Military Records of Coastal Georgia

Georgia County Military History & Records

American Revolution
     Glynn County
     McIntosh County

War of 1812
     List of Enslaved Taken
     List of Real Property Taken

Seminole Wars (or Florida Wars)
     Capt. A.F. Fraser's Company

American Civil War
     Camden County
     Glynn County
McIntosh County

     Ware County
     Wayne County

Spanish-American War
     Glynn County

World War I
     Glynn County

World War II
     Glynn County

Here you will find links to pages dealing with the various conflicts involving the United States of America. I am by no means a military historian, if you notice mistakes in wording, or anything else, please feel free to email me with corrections.

Many of our military records for Glynn County are already online, so instead of compiling that data to this site, I have merely provided links to the sties where the info is already maintained.

I found that there isn't much online about Glynn County's military soldiers. I am working on getting short bios online involving our Revolutionary War soldiers who came from or settled here after the conflict.

Also found under these topics are links to military organizations, veterans associations, etc.

This is a work in progress. If you have a link that you would like to have posted, or any info on Glynn County's military history, please email me.


Veteran's Memorial Wall Listings, Glynn County





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