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In December 2011, Tara Fields (The Crypt webmaster) gave Amy Hedrick permission to host her website so that she could focus on her research work.  The Crypt has been incorporated into and has been altered quite a bit.  Nearly all of the original content is here, however, the URL's have changed.

We have tried to keep the original format that Tara had, but adjustments needed to be made.  For instance, the search feature for cemeteries and marriages no longer exists.  The marriages have been incorporated into the large marriage database of

Eventually the cemeteries will be back online but it will take time.  In the meantime, I can do lookups in the text documents Tara compiled for use in rebuilding the burial database at

AMY HEDRICK DOES NOT HAVE TIME TO DO ON SITE CAMDEN COUNTY LOOKUPS -- I can only use records Tara submitted to me.

The following is the text from the original Crypt website by Tara Fields:

All of the information contained in this site is provided "as is."  Much of this work is owned and compiled by other people. Copyright notices, references, etc. are provided with the information whenever possible. While I copyright the pages and photos themselves (format, etc.), unless otherwise noted, I am NOT claiming ownership of other people's work - I'm simply attempting to prevent someone from copying these pages and putting them up at another web-site without the permission of either myself or the compiler's. Please read the copyright information. You are free to link to this web site without my permission.

Once information has been submitted to my web-site, the information remains under the ownership and control of the original compiler. If someone submits information, then comes back in 6 months and asks me to remove it, I will do so. The only information I will not pull is information I have compiled myself (mainly cemetery records).

I have very little public information that is not currently on-line. What you see is what I have.

What I can do, and what I can't...

I do NOT have tourism information or real estate information online. My site is really for history and genealogy. You are welcome to post queries to my web-site for public viewing.

I do not do personal lookups at courthouses, libraries, etc. Please contact the courthouse and / or the Bryan-Lang Library. They will charge a nominal fee per hour. The Bryan-Lang will usually do "basic" lookups for free - census records and such. However, don't hold me or them to that! Policies can change!

What I will do is "publish" information researchers have collected. I give researchers a place to meet, to exchange information, and to publish their information, for free, in a centrally located site.

So enjoy your visit, and I hope the on-line information is of some use to you.

Thank you,
Tara D. Fields