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This is the burial ground for five of Robert and Sarah Foxworth Grant�s children.  From exit 42 off of Interstate 95, travel .7 miles south east on Hwy. 99, turn left [north] into the Morning Star Property.   When you enter Morning Star, follow the road straight back until it curves back towards the right (after passing all of the buildings which will be on your left).  The road will turn into a dirt path (with some small buildings on your right) at about seven tenths of a mile.  Keep going straight and the path will curve to the left and you will see a green building on your left (about nine tenths of a mile).  Turn off of the path towards the building, keeping it on your right.  Drive straight like you are going to run into the trees and look to your left and you will see a cleared area and the wall of the cemetery.  Bring your bug spray, specifically for ticks!

As of 2018, this property has been gated; you can no longer travel the property without advance permission.

I spent about an hour clearing away the brush and bushes that covered these graves back in 2002, of course taking before and after pictures.  Apparently, no one is taking care of this cemetery, which is a shame as this should be considered a historic landmark.  This was originally the Elizafield Plantation owned by Dr. Robert Grant from the 1800�s to the 1830�s and later owned by his son Hugh Fraser Grant until the 1870�s.  Dr. Grant divided the original Elizafield into two plantations to split between two of his sons, thus making Elizafield and Evelyn.  Later, a third plantation was added and named Grantly.  These all adjoined Altama, Hopeton, Hofwyll, etc.

A plaque was erected outside of the cemetery wall, it reads as follows:


        ROBERT 1800-1824
        EMELIA 1804-1824
        HARRY 1806-1813
        SARAH ANN 1815-1820
        JAMES COUPER 1821-


I am sure that there are older graves in this county, but this, to me, is the most historic and should be documented and protected.  The sugar mill ruins from the 1820�s are still standing!  They were reputed to be the ruins of a Spanish Mission, but were soon discovered to be the ruins of a sugar mill.  Which, even to the untrained eye, would be obvious.  You can just walk right in to them and walk around.  Please be sure to check the link for the Elizafield Plantation for pictures.

As mentioned above, the cemetery is in bad shape.  The stones were extremely hard to read.  One stone has been totally destroyed, possibly from a branch falling from one of the dead trees standing over the graves.  I believe this grave to be a double grave of Sarah Ann and James Couper Grant.  You can see a brick outline of two graves, side by side.  One is small, like that for a five year old, and the other is even smaller as if meant for an infant.  I know this to be at least Sarah�s grave as I got a partial transcription from a few pieces of the tombstone.  The following are the transcriptions of the stones as well as I could read them.  Maybe someone out there knows what the stones really read.  Remember, I am only human and prone to mistakes, I copied these stones as well as I could read them.  Corrections will be gladly accepted.  I placed � dots where I could not read something and (?) when I wasn�t sure if this is what was written.

Transcribed January 2002 by Amy Hedrick.


Second Daughter of R & S Grant
Born 13th May 1804
Departed this life 15th Sept. 1824
(?) AGE 2O Y. 3 M. 29 D.
�and beloved girl farewell
Thy years were full but thy � was many
they are remembered not on this � wishing (?) stone
but in the book of life, and on the hearts of
� afflicted friends.

In that dark hour how all serene�
Beneath the opening of celestial�
Her soul retires from sense refines (?)�
While the descending glory�s wrought�
Then in a sacred calm resigned her�
And as her eyelids clos�d she smiled in death.

Unveil thy bosom faithful lamb (?)
Take this new treasure to thy trust
And give these precious relicks (?) room
To seek aslumber in the dust.

Nor pain nor grief nor anxious fear
Invade thy hounds (?) Nor mortal woes
Can reach the lovely sleeper here.
And Angels watch her soft repose.

So Jesus slept God�s dying Son
Past thro� the grave and blest the�
Rest here dear girl till from his throne
The morning break and pierce the sl�


Sacred to
the memory
Second son of Robert and Sarah Grant
Born on the day of November�
1806 altho� but a child beloved by the
old and young around him for his
amiable and manly disposition. He pro
mised to have been an honor to his relation
and to his Country but as thousands
before him of such pleasing aspects to
their parents was carried off to his
Heavenly Father to whom for many
months previously he was no stranger
apparently forseeing and certainly
foretelling his early fate after all
illness of five days he left us here below
on Sunday morning� (broken) 20 of June 1813

This cold marble is placed over thy
darling child by his uncle
the last testimony of his love and
affection towards him.

Our loss is his grief and Immortal gain.


OBt New York

First Child of R & S Grant
Born 6th March 1800
Departed this life 28th Oct. 1824,
�E 24 Y. 7 M. 22 D.

Here lies false marble, he has flown
To the w� realms of worlds unknown
He whose heart, while life was there
Glow�d with fraternal love and filial care.

No sun bright ray from truth�s clear mirror thrown
On his young �ead with faith and honour shone
While honest worth on modest merit�s plan
Work�d the few years that ripen�d him to man (?)

The peaceful virtues lov�d with him do roam
In his fond heart which du (t) y found home
And when oppressive death chill�d his warm breast
And said depart fraternal love went last.

In vain gay comfort ends it (?) light of peace
In vain she bids each � sorrow cease
The day revolves � with each day appears
A Mother�s Brother�s � a Sister�s tears
Whilst the fond father � this stone and cries
When such friends � survivor dies.

Where until the great Archangel
Shall make all that�.
Then may � like her be found prepared
To meet our Saviour�s great reward.

E. Norris, Eliza� Town N.J.


�memory of
�and youngest
�daughter of
�Robert & Sarah Grant
�5th March 1815
�July 1820

(Too broken up to read)

James Couper Grant may be buried beside Sarah Ann as it looks like a double grave.







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