Dunham, Way(e), Hill, Baker & Mitchell Families of Glynn Co., Georgia [African-American]

Dunham, Way(e), Hill, Baker, Mitchell

Some of the hardest families to research are the Dunhams, Way(e)s, and Bakers of and around Glynn County. Why? Because there were two sets of these families, one were white, the other African-American. And with each set, all of the same surnames intermarried.

This page is dedicated to the African-American families, and was started by me [Amy Hedrick] upon request by Karen Currin, in helping her find her ancestors.

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Karen's grandmother was Julia (Way) Baker who was born around 1914 in the Brookman Community and died 6 February 1941 and is buried in Myers CemeteryJulia married Phillip O. Baker who was born 15 June 1915 in Liberty County, Georgia and who died 16 October 2004 in Fulton County, Georgia. 

Together they had one daughter, Mary (Baker) Allen who was born 6 December 1938 while Julia and Phillip were living on Stonewall Street. Mary was only 3-years-old when her mother died, she too would like to know more.

Julia's parents were Henry Way and Lillie/Lilla Dunham Hill. According to 1880 Glynn County census information, Lilla was born a daughter of James Dunham and his wife Hester Clayton. Also, according to this same census, and family members, Lilla was living with and raised by the Aaron Hill family who were living next door. Lilla used the last name of Hill, because she was raised by them and the family always thought that she was one of them. It was not known by the Hill children, or even Lilla for that matter, until about the 1920's that Lilla wasn't a blood sister, but an "adopted" sister. No one is sure why only Lilla, out of several Dunham children, was the only one living with another family.

James and Hester Dunham had the following children according to census records: Annie born about 1872; Mattie born about 1874; then Lilla (mentioned above) born about 1877; Emma born about February 1879; James, Jr. born about May 1882; Lula Almetta born about November 1883 and who married R.W. Wiggins 30 September 1900 in Glynn County; Robert born about June 1886; and Bertha born about May 1888.

Lilla first married Henry Way at least by 1900 as she is living as his wife with children Mary L. and Parfenia and they are living in the city. In 1910 they moved to the Brookman Community and had children Mary L., Parfenia, Florrie, and Maud(e)Henry Way may have died around 1914 to 1916 because one: Lilla remarried to Griffin Mitchell on 3 August 1916, and two: a living Hill descendant remembers the funeral and says she was about 6 years old at the time.

In the 1920 census for Glynn County, Lilla is living as the wife of Griffin Mitchell and they have children Amanda, Henrietta, Julia (mentioned above) and George. All listed as having the last name of MITCHELL, but they used the last name of Way as their legal name.

Daughter Henrietta married a Williams and son George Mitchell married and moved to Miami, Florida where he later died. Another child of Lilla's, Reatha/Retha Way, died at the age of 31 on 10 December 1950 in Glynn County.

Phillip Baker, husband of Julia (Way) Baker, was unable to provide answers before his passing in 2004. Their daughter, Mary (Baker) Allen, is still living, but was too young to remember her mother or many other relatives.

If you have any info on Julia (Way) Baker, please let Karen know. She never got to meet her grandmother, nor has she ever seen a picture of her. 


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