since I obtained it from someone else's work, these pages are copy protected.


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