Oak Grove Cemetery; Glynn Co., Georgia

Historic Oak Grove Cemetery
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Historic Oak Grove Cemetery is located at 1500 Mansfield Street and is perhaps one of the oldest existing public cemeteries in Brunswick, and by existing I mean still visible. There is one older that has been recently excavated known as Wright Square, but it will be hard to prove who was buried within. One known burial in that extinct "City Cemetery" was Benjamin Hart, Revolutionary War Veteran who died in 1802.

Contrary to popular beliefs, this is NOT the Confederate Cemetery. While there are Confederate Veterans buried in this cemetery, there are also Union Veterans and numerous other war veterans (WWI, WWII, etc.).

This cemetery was created in a time when people of a darker skin color were enslaved and had no rights as humans. This is why this cemetery is, presumably, entirely Caucasian, because by the time the Civil War had ended, there were no more plots to be sold in this cemetery. However, the original cemetery records have been lost, therefore, we have no exacting proof that only Caucasian people are interred within.

Oak Grove Cemetery is NOT a military cemetery, it was a public, city-owned burial ground and today, anyone can be interred in the newly created adjacent cemetery; it is all inclusive. You do not have to be a descendant of someone buried in Oak Grove Cemetery and you do not have to be Caucasian to be buried in the new cemetery located between Oak Grove Cemetery and the Ice House. Oak Grove Cemetery itself is no longer open for burials.

All of the material on this site is mine [Amy Lyn Hedrick] from personal transcriptions unless otherwise noted. Many burials have been overlooked by the gentlemen who compiled two previous books on the cemetery. Both works stated that the cemetery was walked and each plot and burial was recorded, however, after doing my own walk-through, it became apparent that the previous researchers did not walk the cemetery.

While lacking complicity, these two previous works are still great research tools when studying the history of Oak Grove Cemetery. Mr. Joiner's work not only tells us who the plot owners are of each cemetery plot but also the funeral homes that interred those buried here as well as the most complete history of the cemetery's beginnings and transformations. Mr. Symons' work is a valuable tool for those studying military veterans and/or were related to Mr. Symons as he compiled genealogical records for his ancestors and looked for military records for each military tombstone he found.

There are many, many unmarked graves in this cemetery. Where possible, I have attached names to some of those unmarked graves when a burial record was found. Please remember that my placing a person in a certain plot who does not have a tombstone is my assumption only and should not be taken as proof that the person is buried in said plot. My placing of people was done by using burial records proving the person was buried in this cemetery and then by connecting them to a family in this cemetery.

I have created a family tree for those persons buried here that do not have any familial connections to Glynn County and I also have a tree for Coastal Georgia families. Both trees are located at Rootsweb for free access and at Ancestry.com if you  have a subscription to said website.  The trees at Ancestry.com are updated regularly.

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