Miscellaneous Books & Records of Glynn and the Surrounding Counties of Georgia

Miscellaneous Books & Records
This page is dedicated to records that have no real subject to fall under.

***Some publications transcribed in this section may be deemed offensive by today's standards.***

DO NOT email me with complaints, if you find something offensive, DON'T READ IT!
Nothing has been transcribe with the intention of upsetting or harming anyone's
beliefs, ideas, or ethnicity.

These are transcriptions of actual books and documents, to edit them would change their historical significance.
By putting these documents online, I am in no way suggesting that the ideas expressed in these publications by the original authors
are beliefs or ideas that I have or maintain.

Georgia Burial Index Over 50,000 burials for Glynn, Brantley, Wayne, McIntosh, Camden Counties
Merchants, Manufacturers, & Traders January 1921--Vol. 211 R.G. Dun & Co., listing of merchants and their trades
Register of Explosives Listing of people buying dynamite & other explosives in Glynn County 1921-1955
Glynn County Pistol Toter's Bonds Bonds for people buying handguns, listing manufacturer and serial numbers
The Seed that was Sown
Charles Spalding Wylly, published 1910, about some of Glynn & McIntosh County families and the history of the area.  Many political and personal views READER DISCRETION  IS ADVISED!
Memories Charles Spalding Wylly, published 1916, about some of Glynn & McIntosh County families and the history of the area.
Register of Medical Practitioners Register of Doctors from 1881 to 1957; partial transcription. There are about 8-10 more pages in this book. The book is located in the closet at the Probate court and is in very bad shape. I have Xerox copies of the pages index here.
Coastal Georgia Police Officers Listing of Officers of the Law from the Coastal Georgia area; information gathered from public records and family histories.
Brunswick, Georgia; Its Port & City (1853) By the Board of Directors; Early history of the ports, water ways, and general area of Brunswick.
Brunswick, Glynn County, Georgia 1895 Pamphlet Historical sketch of Brunswick
Brunswick, Glynn County, Georgia 1902 Pamphlet By William S. Irvine; historical outline of the city of Brunswick, trades, businesses; with photos
Jekyl Island Brunswick, Georgia (1916) By Charles Lanier; History of Jekyll Island with a listing of members of the Jekyll Island Club
The Legends of Jekyl Island (1914) By Franklin H. Head, history of Jekyll Island compiled and written for the club members in 1914. This book is full of fabricated information, reader discretion is advised.
Our Todays & Yesterdays By Margaret Davis Cate; history of Glynn County, Georgia
Reminiscences of Old St. Marys By James Thomas Vocelle; history of St. Marys and her people
Report on the Brunswick Canal & Railroad By Laommi Baldwin; written in 1837 report on the canal and the persons involved in its inception
Visits to Brunswick, Georgia & Travels South By Joseph Warren Smith; in 1853 he was called to Brunswick to intercept a cargo of railroad iron
Sufferings of the Rev. T.G. Campbell & His Family in Georgia By Rev. T.G. Campbell; story of his life and political career in McIntosh County and Georgia in general



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