St. Mark's Episcopal Church Records, Glynn Co., Georgia

St. Mark's Episcopal Church
History & Records 1867 to 1924

In going over the research recently, I have found that I have made quite a few errors on dates.
I am working on correcting the information.

Church Records

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The information contained in this book was extracted from the original record books located at the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Brunswick, Glynn Co., Georgia.

I spent many hours scanning these books so that I could take them home with me in order to present them to you in this format.

My hopes are that this will help many of the Glynn County residents, and genealogy researchers, in their endeavors and be an extra source in documenting birth, marriage, and death dates. Our county Health Department records only go back to about 1912 in some cases. The church books go back to the 1860s.

Volume 3 of St. Mark’s Church book spans almost two decades from 1895 to 1923. There is a great loss from Volume 3 though, the “Families” section was torn from the book, and has never been found.

Many of the towns did not have county information, I have inserted counties where they were lacking if the county could be found, many towns do not exist now, so county information was hard to find. However, some entries merely provided a town, no other info. Some of these towns do exist in Georgia, but I did not make any assumptions and left just the town. For instance the town of Jacksonville, could be in Georgia or Florida, or several other states. After reading all of these entries, it could be assumed that Jacksonville, Duval Co., Florida is what was meant, but you can’t be too sure. For towns that were obviously in Glynn County, I did not add the county, like Brunswick.

Towns in Glynn County: Brunswick, St. Simons Island, Jekyl Island, Blythe Island, Arco, Sterling/Old Sterling, Cypress Mills.

Another County note, the town of Waynesville is now in Brantley County, Georgia. Before 1921, it was in Wayne County [Brantley County didn’t exist]. It is entered in these records as Waynesville, Wayne Co., Georgia.

Finally, Jekyll Island was not always spelled as such. You will see it spelled Jekyl, this is not a typo.

Enjoy, and good luck in all of your genealogy pursuits!








Book Corrections

List of Pew Owners

Loose Papers

Surname Indices

Vol. 1 1867 to 1877

Vol. 2 1877 to 1895

Vol. 3 1895 to 1924



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